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Denied Net Access
From Barry Chamish <>
We Are Going To Win
By Barry Chamish <
I'm not a powerful guy. I'm a shlemiel who types into a computer. But WE ARE A POWER. Yesterday, my server Netvision cut off my subscription on trumped up spamming charges. The reason was political whether they acknowledged it or not then.
Finally, today they did and it was because of you. Netvision was besieged with phone calls and e-mails. I do not exaggerate, they were overwhelmed by you. At 4:30, I received a conference call from three Netvision executives. The ban has been lifted.
WE prevented the last free Israeli media from repressing the truth because working together WE WON.
Last night I felt like one of those few Jews in pre-Holocaust Europe screaming from town to shtetl to arm yourselves or flee. Your leaders are deceiving you and leading you to your death...And receiving derision from the doomed Jews as a reward.
Today is different. There are enough of us to prevent the Holocaust of Israel. We had a small scale victory today which proves we'll win the real battle in the end.
It looks bad. Our Foreign Minister is in Washington negotiating away our holy Temple grounds. Our army Chief-Of-Staff announced he has no intention of defeating our enemies. A murderer is running for Prime Minister. Who would have believed Israel would sink this low?
And WE proved there are enough of us with a fight left in us yet. WE won't allow our leaders to send us to our graves again. There are too many of us who see through them this time around.
And we, the brave, will meet next week in Jerusalem and get to the bottom of the Rabin assassination. And we will exchange our plans to save our nation. And WE WILL DO SO!
I am so grateful to all of you!!!!
A few minutes ago, my server Netvision cut off my password and informed me I would no longer be able to receive or send mail. The attempt to suppress the truth is now in full motion.
A few months ago, Netvision made the same threat based on a few complaints from people violently opposed to the facts about the Rabin assassination and the sellout of Israel coming out. I contacted an attorney and we verified a few facts. The definition of spam is repeated messages to recipients who do not want them.
People send me names of people they think should be informed of my work, or I send information to people who may be able to help; JUST once. If there is a response, I continue sending material ONLY IF SO REQUESTED. There is no one on my list who has not asked to be there. My attorney assured me, I was not in violation of any law.
He added, if my use of the internet is in violation of any Netvision code, they would be required to cut off thousands of commercial enterprises tomorrow. The ban is political in nature but look at the selectivity.
This same Netvision hosts numerous anti-Israeli and anti-semitic individuals and groups including the PLO, Islamic fundamentalist organizations and journalists sending seditious messages about Israel worldwide.
Though this fact was publicized widely by the Israeli media and Netvision received far more complaints about this policy than ever received against me, they did not cut off even ONE such user.
This is blatant repression and a violation of whatever freedom of expression is left in our country. PLEASE DO NOT LET NETVISION GET AWAY WITH THIS.
Without my address, my network will collapse and I will be deprived of my work. And Israel will be deprived of the facts that may still save us.
Netvision's number is 04 8560570 Tie up their lines with your protests. Their address is Let them know who is the abuser.
I thank you and cannot answer you. They are holding all my mail hostage.
Barry Chamish
>From Shlomo Arnon <> >To <> 12-21-00 > >
Dear Sir,
The Jewish Community in Australia are absolutely outraged that you cut the email from Mr. Barry Chamish. We insist that you immediately return to him ALL the email you have stolen from him. Yourfascist behavioris a good example why Jews around the world do not support Israel anymore like we used to. You cannot continue to violate every civil right humanity has.
We are well aware of the assassinations attempts on Barry's life. Your criminal behavior is a good example why Jews around the world do not want to be associated anymore with Israel. I am sending a copy of this email to be posted on the website.
The Jeff Rense website, one of the most popular on the Internet, has now become the best source of information for us Australians, and an unequal website worldwide especially for us Jews around the world.
We expect you to apologize and return the stolen email immediately. If you will not do it, we will continue to expose you in front of many millions of Americans worldwide on the Internet. It is time for Israel to join humanity and not continue to deteriorate into a Banana Republic.
Respectfully, Shlomo Arnon (formerly in the Israeli Air-Force)
Committee Chairman Australian Jews For The Protection Of Barry Chamish
From Pat
Please restore Barry Chamish's e-mail access to the web.
Certainly, this must have been a mistake on your part for I can't believe that any reputable business would have taken the 'knowing' action of removing his right to send and receive private mail. Such are the tactics one would expect to find in a repressive national atmosphere such as Nazi Germany not Israel.
Patricia Rogers Concerned American Citizen And Taxpayer
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