Screen Shots Show CNN
Changed Exit Poll Data!

SoCalDemocrat (xxx posts)
Wed Nov-03-04 02:44 AM
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78. Proof CNN is tampering with the election to cover the fraud
Edited on Wed Nov-03-04 02:46 AM by SoCalDemocrat
I ran CNN's own numbers. It's impossible. Between the two screen shots below, exactly 57 more persons were polled. If every single one of them were female, and every single one of them voted for Bush, that would account for a 2.3% increase in the exit polling results for female voters. However, CNN shows a 6% increase for Female voters supporting Bush.
CNN has altered other exit polling data since I began tracking it and compiling evidence against the EVoting machines.
Thanks to DU member EarlG for grabbing these screen shots!



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