Wounded GIs Say
Fallujah Is A Disaster - Report

Translation From A German Board
On a German forum, a user called a friendly surgeon at Landstuhl (US Army hospital). He gave the forum this impression about the hospital:
"The casualties are laying in the floors of the hospital - there are no free beds. The stuff is working around the clock, the Bundeswehr (German Army) is helping with medicals, blood and devices.
Hourly, new planes with new heavily-wounded casualties are arriving. Less serious casualties are flown to the U.S. or to other U.S. hospitals. But also the other U.S. hospitals have no more capacity (2 in Italy, 2 in Belgium, 3 others in Germany). So, these casualties are flown to Water Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.
The GI's say Fallujah is a disaster and there is no control of anything. The communications are always switching off, the supply lines are not working (especially ammunition) - always other orders.
One of the soldiers' sayings goes: 'All shout and try to survive. And if they take me to military court and shoot me - at least I never I set foot in Iraq again.'"



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