Chemtrails Sprayed Over
Stark County, Ohio - Photos
From Gwen Johnson

Dear Jeff,
Here are some more photos of chemtrails in the skies over Stark County, Ohio. We see these massive amounts of "spraying" every three to four weeks, over in the same area and at about the same time of day, 8:00 a.m.
In October, I had sent you some photos that were taken of the same location and you posted them. (
Do you know why that area would be a target for "spraying" every few weeks?
This morning, for about two hours there were at least five jets flying back and forth and creating a massive "spray site." I took a series of photos to show how the "spray site" was developing. I took all of the photos within half an hour...
These photos show that the chemtrails were not contained in the eastern sky alone; they were flying back and forth from the eastern "spray site" over my neighborhood then back again.
Another question: If these contrails were created by jets making their normal flight patterns...wouldn't we see these contrails on a daily or at least a weekly basis?
Finally, I've made a collage of four photos that were taken about three hours after the first set of photos.
You can see (I hope) in the collage, that the eastern sky (to the right) has stayed a misty white all morning, the chemtrails just spread and stayed. While the northern sky (to the left), having a lesser amount of chemtrails earlier, was almost completely blue. The sky to the west and south were also blue.

From Barbara Nightsky 1-6-01
Hi Jeff. I just read the letter on your site from David Arnold. My husband, John, and I both saw chemtrails on December 31, 2000 around 4:00 pm. I've seen them before but John hadn't. He didn't understand why I was getting so disturbed when I saw these two black "columns" going up but he does now! They were EXACTLY like David described and in the same area. They eventually "spider webbed" out in an easterly direction drifting past the foothills of San Bernardino toward the Banning Pass area. We watched this until darkness set in. I have NEVER seen anything like it!!!
I have been perpetually sick over the past two years with the flu or a cold or bronchitis and even my alternative medicine doctor wondered aloud if "it was something in the air". Who are the master minds of this sinister chemtrail operation?
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