Ancient Egyptian Treasure
and the Grand Canyon - Pt 3
Barry McEwen
Michael Lawrence Morton
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Subterranean Homesick Clues
Here we start to delve into the physical subterranean aspects of this research, for a moment at least. I have been in contact with a very sincere man who has given me permission to release some information he has collected over a number of years. He wishes to remain anonymous until he can "establish some chains of custody for specific data" while he is currently writing a book on the subject.
This man uses, what I originally thought was, Ground Penetrating Radar equipment. But I was way wrong. He informed me that Ground Penetrating Radar was only good up to a depth of around 300 feet. The equipment he uses is good up to around 10,000 feet! He told me the equipment will "measure certain daughters of detoriating gamma migration particles off basement rock/granite, that trickle to the surface via water preceps creating patterns....". He also said he can cover several miles per day in printout format! From what I understand, this is hydrocarbon detection equipment that he has "tweaked" and learned to use very efficiently. He uses this equipment as a contract prospector, to find lost mine shafts etc. His success is 99.9%! He also told me, and here is where we start to connect with our research, that there is a continuous vast subterranean cavern system that begins near Death Valley, runs through Nevada, Utah, parts of Colorado river basin, down through Arizona and the Grand Canyon, and then on down to Mexico !! He also mentioned that an arm of the system branched through New Mexico (Dulce anyone?) and into Texas!
If true, this certainly brings to light some of the long held rumors about underground facilities in the Southwest and a vast tunnel system connecting them all! And of course there is the military-alien joint venture rumor aspect that would fit nicely into this. And of course there is the whole hollow Earth and reptilian alien connection to also add spice to this story. I think it is best, though, at this point to concentrate on the Grand Canyon as it ties into this new information.
This subterranean system may very well have entry points from within the Grand Canyon via the caves that first caught our attention. I am also reminded of a real place I visited several years ago called the Grand Canyon Caverns, which is a tourist attraction 60 miles from Grand Canyon, right off old Hiway 66 (decimal harmonic of 666?!) near Peach Springs, Arizona. In the 1950's it was called the Dinosaur Caverns, (reptiles anyone?) but renamed the Grand Canyon Caverns after an experiment was conducted in which the cavern was filled with smoke, to be seen later coming from an area within the Grand Canyon; proof that it was connected 60 miles away!! You have to descend 210 feet to enter the cavern. This may in fact be yet another arm or extension of the vast Southwest subterannean cavern system.
It is fitting that the subterranean aspect and possible reptilian inhabitants comes into our search here. One reason is in relation to some information I recently received regarding a researcher and explorer, who, in the early 1990's, found a cave entrance near the location mentioned in the 1909 newspaper article. Discouraged by the fact that the cave was several hundred feet up the canyon wall, also mentioned in the 1909 article, he came back much later after recruiting some expert rock climbers, only to find the cave now sealed and guarded. I have contacted this person and am waiting to verify this story and to possibly share information with him. He is a public lecturer and proponent of the alien reptilian agenda. More on that if and when I get communications open with him.
But, even more importantly, the aspect of reptilians brings us to the subject of serpents. The reason I say this is because of their role in myth and secret wisdom. The serpent is also sometimes associated with the kundalini that rises from the base of the spine, winding its way through the chakra system, awakening potentials of the human evolution and the progression of matter back into pure spirit (the alchemical process of turning lead into gold). In the context of this research we will find the serpent as a mythified deity, finally associated with the DNA code that extends all the way to and from the center of our galaxy (center of the galaxy is known as Hunabku by the early Mayans, and Revati by the early Hindu). Big claims, I know, about this DNA aspect, but just you wait and see...the fat lady aint even begun to sing yet! For excellent background reading on this subject I highly recommend The Return of the Serpent Wisdom by Mark Pinkham, 1998, and The Cosmic Serpent, by Jeremy Narby, 1998. Until you read those books go to this site and, if nothing else, view the graphics.
Now, LEY LINES are also known as DRAGON LINES, especially in the Far East and China. And Ley Lines, Dragon Lines and even SERPENT LINES are all associated as the same thing and have their direct connection with the WORLD GRID SYSTEM of perfect geometric patterns in the form of the five Platonic Solids. It just so happens that there are 3 areas in the Grand Canyon all close to each other, forming a triangle, and they are named Dragon Head, Dragon, and Little Dragon. Our focus in the next article will be on these 3 areas, plus Castor and Pollux Temples, and the CODE we find there. Please remember that this research is occurring in real time. So it is a blind leap into finding out if the numbers and Gematria of the CODE will reveal any DNA related information linked to all or any of these sites. (I know, some of you are saying to yourselves "what the heck has DNA got to do with ancient Egyptian treasure in the Grand Canyon??"....well, be patient & you'll see.)
Before we go tromping off to the dragon lair we must do a little more CODE investigation of the Egyptian named sites, namely, Osiris and Horus. (plans were to include Tower of Set and Cheops Pyramid also in this article, but at the time of this writing Michael's computer has a nasty virus and I have not received his data on those two sites. Will complete those later.)
36 - 08 - 41.9 9418546 N 143 - 19 - 13.80198749 W Giza
36 x 8 x 41.99418546 = 12094.32541 N latitude 143 x 19 x 13.80198749 = 37500 W Giza longitude
37500 / 12094.32541 = 3.100627668....Grid Point Value 3.100627668 is a decimal harmonic of exactly Pi Cubed ( 31.00627668 ) 31.00627668 is the Grid Point Value for circa 2000a.d. Orion belt-star (rightmost) Mintaka. Orion is a derivative of the name Osiris.
3.100627668 x 4.353957149 = 13.5 (Osiris grid point value times Isis Temple grid point value equals 13.5) 13.5 is a decimal harmonic of the the 135 (deg.) angle, in terms of the conventional 360 arc-degree system...and 135 (deg) angle is exactly midway between 90 deg. and 180 deg. This 135 deg. azimuth would evenly split the southwest quadrant of a standard 2-D Cartesian graph. 13.5 is also a decimal harmonic of 1350. 1350 is the number of days from March 13, 1997 (date of the Phoenix UFO sighting) to November 22, 2000, the first day on which I contacted Michael Lawrence Morton regarding Isis Temple (also the very first time I had ever contacted him). November 22 is also the anniversary of the assassination of JFK. This would be the 37th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. The numerical value of JFKs full name equals 233. (47 + 108 + 78 = 233) 233 + 37 = 270 (270 is average number of days of human gestation period...30 days x 9 months) 30 is the grid point value for the exact center of the intersection of Indian School Road and 7th Ave. in Phoenix which is exactly where a military person stationed at Luke Air Force Base reported a 4 minute sighting of the UFO of March 13,1997. ( interesting side note: my home residence in Phoenix is located at the nearest main cross streets of 7th Ave. and Union Hills Dr.) 1350 - 270 = 1080 = (4.353957149 x 248.0502134) 1080 is feminine number of alchemical fusion, which is equal to the multiplied product of the grid point values of Isis Temple and Great Pyramid of Giza (4.353957149 x 248.0502134)
Osiris (note the "iris" in the name) is the advisory and brother of Set. Set is the god of chaos, and in the Osirian myth, Set kills Osiris and dismembers him, scattering his body parts in an attempt to keep Isis, Osiris' wife, from re-assembling him. But, Isis synthesizes Osiris' reproductive parts well enough to become pregnant. She bears a son, Horus. It is Horus that is enlisted to help Isis discover all of Osiris' body parts and re-assemble him, thus fulfilling the cosmic birth, life, death and resurrection agenda. (short story version) Osiris is the ruler of the "Underworld", the parallel universe (as above, so below), and the Duat, all of which have dual aspects; one physical and one metaphysical. It was in preparation for the Underworld, or afterlife, that so much emphasis was placed in the religions and death process so as to maintain a continuity of life expression in the multi-dimensional universe of reality translation. As we will now see, Horus is a key aspect in this continuity and continuance of the master blueprint of the visible signatures of the DNA harmonics that governs all life. Even the life of the very landscape of the Earth, that is shaped and formed by the hand of the creative forces of nature, is a replication of the stimulants that trigger our thinking process toward an all-inclusive reality translation.
36 - 07 - 56.09986881 N 143 - 18 - 45.91337552 W Giza
36 x 7 x 56.09986881 = 14137.16694 N 143 x 18 x 45.91337552 = 118181.0286 W Giza
118181.0286 / 14137.16694 = 8.359597725 Grid Point Value
118181.0286 is a decimal harmonic of the circa 2000a.d. grid point value (1.181810286) of the star Alpha Draconis in the Draco constellation (Draco is a derivative of Dragon) 11.81810286 is also the exact number of decimal-fractional arc-seconds in the center-latitude of Dragon Mound (popularly known as "Alligator Mound" at Granville, Ohio [the crocodile was honored by the Egyptians as a sacred animal, and its fatty oil was used in ancient times to anoint god-kings and pharaohs, and was called Messeh, messiah now being a derivative of that word. It is also associated with the fatty oil of the Sacred Dragon. see Genesis of the Grail Kings, Laurence Gardner, 2000] ) . 8.359597725 x 3.100627668 = 25.92 The grid point value of Horus multiplied by the grid point value of Osiris equals 25.92, a decimal harmonic of the Earth's precession cycle in years, 25920. This shows a very clear connection between Osiris and Horus. 30 x 25.92 = 777.6 Grid point value of the Phoenix UFO hover spot (30) times 25.92 equals a decimal harmonic of the grid latitude found for Isis Temple, 7776. Again, another very clear connection between the family of Isis, Osiris and Horus.
For this next part I am going to quote exactly what Michael had emailed me.
" Back to the Grid Longitude that I found for "Horus" in the Grand Canyon of 118181.0286 W. Giza. I think this year of 2000a.d. is "marking" the last polar-shift on Earth...180 degrees of Earth-precession ago...or, 12960 years ago. And I agree with Munck's findings, that the polar displacement was 30 degrees, along a meridian that today is the longitude of the Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco, South America. Munck covers this in his latest self-published book, Whispers From Time, Volume 2. I agree with Munck that the center-longitude of the Arapana Pyramid is "marking" the meridian of polar displacement by the previous polar-shift on Earth. As to "how" or "why" the displacement was "exactly 30 degrees" a good question. But the evidence for it is clear. Now...regarding that 180 degrees of precession, and this grid longitude of "Horus" in the Grand Canyon........118181.0286 / 180 = the grid point value of "The Face" at Cydonia on Mars."
Please note that the figures and math presented in these articles are but a portion of what has been worked out with the CODE. You may view the complete archive of the work Michael has done on the Grand Canyon to date, as well his archive of other work, and previous articles, at the links provided below.
Eventually I hope to find the time to do the geometry aspect of most of these findings and be able to post it. This will then be a graphic representation of what the equations and numbers are saying to us. Remember, this is all like a new "whole brain" language. In many ways it is similar to the legitimate CROP CIRCLES, (not the hoaxed ones) in that Mother Earth is communicating through our all-inclusive self, and the whole-brain bread-crumb trails left in the wake of creation.
We encourage suggestions and comments. You may see correlations and have information that can be used. Your input is valued.
Permission is granted by the authors to copy and forward this article, provided it is copied in its entirety, with no alterations, and proper credit is given to the authors.

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