The Aftermath

From Leslie Bell
I am SO Goddamned sick and tired of living in a hijacked country hijacked by a bunch of Goddamned cheating Nazi BASTARDS who aren't just satisfied with hijacking the presidency... no, they have to hijack the congressional seats of all their enemies as well like Daschle and many others.
And I am SO Goddamned sick and tired of three major news networks PRETENDING the country ISN'T being hijacked. Mr. Rather, I've got news for you... if it takes TWO Goddamned YEARS to count all the votes and run all the legal battles out to their eventual outcome, THEN SO BE IT. WHATEVER it takes, AS LONG AS IT TAKES. Should be YOUR motto too, damnit.
Bush is NOT MY President, he will NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT, and if they install him once again, I WILL change my citizenship and my domicile as soon as economically possible and leave this USELESS NAZI COUNTRY to its INEVITABLE SUICIDE. GO CHINA!
NO WAY did Bush win Nevada with YUCCA MOUNTAIN being the PRIME CONSIDERATION HERE. NO WAY. That in and of itself should tell EVERYONE the fix was in. I was at the polls... I SAW all the BLACK PEOPLE, I SAW all the YOUNG PEOPLE, I SAW all the YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE, NO WAY did Bush win Nevada.
And the Diebold bastards are being so slick about it, 1% here, 2% there, 3% there. I noticed John Roberts got off the board damn quick when he was showing that 67% of the people in one state THAT BUSH SUPPOSEDLY WON thought the ECONOMY WAS CRAP.
And as far as absentee ballots... over 90% of them HAVE TO BE DEMOCRAT, because that was a strategy CONCERNED DEMOCRATS WERE USING to MAKE SURE THEIR VOTE WAS COUNTED. If those votes don't come up OVERWHELMINGLY DEMOCRAT, that will be ANOTHER set of votes THEY HACKED.
Fourth estate my ASS. Free country my ASS. Democracy my ASS. Free elections my ASS.
Already the pundit bullshit. "Most concerned conservatives must have voted for Bush anyway."
My ASS they did.
"People must have voted one way and told the exit pollsters something else."
My ASS they did.
Leslie Bell
Future Swiss Citizen and Resident
How The Election Was Stolen
From Roz Hill
I watched the election results all night and into this morning. There are some very important issues to share.
One is the surprise expressed by the pundits wherein they acknowledge that the massive voter drives were propelled by discontent. So how did the most hated occupant of the White House manage to exceed his 45% poll average to now claim he has a huge "popular" win.
We are told that 22% voted on "morality" and that Bush took 80% of that 22%, and that is how he won. However, that leaves 78% who were focused on Kerry issues. Why aren,t we told the percentages of the 78%???
The second surprise for the media was that the results didn,t match the exit polls AT ALL. The media has gracefully claimed they "just got it wrong." You remember we didn,t have exit pollsters in 2002. It saved any disagreement with THAT Republican "sweep." In fact, the pollsters have always been 100% accurate, with just 1 to 2% polling data, in legitimate elections. Bush took the Texas governorship from Ann Richards when she had a 70% approval rating. Is it magic?
My "I TOLD YOU SO" is that I have SCREAMED since 2000 that if we don't get rid of touch-screen "voting" computers, NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING else will matter.
So, here are the numbers (so far): 112,596,922 voters counted in the presidential race. Bush has been consistently polling at 45%, which SHOULD have given him 50,668,614 votes, instead of 58,073,612. This translates into 7,404,998 votes being siphoned off from Kerry votes.
Now, how does that magic work???
Taxpayers get hit with a bill for $3600 (or more) for EACH of the touch-screen "voting" computers, which are nothing more than dedicated COUNTERS except that they are marketed by Republicans (who vowed to ensure Bush,s victory); and the American people have not been allowed to examine or certify the software in these units.
Here is how easy it is to "make magic" -- we need COUNTERS (B) = Bush; (K) = Kerry; (V) = Vote; (T) = Tally
1. If V = B, add 1 to B
2. If T = 8, add 1 to B; Clear T; Skip 3
3. If V = K, add 1 to K; Add 1 to T
This extremely simple bit of programming would shift 12% of the vote from Kerry to Bush, it would defy exit polls, and it would make it look like Bush had a huge popular win. It is time that the software in these SECRET Republican-owned computers be examined with a deliberate check for instructions that could modify the vote tally.
Al-Qaeda has previously regarded the American people as victims of a crooked election in 2000. Now they regard Americans as responsible for letting this man -- who is regarded as the worst terrorist on the planet continue his tyrannous regime. I doubt that the rest of the world will accept four more years of his lies and looting.
Roz Hill
Sacrifice, You Hypocrites!
From Alton Raines
Every single blessed idiot that voted for George Bush that has a young male between the age of 18 and 25 needs to march him down to the Army, Navy, Marine or Air Force recruitment office AT ONCE! If you're going to support George Bush sending America's children to die for Israel and the profitability of the Military Industrial Complex, you need to show it with your sacrificial offering and not just sit back and let the "other" guys kid who joined the Army or the Guard to get an education be the only one in a body bag, or missing a limb or suffering from DU exposure. Show your patriotism with real sacrifice! George is perfectly willing to ship 'em off in droves. He's having to scrape the bottom of the barrel now, re-calling fifty and sixty year old Army personnel back into action, as well as sending mother's of newborns. You voted for this warlord, so ante up! Haven't you heard? We're in a "war on terror"!!! There's blood to be spilled and nations to be conquered in the name of "democracy"! It's a glorious Crusade, approved by no less than Almighty God Himself! As George said, "it's hard work."
I hope you're ready to do your part to keep America safe from whatever new boogieman 'W' and his NeoCon cronies decide is "the" next bad guy. Sure, it won't matter that he sends your kid over there looking for weapons of mass destruction -- that we know are there because we SOLD them to them -- and then they change their reason. You didn't care about that, anyway, you blew it off... you accepted the scenario switch... as long as it was someone ELSES kid getting his legs blown off for Haliburton Inc.,.. it was JUSTIFIED. And you convinced yourself it was because George had a heart, nay, a BURDEN for the poor Iraqi people, to be their Moses, to set them free. Ok, you've proven to the world you're a fucking fool. Now follow through and don't hold back! In fact, maybe YOU should GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE, eh? You want to see 'Democracy' flourish so bad, YOU sign up and sacrifice yourself for it. 'W' is calling you!
From Leslie Bel
I watched the concession speech. They definitely threatened the life of Teresa, his daughters, and her children.
He made them squirm to when he mentioned Teresa and his daughters in his speech, but still, if he said anything about the call, they would be dead the next time they boarded a plane.
That's the kind of people you have running Amerika.
And why I AM LEAVING. What's left is not worth fighting for. Not a shred.

From viscts
With my big black boots and an old suitcase
I do believe Iíll find myself a new place
I donít want to be the bad guy
I donít want to do your sleepwalk dance anymore
I just want to see some palm trees
Go and try and shake away this disease
We can live beside the ocean
Leave the fire behind
Swim out past the breakers
Watch the world die
We can live beside the ocean
Leave the fire behind
Swim out past the breakers
Watch the world die
From Lost In America
I voted on Tuesday. When I pushed the button to finish my vote something strange happened and the machine flashed ALL Republican.
I complained at the poll place about it and was told to leave. I called the myvote1 line but what else can be done?
From Jacqueline Flanigan
Democrats did not lose, they were cheated as were all the people of America. I watched the election from start to finish, and I am sorry folks but it just didn't smell right and my instincts were verified when the incident came up with the woman in Florida. You remember the woman that voted a straight Democrat ticket and it came up as all Republican on the verification screen. The incident was shown on CNN for all to see, but only once.
This was not a computer glitch that just happened to pop up. This was one programming key that was missed when they added the programming for the verifying screen. I know what I am talking about because I use to be a very excellent programmer on one of the most structured programming languages that was ever invented, Cobol. This language will not run unless it is perfect and once it is perfect it does not make mistakes. It was not used more, because it took a lot of man hours to debug it in order for it to run a program and companies did not want to pay for the man hours so less structured languages were used that will run even if they have a few bugs.
Well, this little incident was one of those bugs that the programmers missed when they coded in the programming for the verifying screen and the program ran anyway. So what we have here folks is voting machines that have been programmed to convert a straight Democrat ticket to a straight Republican ticket. That is one command key and there could possibly be more command keys with other tasks to cheat the voters out of their votes.
What I am saying to you, all of you, Republicans and Democrats alike. If you do not demand that these machines be analyzed by outside sources and proven to be clean voting machines than you have lost your FREEDOM on November the 2nd, 2004 and forever, and you will never get it back without blood shed and maybe not then.
Concerned American, who does not want to lose her freedom.
From John Farr - UK
Jesus H. Christ...How could you do it again???
Another 4 years of that total bastard. I'm a Brit and we have a natural afinity with America
but I just cannot believe you would willingly elect the Oil Mafia again. I guess you have your eyes on Syria next. Won't be a 'coalition' this time.
Brother...What's the matter with you? Saddens me to see you this way.

From Terry Anderson
I will fly the flag upside down on my car and in front of my house.
This country just went into total distress.
From Matt
I am appalled...and sick to my stomach right now. How could Bush have possibly won this election? No one that I know voted for him because he's a tyrant, an imbecile, a fool, and a murderer. He's sacrificing our men and women overseas, not in the name of a "War on Terror", but in the name of "Oil Profits". He either allowed, or had a hand in September 11th, to create a case for furthering his agendas.
Voting Killsas it will soon prove. Anyone who voted for Bush is guilty and will be guilty ten fold for the things that we are about to face in the coming four years.
This election was a farce to begin with. Bush and Kerry are cousins, of the same bloodline, belong to Skull and Bones, each of them have something to gain out of this. And here's an interesting theory for you. What if Kerry never intended to win? What if Kerry was a cover patsy, just so it appeared that Bush had opposition, JUST to keep the Sheople of America in check, leading them to believe that their votes actually counted for something. Bush was destined to win, and by his own hand.
How can you lose when you own most of the companies, or have a hand in them, that make the E-Voting Machines? Machines that provide no Audit Trail, made by Companies that fought tooth and nail in the courts to keep an Audit Trail a dead issue for these devices. The only reason anyone would NOT want an Audit Trail is if they had something to hide. It is a sad day in America. Comparably sad to September 11th. We've just had another Terrorist attack, and it's a 4 year bomb called George W. Bush.
To all of those that have adopted stupidity as their way of life, for those that voted to drop this bomb on us again, you're going to get what you deserve when you're little mistake backfires on you. You play with fire, you get burnt. And Bush is all about Burning. No pun intended. He'll see to it that the rest of our rights are revoked, and he'll see to it that the world is at complete war. If you don't think it's possible that he can do so much in four years, why don't you take a step back and look at the last fucking four years that you people imposed on us. And if you can't see the damage he's done, then stab your eyes out, because they're obviously useless to you.
From Matthew Rosiere
Bush will win the Presidency, it is inevitable, because he has those that control the counts in his pocket, either for money, or for fear of death.
I did not register to vote, because there was no point in voting. You all knew this as well as I. Especially after the 2000 Election. What the 2000 Election should have embedded in everyones' minds is that Joe Public's voice doesn't matter, and never will, unless we stand up and fight to ensure that it does. And not only for us, but for our future generations, if we last that long. Honestly, I don't think this country is going to last another four years.
There is no way in Hell that Bush received that many votes for this Election. And if he did, then those who voted for him are complicit in the murder of thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children, and for no other reason than to steal what they have, and what he wants. And you're guilty for the murder of our own men, women, and children that are being sent over seas at the command of an insane tyrant. An insane tyrant that you're allowing to rule. You think about that. What will you have to say on your judgment day? "God, I just wanted cheaper gas."? I don't think he's going to like that answer.
And if you think that our government can control the price of oil, you're dead wrong. The only control they have over the prices of gasoline is the ability to increase it. Price gouging. You wait until the winner is announced. Gas prices will double. And just what are you going to do about it? Most likely nothing. You'll bend over and take it in the ass like a good little sheep to it's shepherd.
This election was rigged, plain and simple. Think about this. E-Voting. Why were these companies fighting to keep an audit trail out of the equation? You don't fight so hard unless you have something to fight for, or well, in this case, something to hide.
If you have a child or a love one close by, you look into their eyes right now, and you tell them that you're sorry. You tell them that you're sorry you've killed them. You might as well do it now, because when the bright flash comes, and everything you know is reduced to ash in an instant, you'll never get the chance to apologize for your complicity in what just happened to them. By allowing Bush to steal office for another 4 years, you've all, in essence guaranteed your deaths. The world will not tolerate Nazi America for another 4 years. And Nazis are what we have become
Dedicated to the Right to Free Will,




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