Iraqi Physican Confirms
US Chem Weapons
Use In Fallujah

By Omar al-Faris - JUS
Jihad Unspun
Anger that is seething throughout Iraq and the world over the assault on Fallujah turned to rage yesterday as an Iraqi physician came forward to confirm reports of the use of banned chemical weapons in Fallujah. Speaking on the condition of anonymity to the Panorama radio station, the physician said he had just examined two dead bodies and confirmed that the victims died of banned chemical weapons. The physician found no evidence of bullet wounds, shrapnel, or any objects penetrating the bodies.
It is worth noting that Mufkarat al-Islam was the first to alert readers to the use of chemical weapons by American occupying force on 11/11/2004. Since that time there have been several reports that US occupation troops has resorted to using chemical but none that could be independently verified.
34 Victims Of Banned Chemical Weapons Buried In Fallujah
It is also interesting how concerned the American occupying forces were about burying the bodies that lay on the outskirts of the Jowlan neighborhood for burial in Al-Saqlawiah, with many mainstream reports that the occupiers where "cleaning up the dead. Now we have the answer.
Local citizens who came to retrieve their lost ones were frisked to make sure that none of them brought cameras to document the crime using chemical weapons. American occupiers also insisted on accompanying those citizens from the moment of removing the bodies up until the final burial. 20 bodies including two women and a child were removed on Monday, 14 more on Tuesday. Mufkarat al-Islam correspondent confirmed that the dead bodies were swollen, yellow colored, and had no smell. A number of citizens requested permission to go inside Jowlan neighborhood to remove the dead but they were told (through an interpreter) that Americans cannot go with them because they do not control that area inside. A woman fleeing the war torn zone informed Mufkarat al-Islam,s correspondent that she witnessed Americans putting bodies in black plastic bags and dumping them in the river.
Observers agree on one thing- Americans decided to use chemical weapons after they failed to defeat the Mujahideen in Fallujah both a cowardly and inhumane act. The Mujahideen inflicted heavy losses on the US forces in al-Fallujah prompting the Americans to employ chemical weapons for the first time since the fall of Baghdad. Reports have been received that US forces used chemical weapons in the al-Jawlan, ash-Shuhada,, and al-Jubayl neighborhoods and again last night in al-Jubayl neighborhood.
Is this how intends to deal with the rest of the Sunni heartland?



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