Aspartame & Vioxx Alert!

From Dr. Betty Martini
By Dr. James Bowen, MD
The recent furor over Vioxx increasing myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accident rates should also have indicted its partner in crime: Aspartame. Aspartame has long been known for its causation of a remarkable increase in heart attack rates and cerebrovascular accident type occurrences. The damage from Aspartame's highly synergized: methanol-formaldehyde-formic acid-carbon monoxide toxic axis (The methanol toxic axis, i.e. Hangovers!), which damage includes: blood vessel autoimmunity, super oxide free radical generation, and mitochondrial damage: is far worsened by the heavy metal poisons like Aluminum, lead, and mercury etc.
Aspartame also chelates the toxic heavy metals from the ingested food and drink, as well as from the very containers from which it is served in, and carries them directly into the body as their highly absorbed chelated heavy metal forms. Aluminum is not even digestively absorbed, unless chelated. Back before Rumsfeld and Reagan, when the FDA was still functional: the FDA told Searle the Agency would never allow Aspartame to be marketed because its extreme chelation of toxic heavy metals into the human body was an insolvable problem, and the chelation problem alone was sufficient reason to never allow Aspartame to be marketed! Billions of cans are now sold annually!
The heavy metal poisonings themselves are so atherogenic that intravenous chelation therapy to carry poisonous heavy metals out of the body is the most remarkably effective and very physiological cure for severe arteriosclerosis, in and of itself. With the heavy metal poisonings eliminated via the IV chelation treatments, the body is then left free to physiologically heal its own blood vessels from arteriosclerotic damage.
The heavy metal poisonings, the methanol toxic axis, and the mitochondrial damage from Aspartame all lead to the generation of enormous amounts of super oxide free radicals, and thereby cause premature aging, diabetes, etc. Vioxx causes the cholesterol in the atherogenic LDL cholesterol form to be far more subject to rapid oxidization to the highly atherogenic oxycholesterol by the oxidizing effects of the super oxide free radicals generated from the many toxicities of Aspartame: Making the two, Very Dangerous partners in cardiovascular crime!
There are several additional poisonings built into the Aspartame molecule. When additive in effect with the mentioned they could make the results from almost any pharmaceutical preparation unpredictable, ore even dangerous. There will be no safety of use so long as dangerous chemicals like Aspartame, MSG, or fluoride are in our food or water! Saccharin is perfectly safe: Has been on the market over 100 years, has caused no epidemics! The Amino acid taurine combines well with saccharin to give a sugary flavor with no bitterness. Stevia in combination with saccharin gives an extremely sugary flavor. Low calorie sweeteners are by definition excitotoxins. (Excitotoxins are products that stimulate the neurons of the brain to death causing brain damage - Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.,
I believe the healthiest diet consists of fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables, simply and wholesomely prepared. That does not include any artificial flavorings, and certainly excludes blister poisons like fluoride, and excitotoxins like MSG, and Aspartame from our food and water! Anything which causes severe mitochondrial damage, as does Aspartame will prematurely age the organism and complicate and impair the best results of about every conceivable medicine.
More in depth information can be obtained from the many excellent texts available by excellent authors like Dr Hyman Roberts, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, and Dr. Russell Blaylock as mentioned above. Many of my reports are on My next forthcoming book: "In the Present Darkness: It Happened to We Scientists Who First Spoke Out Against Aspartame" will go into great detail and provide a fascinating setting. is excellent on Sucralose, the DDT like chlorocarbon poison they are replacing Aspartame with in Coke and Pepsi products. The two toxicity studies I have in mind from Sucralose are that it calcifies the kidneys, and shrinks the thymus 50% (the source of your immune system) It looks like they are not going to allow any non toxic sweeteners on the market.
James Bowen, M.D.
Comment by Martini: Dr. Bowen can be seen in the new movie about aspartame, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. You can contact for a copy. He is a victim of aspartame with Lou Gehrig symptoms.
Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 Aspartame Toxicity Center,



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