Citizen Outrage Growing
Over Chemtrails
From Michael L. Stovall <>
To <>

Hello. I appreciate your reports on these insidious attacks on our existence. I am going to vent a little, not at you or the informed, just expressing some real hardened frustration. Condemnation of such activities are our minimal response.
Frankly, I am tired of seeing them in my sky, and I am now seeking ways to effectively confront these attackers. I fear that my entire family is now physically affected by this garbage. My intensity is inflamed by the thought that we all may pass out tonight with out further adoo, who knows!
Whoever it is who feels "they have the right" to do these sprayings is not our friend, rather they are our Overt Enemies, did I say that clearly enough?...ENEMIES, and an undeclared war exists without knowledge conveyed to the general public at large, and they are numb, even dumbed down and out, even led to believe we are stupid reporters of such things, We are reported to be the crazies in the whole scenario, and some of the dumbed down and outs believe that without further inquiry!
Hell man, you are hearing from an Texan who grew up in central Texas where crop dusting/chemical spraying of black land cotton fields and such was a regular event, and we all stayed clear of the planes doing it, and we knew the diffence between a poison spray and a Con Trail, we saw them both every day south of Ft.Worth and Dallas. NWO liars, Don't crap on us about saying these are new kind of Con Trails. That dog don't hunt in Texas. That dog just eats its own vomit!
My brother suffered under agent orange in VN, they said the americans were safe with the masks, that is just pure bullshit, excusing the graphic expression, as it does the expression minimal justice, and I will be damned to stand by and watch this mass killing off of mankind without some form of confrontation. Sorry if this offends anyone, but reality is in our face, and rubbing the garbage up our noses. Someone wants us altered, murdered and removed from the face of the planet!
I am not a chemist, but I will be willing to bet that we do not begin to know the long term effects of the chemicals in these sprays. Barium, for instance, may have an effect we do not even yet comprehend for long term, like maybe 20-50-100 years, as to its alterations of mankind, life in general, the environment, etc. etc. etc....
I fear for the future, for my family, my children, and now for my very first new grandson. Damn the bastards who are doing this! I am ready to do whatever it takes to stop this hateful cruel attack on each of us. What else can or will a reasoning and thinking person do?..., stand by in a stupor hoping it gets better while the cancer eats out his guts? Sometimes in life, when confronted by stupidity, a fool, a war monger, and a supreriority complex mentality, it behoves a man to defend his turf, not going to some far off place shooting the hell out of someones else's property.
I am talking about just protecting the property we live on, and the air above it that sustains us every second of life! The masses do not even comprehend the attack, as the attackers have done a successful job of protective programming, to make the masses to think that we who speak up are crazy, lost our minds, and beyond reason... Damn the Bastards who have crossed the line, who have dared to attempt to impose their will over me and mine, Damn the Bastards to oblivion!
You can count of me, and maybe a handful more around the country, as most are tire kickers when it comes to action. I can count maybe 5-6 I know, out of hundreds, and that is the harsh cold cruel reality we have before us. Can we run?, yes, Can we Hide?, no, and therein, YES, THERIN lies the directive as to what to do, It is written in the ink of blood of those who have suffered such insidious behavior before us.
You know, as I lie down to rest, I find that I no longer can find enough peace in my mind to rest, as I begin to cough, wheeze, sneeze and spew out all kinds of garbage after just being outside for an afternoon while they spray me down with thier poison piss. This is nasty, yes, I would not even do that to my worst enemy!, but they do not mind doing it to me and mine! Damn the Bastards to the pissholes of the world!
So, first order of business is to discover who they are, do You happen to Know? And let's go from there without any delay, what do you say?
Doc Stovall Houston

From Andrew Griffin
Hello Jeff.
Our crisp blue skies were altered once again here in central Louisiana with dozens of murky-colored chemtrails. They were everywhere. The sky soon became a hazen golden brown with blue trying to peek out.
I can't tell if they are coming from Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, LA or from somewhere else. It's usually a northeast to southwest pattern, but today I saw X's in the sky and the trails seemed to be coming from the wings - perhaps nozzles?
This has been going on since Oct. 99 here in Alexandria and Pineville. I have pictures on and its not pretty.
You can't go a day without seeing a commercial on television - usually a car commericia - and not see a chemtrail pattern in the background sky. It's almost become a game for me, sadly enough.
I hope someone comes forward and tells the truth.
Andy in Alexandria.

From Ric Nelson 1-6-01
Hi Mr. Rense, I've been listening since you had your original "The End of the Line" show here locally. Kudos! You've inspired me to post photos I've taken of the chemtrails in Santa Barbara. If you would like to see them, go to You are welcome to use and distribute these photos or link to this page.
Thanks, Ric Nelson

From (name witheld)
Exact same thing here in Columbia, SC last week. Contrails end but continue on as a black shadow. The spraying being done over Columbia the last few months would make the photos of contrails you have been posting look like a joke. I'll get some photos the next time they come over (about every 2-3 weeks).
About a month ago, around 8 in the morning, about 60+ (Sixty) planes came over at one time, side by side. Left paralell contrails from horizon to horizon covering a swath about 30 miles wide. Within an hour as the contrails spread and the sky went from clear blue to white overcast. It was so obvious something was going on that a dozen people on the floor I work on were standing at the windows watching all the planes. Some thought we were getting ready to invade the middle east or something, cause the planes appeared to be heading towards Charlestown.
They were not heading towards Charlestown, I know where they were going. They were going to North Airfield, in North SC. If you really want a story, find North SC on a map and look for an Air Field right outside of this little cross roads town. You won't see it on any map, but it's there. C-17's come in and out of that place all the time but there's nothing there but a pine forest and a dirt road with a gate and sign that says US Govt Property, No Trespassing.
My wife is from near there and said the Air Field has been there since the 30's. Said that Hughes Aircraft originally owned it. None of the people around there ever see any military people coming in or out of the place, or in the nearby town. We see the big planes lifting up out of the woods everytime we go down there to visit her parents. They come right over the road at nearly tree top level. Sometimes 3-6 of them at one time. It's amazing. These are massive planes, what are they doing landing in the woods in the middle of nowhere? Where are the personel that maintains them, fuels them, etc? An airfield this size with nothing but a little dirt road as an extrance?...a dirt road with regular looking mail box at the end of it? The entire place is surrounded by pine forest. You can't see anything by driving around it.
We have also been hit (about a year ago) with the "spider web" stuff that floats down and sticks to your car. Once it dries, it's very difficult to get off, almost like dried glue. Seems to be slightly yellowish in color. My wife's vehicle was covered in the stuff one day when she got home from work. Said it was floating down out the sky.

From Gayle 1-7-01
Dear Jeff,
On the morning January 6, 2001, I could see the mass of chemclouds in the distance and knew that we would be inundated by the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and I decided to take the kids to the park at around 3:00 PM. As we descended a hill on the trail I looked up in disgust at the trails in the clear blue sky and realized that there was a perfect circular rainbow around the sun with five rings of distinct colors. It could only be observed with sunglasses on and was still present at 5:00 PM during rush hour. According to another resident of San Antonio, the rainbow was completely visible to everyone stuck in the backed up traffic at her location. I've been looking up for many years and I have never before seen a rainbow around the sun. This was only visible as long as the chemclouds surrounded the sun and disappeared whenever they moved on blown by the wind. The skies were also filled with the particulates and web materials that have been reported of late. Thank you for creating a forum for these reports to be read.
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