Stupid People Love Bush
New Study Shows Correlation Between
Decline Of IQ And Rise Of GOP

By Will Durst
"Stupid people love Bush" new study proves According to the prestigious Southern California think tank, The Gluton Group, stupid people prefer President George W Bush over Senator John Kerry by a 4-to-1 margin. As Chief Resident Dr. Louis Friend characterized the results of the research, "the less intelligent you are, the more you like Bush." This landmark study, conducted over a 5 month period, involved 2400 likely voters bridging all economic stratas in the 17 states generally considered up for grabs on November 2nd. Participants were tested for intelligence, then asked to fill out a 12 page series of questions involving the Presidential candidates with results released earlier this week.
The consensus: the higher the IQ, the less people trust Bush and respect the job his administration has done. The lower the IQ, the more people admire his steadfastness. "It was pretty much a slam dunk. There's no nice way to say this. Dumb people like him. They think his unwavering nature is a positive personality trait. They even venerate him for never admitting mistakes, even when he's wrong. On the other hand, smart people think he's a lying bully. I mean, c'mon, you have a deserter accusing a decorated veteran of treason. Who's going to buy that besides stupid people?"
Preliminary results:
IQ Above 140: Kerry 80%, Bush 20%.
120-140: Kerry 65%, Bush 35%.
100-120: Kerry 54%, Bush 46%.
80-100: Bush 54%, Kerry 46%.
60-80: Bush 60%, Kerry 15%, Dale Earnhardt Jr. 25%.
Apparently, Bush's good-evil, black-white philosophy resonates on an inverse relationship with higher education, whereas it became evident over the period of analysis that John Kerry's nuanced arguments are only understood by people who paid attention in any class above the 5th grade.
Doctor Friend elaborated: "It has to do with intellectual curiosity. Folks see Bush in front of a stream talking about the environment and they assume he's in favor of it, even though if you read his legislation, I'd be surprised to hear him endorse shade. This also explains why Bush gets away with pretending he doesn't know how the Senate works, allowing him to call Kerry a flip-flopper."
Friend released evidence that this type of disconnect exists across the board: education, foreign policy, the economy, post 9-11 security response and State Dinner entertainment choices. Also discovered was a direct correlation between the number of preset Country Western stations on car radios and Bush's approval rating. Dr. Friend attributes this phenomena to the simplicity inherent in the messages indigenous to both. Classical music listeners were preponderantly Kerry supporters, but surprisingly, on heavy metal, the two split down the middle.
Spotting a trend, Friend cautioned, "Because of the deterioration in public education, larger and larger segments of the population are creeping downward IQ-wise, cementing the hold Republicans have on the electorate." However, if the election were held today, Bush would hold a lead of 52-48 in the popular vote, but would be virtually tied in the Electoral College, which Bush supporters argue against because the word College angers them. When contacted, a Kerry spokesman just chuckled. No Bush spokesperson was made available for comment. It was also found that Ralph Nader supporters were the brightest of all political proponents tested, but Dr. Friend dismissed them as "too smart for their own good."
In a related study, smart people prefer baseball because the pace is such that there is time to read.
From Jim Mortellaro
WOW...Signal! Stupid people love Bush! Gosh. And me with an IQ in the above 150 range. Well, I suppose Intelligence Quotient and Intelligencia ain't what they used to be.
OK, here we have it, in black and white. Actually it's in black and a sort of mauve on Rense.Com, but who cares, right? Truth is truth. And to quote a former intelligent Basball Player of noted renown and goodly averages, "Baseball bin berry, berry good to me!"
And the opposition, the Democrat opposition, must needs be the most intelligent politician ever. A decorated veteran of Nam. Where he won three purple hearts in three months. That's bravery. Of course, not one of those purple hearts required more than a bandaid. One even ... was awarded for a gluteous maximus ruined forever by rice. Damned good thing the rice was cooked too or the man would never be able to sit without a donut.
And speaking of donuts, the Fraternal Order of Police is supporting Dubya. As is the Military. (Thank you all for your service).
Now back to the bush. Bush, sorry. Here we have a man who was so stupid (How stupid was he?) ... he was so stupid that he went and liberated two countries each of which has never had a democratic government. And now one does, the other following. Sure, lookit all the people killed. So what? Who cares? What's in it for U.S.?
I heard a story the other day. I am told by a reliable white horse souse that it's true. Some woman whose name is ... uh ... Biliary or something, is going to run for president. She's starting a new chain of restaurants which will be called, "Lickin Chicken," which will be selling two fat thighs, two small breasts and a left wing.
This to raise money for her candida. Candidacy. Candidacey. Whatever. But then, people with high I.Q.'s can;t speel. Rite?
It is consumed. And I am consumated.



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