Wake Up Call - What Will YOU
Do When It's Too Late?

From Ted Twietmeyer
What you're about to read is based on facts, plans and stated goals to destroy America to bring about globalist rule - a feudal system where YOU mean nothing to the rich and powerful. No matter how much money you have in the bank right now, it will all be meaningless IF THEY STEAL IT FROM YOU. Give this to your friends and family to wake them up. Some will laugh, some will not. Those that do not have a chance of being saved...and it will be your efforts that do it.
Let's move ahead in time. Perhaps just a few months - but no more than 4 years. It's early morning and you're driving to work. You listen to the news like you always do. They announced that a major building in a key city was just dirty-bombed. It's not that the building itself suffered that much damage - but the bomb was up on the 50th floor. It scattered plutonium and depleted uranium waste over more than a city block, and the wind and rain is expected to make it worse. The newscaster tells you that experts have deemed it impossible to clean up. The cancer-causing waste has been drawn into the ventilation system and has settled into all the ductwork. It will remain at a radioactive level that will be harmful to human life for thousands of years.
The building can't be demolished, as this will make things far worse for the surrounding structures and people. They are planning to encase the entire building in concrete - just like Chernobyl. But they add that it is already cracked and failing - a long way from the 4,000 year life required of the caisson. The newscaster goes on and interviews other experts, who deem the situation as perhaps the worst environmental disaster of all time. Then the real bad news - they repeat the address of it building, and its where you work is. Presto - now you're unemployed. But that's not so bad, is it ?
You turn around and head back home, and then sit down to watch the talking heads on the tube. The president has just declared condition RED. You are also reminded that if you are caught out on the road or even outside, it can be sufficient reason to be shot or imprisoned. Sometime ago you heard that would be the case with RED, but laughed it off. Not in America, right ?
So you trundle off to the fridge for something to eat, as it's getting near noon now. You open it up, only to be reminded that this was your day to go shopping tonight. Almost no food remaining. One piece of meat in the freezer. Slowly, the grim reality of the empty cupboards hits you like a brick...when the newscaster states "officials expect condition RED to go on for a week or more." Well, you'll just eat out cans for now...but your appetite is ruined because the news announced that under FEMA condition RED, your children have already been taken to a "safe place" by the US Army. You recall hearing somewhere that meant a POW camp-like environment. You call the school, only to get a recording
"Do not attempt to pick your children up or call again. Stay tuned to your local news." No one is at school, because they too, are under RED.
As you remain in a trance to the television's glare for the latest news like you did back in 2001, your ears are assaulted with details of yet another attack in another city. When and where will it end? None of the "experts" seems to know. No one even knows who did it. The "experts" are just speculating like they did on November 2nd. You're thinking back to how the exit polls, conducted at random around the country, were completely wrong regarding the final election results - in states
that had paperless electronic voting systems. But then, that's not you're problem and it certainly can't have anything to do with this new attack...or could it ? But you don't have time to think about it - your children, your survival and your future are all that you care about now. It's too late to think about "what might have been."
It's a few days later, and you still can't get out, or get the safety of your children out of your mind. You know you can't, because it's instinctive. Realizing you can't starve to death because you believe that that your children will be released (?) soon, you open a can of chicken noodle soup. You've poured it into a bowl and put it in the microwave. Just as your finger is about to hit "START," the power goes out. But this has happened before, and the power company will take care of it. They always have. Then you remind yourself about RED - will they fix it ?
Hastily you flip the channels on the cold winter evening, only to hear the worst of the worst news. The power company workers went home to their families in the next county. Because the power plant must be monitored for safety reasons, they thoughtlessly shut it down on their way out. The National Guard went to the plant, but they have no idea how to bring it back online. And when the workers shut it down, the circuit breaker ripple-effect went for hundreds of miles and now no one has power. You heat with natural gas, but your furnace can't run. You start to notice a chill in your home as the sun sets. You can't cook with your electric stove or microwave. What little food in the fridge will soon spoil as it's expected to take up to a week or more to restore power. Your public water supply can't function without power. The water will soon lose pressure...and the toilet, sinks and shower will no longer work.
You feel a 10 ton iron weight in the pit of your stomach that won't go you're starving, no power, no food and now no water. And you'll be shot if you try to reach a grocery store. So how much worse can it get ? You'll soon find out from your car radio. But before you do, the next morning a UN Hum-V rumbles down your street. These don't look like the friendly types you saw recently on a documentary. These smiling men look like Germans or French, and are wielding machine guns and appear to be enjoying themselves. At least they get to eat everyday you think to yourself. Going to the store seems out of reach now.
Your trusty car radio tells you the local station is operating at reduced power from a diesel generator. They don't know how much longer they will be on the air. You're told FEMA is now in charge of the station while on the air. He says the school children are all safe, well fed, warm and secure. You begin to wonder now, about all those things you heard people talk about just last week on the radio - and how this could happen ? Your laughter at them was boundless. Conspiracy nuts. This is America, right ? Can't happen here. Now you wished you listened instead of laughed. You had the money in the bank to be self-sufficient and not go hungry, and to help prevent this but your didn't.
Finally, the next day, you're told that your last name's initial is your ONLY day to go to the store, buy gasoline and be home before dark. Apparently the largest chain in town is now a military ration center. All other store's inventories have been confiscated. The distribution center isn't taking checks or credit cards, because the banking system is down. There is a rumor the USA economy has collapsed, but that can't be true. We're the greatest country on earth. No one is saying anymore about it on the radio either, but you feel something is very wrong. You look in your pocket to see what cash you have - $1.49. You can't even buy a loaf of bread with that. Now that gasoline is $5.00 a gallon, you'll be lucky to buy a 5 second squeeze of the handle at the pump with it.
The pit in your stomach isn't hungry anymore - now it just aches. Prolonged hunger changes as you starve to death. The hunger disappears, but new symptoms have surfaced. The broadcast also tells you that you can go to a government facility and get free room and board on uncle Sam. But you can only travel on your grocery store day, which is once every two weeks. Now you're dehydrating, and know you won't make it that long. A nice hot meal sounds good, and it tastes even better when someone else has to do the dishes. Into your car and down the road you go, following the broadcaster's instructions to get there.
The area is about 10 miles from the nearest town, and deep in the woods on public land. You don't care because you're driven by an insatiable hunger. Your old army medical training told you how the body begins to use muscle to keep the fire of life burning within, and now you know you're wasting away. You just want food. You begin to see the signs ahead. Doesn't make sense why the Homeland Security logo is on them for a dining hall. But who cares ! You round a bend in the road. A 12ft. gate is there, with giant red high voltage warning signs on it. Two men with machine guns approach your car. You're told to pull over into a parking area and leave the keys in it with the engine running - they will take care of it. Something is very wrong here...
You are asked to enter the facility through a turnstile in the wall - like that of an amusement park. This place is strange - huge tents, huts, Porta-potties. People are suddenly groping your pockets reaching through a fence near you. It makes you jump back. They must have built this hastily in about a day. A voice on a speaker barks out that all new visitors to report to registration. But there is a chute-like structure you find yourself in - it's taking you straight to registration. Ahead are medical type people that appear to be doing examinations. What are they doing ?
As you step up, you get a quick physical much like one given to new hires for jobs. At the next station, a nurse is holding a hypo with a very large needle - she wipes your skin and jams it in before you can complete the sentence "what is it ?" You are informed of your new number that is encoded on the chip. Because of privacy laws, you are forbidden to use your name for anything. Even in conversations. All this processing for a hot meal ? Orientation instructions tell you there are portals where you must wave your arm to use the outhouses, to eat and to enter sleeping quarters. That weight in your stomach has turned to terror now. You are told you will not be leaving the camp for the foreseeable future, unless part of a work detail. Your children are now property of the state, and to continue thinking about them will just make your life even more unbearable. They will all be sorted and trained for the New World Order. Attempting to leave or climb the fence results in being shot. The psycho-guards show it in their eyes - they are just looking for fool #1 to try it. This is worse than any nightmare you ever had in your life. And you can't wake up from it.
What you just read, is an extremely real possibility. These camps exist, and chipping everyone is coming. It WILL happen to you, your family and your friends if no one lifts a finger. It's horrific in scope, as it means the complete destruction of ALL freedoms and liberties you presently enjoy. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. So when you get that email that warns you about new liberty-stealing laws that are "to protect America" from your friend ? And your other friend that wants you involved to bring back all liberty and expose tyranny ? Please remember my words.
Ted Twietmeyer



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