A Trip To The Stupormarket

By Judy Andreas
Another day in paradise. I awaken early in an effort to carpe diem. The election is over and it is time to turn my attention to the more mundane aspects of my
Preparing to leave my domicile, I could brush my teeth with fluoride, rinse with cryptosporidium, have a bowl of cereal with a huge glass of cow secretions, throw my cell phone in my bag and head out to the supermarket. However, I am making the supreme effort to stay alive for another day. A gust of poor air quality slaps my face, as I open the front door.
Necessity has caught me in a trap.. There is no food in the house and the only 24 hour store is the A&P. At least it is early morning, a time when I am alone with the checkout people. There is no romantic motive, though the object is "in and out"
Why do supermarkets greet you with their produce? Do they think that the pink tomatoes and the white lettuce will lure you further into the maelstrom of malnutrition?
The organic section is looking pretty wilted. With the economy so dire, people do not feel like spending the extra money on organic produce. Of course, I am assuming we are truly getting "organic" and not just getting "day old regular" hiding behind organic labels.
I march determinedly past the soda bottles. Being a coke head, I muster up every bit of will that I have. It's hardly enough to fill a glass. My will needs an attorney.
Ah....look at all those sweets. No.......don't look. A morning pastry would put a smile on my face and, eventually, remove it ...right after it removed my teeth.
I note the TV dinners....... America's great convenience. Actually, it is the perfect combination.......poisoning your mind while you poison your body.
Is there nothing edible in this edifice?
The local A&P has installed new check out counters. They are completely done by computers and save time for the busy shopper, while saving the Supermarket the expense of hiring flesh and blood. No......the "flesh and blood" is reserved for the meat section.
Ah...... the meat section. It is a veritable feast for the eyes. (of a cannibal, that is). The little packages with the peering slabs of flesh and the toxic plastic wrappings are stacked so neatly.
I can almost hear the chickens crying "foul" as they lie on their backs with their salmonella just below the radar blip. This fowl, who spent his life cooped up in a prison, shot full of hormones and antibiotics, never flew. Of course, chickens cannot fly, but, now, I suspect, the corpse is soaring with the bird flu.
The cow is treated with equal disrespect. Cows are given ground up animals to feed on . It's all part of the bottom line. Offer this tasty blend to old Bossy and watch her walk away in disgust. Sorry, but she will not smack her lips and moo contentedly.
Experts say that mad cow disease is more prevalent than the populace knows. It was close to four years ago that an article appeared in Newsweek about Europe's beef scare, by Scott Johnson and William Underhill.
"At first, Arnaud Eboli's parents blamed his crying spells and screaming arguments on a tough bout of adolescence. Their 17-year-old had always been a normal boy, athletic and smart, fond of hanging out with his friends, practicing martial-arts moves and feasting on fast-food burgers in the suburbs of Paris. But by September 1998 the outbursts had gotten so bad the Ebolis took him to a psychiatrist, hoping therapy would help. It didn't. The crying jags got worse. Arnaud grew clumsy and forgetful. "I'm going crazy!" he would howl at his mother, Dominique. "I have mad-cow disease!"
Has anyone ever seen what takes place in a slaughter house? From what I've read, if you had, you would join me in vegetarianism.
You may be aware of the formal complaint by the Washington State Attorney General's Office detailing graphic allegations of inhumane conditions at an IBP slaughterhouse. Filed with the complaint were 17 affidavits from IBP slaughterhouse workers describing routine instances of inhumane slaughter in clear violation of federal and state humane-slaughter regulations. (humane-slaughter regulations? Does that sound oxymoronic?) Workers alleged "excessive and cruel use of electric prods to speed cows through a fast-paced slaughter process that often does not allow for proper stunning of the animals." According to the affidavits, cows are still fully conscious while having their throats slit and being dismembered. A videotape taken at IBP showed this to be the case. Washington Governor Gary Locke reaffirmed the seriousness of the charges and demanded an investigation into the matter by federal, state, and local authorities. I won't hold my breath.
Aside from pure abject cruelty to animals, nibbling on that current carcass is cruelty to your own body......your holy temple. Holy Cow...
The cows are rebelling, but when will humans reach the same level of dissatisfaction? When will they stop eating garbage masquerading as food? Processed, preserved, packaged and presented, the food in the supermarket lacks one thing....nutritional value. Hey Dude, where are my enzymes?
People are in a rush. (with both sides of their brain tied behind their back) If you ask me, and you seldom do, they are rushing towards an early grave. Sprinting through the automatic scanners, they take their faux food home and pop it in the microwave for the final assault. And now, a sumptuous repast in front of the television set. Bon appetite.
I leave the supermarket with my bag brimming with empty space, as well as toilet paper and water. "Dinner at the Andreas home"
The election is over but the insanity continues.
Copyright 2004 Judy Andreas



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