Ancient Egyptian Treasure
in Grand Canyon - Part 5
Will The 'Real' Ophiuchus Please Stand Up! or...
Only Licensed Snake Charmers Allowed On Premises
Barry McEwen
Michael Lawrence Morton

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As stated from the beginning, these articles seem to be falling together with valued and undeniable synchronicities...some of which I don't even print for fear of ridicule (I know, it's a fear I will have to overcome some day like the rest of my wife, on the other hand, tends to stay completely out of any decision making in this respect...which means she must be convinced one way or the other already regarding my shortcomings). At any rate, I will toss this out anyway as a token gesture and see if it sticks to anyone's craw.
If you remember back to Part 4, a good deal of mention was made of "The Red Serpent" and Ophiuchus, a constellation of the Serpent Holder (or Serpens). Well, at the exact time I was writing that article, BBC news, on December 23, put out a short article regarding a 'near earth object', or asteroid, that was passing within 300,000 miles of Earth. It was named "2000 YA", traveling at an approximate speed of 18 miles per second, and roughly 150 feet in diameter. A reader, after reading Part 4, emailed me to inform me that that particular object could now be seen heading into "Ophiuchus"! And with a good telescope could still be seen traveling with the Serpent Holder/Ophiuchus as its backdrop. (a big "Hmmmmm !" here if you please) see:
For yet further insight and great esoteric details into the Red Serpent mystery I would suggest you go to .
You will also find within this site several rewarding articles regarding Rennes le Chateau and the ancient Egyptian map grid system that incorporates astrological aspects. All this info has non lineal ties to the Grand Canyon grid system being investigated here.
As an ardent snake handler(not really), I will continue. Another link sent to me includes the expedition, with great photos, of the people that were interviewed on that October 13, local Channel 10 news show that was mentioned in my original article. What especially caught my eye, and the eye of the reader who sent the link, was the photo of a large rock that had a carving of a perfect spiral (a serpent icon) near an area where they were exploring for the original cave that was mentioned in the 1909 article. Also on the rock were some carved straight lines and four curious small 'pins' that were inserted in holes made exactly for the pins to fit. The 'pins' were not of the same material as the rock, and were about 1/8 inch in diameter by 1 inch long. (these lines and 'pins' also set me back, because I had just recently emailed a person regarding some geometry work I had been doing on the Grand Canyon topo map, and a great deal of time was spent explaining how, after I had determined locations, I had inserted map 'pins' at every location, and went into further detail as to possible mathematical scale of the size of the pin holes in relationship and in the context of accuracy of the work being done. I also explained to this person, in some detail, how I had just determined 'straight lines' on the map from point to point using 3 locations/pin holes as a guide in determining a true straight line [a common practice in geometry; 3 points must lie on a line before you consider it a straight line]) (short answer: the spiral, pins and straight lines all jumped out at me and bit me in the asp!) see:
Eventually I will go into more detail with the Native American stories connected to the Canyon. One such aspect are the "ant people" who are said to have inhabited the inner subterranean system of the Grand Canyon (and other places) between the 3rd and 4th worlds and had helped mankind during the transition period, which we now call the Pole Shift. And of course there is the legend that is included at the end of the 1909 article itself. In all respects, the Grand Canyon is held as a very sacred area to the Native Americans, and plays a crucial role in this investigation and the realities behind the mystery.
And speaking of subterranean....a great big link was sent to my of a long article with many, many stories of the underground phenomenon. It begins with the story of a retired Navy Captain, who claims to have knowledge of a nuclear submarine that explored a VAST ocean under California (this ties in with the Kokowee Mt. stories of underground rivers that rise and fall with the tides within a VAST cavern system). He also claims this sub was eventually lost in there. It is fairly detailed and covers a lot of common questions. It is a very large page and well worth your time if a full appreciation of the underground scenario does not keep you from sleeping good at night in a dark house all alone with the electric out and no phone and you just read a Stephen King novel next to a cemetery with big black cats roaming around in the full moon and what was that noise and is the government aware that Men In Black are knocking at my door?!?
And speaking of the military and government, this leads us right into the Tower of Set in the Grand Canyon. Now "Set", or Seth, is the Neter, or archetype/prototype, of chaos and destruction, also desert thunder and storms and the adversary of Osiris, his brother. Set is often depicted as a big-eared, imaginary animal, similar to a donkey, with red hair. His name means "to dazzle". Isis was Set's sister and Set was the enemy of Horus, Isis' son. In an attempted murder of Horus, Set plucks out Horus' left eye, symbolic of the right brain, or emotional, intuitive aspect. Although depicted in earlier dynasties as a protector of the Sun Barge, Set is eventually banished by Ra. Interesting also, Set is the one who in the underworld battles with the serpent monster, Apep. Set is the black sheep of the family but has a purpose, none-the-less, in that without the death or dismemberment of Osiris there would be no resurrection nor opportunity for exploratory bread-crumb trails, which is the exercise of the innate function of the mind. (short answer)
We will also look at a second Horus location. The first location was pin-pointed at the highest elevation, at one end of the large plateau area of Horus in the Grand Canyon. A "quirk" led me to also give Michael the coordinates of the center of Horus, which has also proved to be revealing using the CODE of Carl Munck. Horus, if you remember, is the Son of Osiris and Isis, and was conceived during Osiris' transition period before he was resurrected. Horus helped Isis find and re-assemble Osiris. Set also took battle with Horus at one point, and plucked out Horus' left eye. One translation of this act is that it symbolizes the suppression of the right brain function, or the emotional, non-verbal, intuitive aspects of the brain. Thus, Horus was functioning very rationally, but one-sided, so-to-speak. Horus is depicted as Hawk-headed, suggesting his vision is at its best from far above, looking down as he circles in a hawk whose eyesight is inherent to spot its food far below and far away with great precision.
Synopsis of Set using the CODE
Grid latitude = 3781.792914
3781.792914 / 2 = 1890.896457 = grid latitude of "Dragon Mound"
Grid longitude = 99839.33293
Grid Point Value = 99839.33293 / 3781.792914 = 26.4
26.4 is exactly half of 52.8, a decimal harmonic of the number of regular British feet in a statute mile (5280)
26.4 divided by the multiplied product of the grid point values of both Isis Temple and Osiris will equal 1.955555555..... ( 26.4 / 13.5 = 1.95555555.....)
1.95555555..... multiplied times the Cathie decimal harmonic for 'light speed' in free outer space ( 162,000 nautical miles per second) will equal 316.8 ( 162 x 1.95555555...= 316.8 )
316.8 is a decimal harmonic of the gematrian number 3168, carrying the meaning of Lord Jesus Christ.
3168 divided-by Buckminister Fuller number of arc-degrees for DNA / RNA un-zip angle equals 432. ( 3168 / 7.333333333 = 432 )
432 multiplied by grid point value of Tower of Ra, and then divide by the product of the grid point values of Isis Temple and Osiris, will equal 103.68, the decimal harmonic of the grid latitudes of both the Church at Rennes le Chateau and The White House, Wash., D.C. !! ( 432 x 3.24 = 1399.68 1399.68 / 13.5 = 103.68 )
Synopsis of 'New' Horus position using the CODE
Grid latitude = 2013.528819
Grid longitude = 110167.0866
Grid point value = 110167.0866 / 2013.528819 = 54.71343919
Horus' grid point value divided by 4 times Pi equals the grid point value of Isis Temple ( 54.71343917 / 4Pi = 4.353957149 )
Horus' grid point value times Horus' "old" grid point value times Pi to the 5th power equals 139968. ( 54.71343917 x 8.359597725 x (Pi to 5th power) = 139968) (Old Horus grid point times New Horus grid point could suggest the replacement of the missing left eye) (139968 is a number related to Earth's precession cycle in years [139968 / 25920 = 5.4 ]) (139968 = 3.24 x 43200.... 3.24 is the grid point value of the Tower of Ra, and 43200 is exactly double the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles ) ( 5.4 is a decimal harmonic of the arc-distance on Earth from either pole to the equator in nautical miles, 5400) (5400 is also the grid point value of the Sphinx of Giza)
For complete mathematical analysis of Michael Lawrence Morton's work and our previous articles see:
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