Who Are The Christian
Zionists In America?

The Christian Zionists in America are those who deny the name of Jesus Christ in their "absolute and unconditional support" in their belief that the tribe of Judah is Gods chosen people among all humanity.
Christian Zionism is a cult movement in that its absolute and unconditional idolatry of "the Jews" in Israel carries a death penalty for all other humans except the Jews. As a "death cult", the Christian Zionist movement does not offer an excuse for its racism and discrimination among people of the world as it's focus of life is to the Jews only. Thus you will see no protest when Israeli's openly kill innocent Palestinian Islamics, Palestinian Jews, or Palestinian Christians. The mindset of the American Christian Zionist is focused totally on what it envisions as "the Jews" in Israel, and these as portrayed on United States national TV.
The majority of American Christian Zionists reside in the Southern United States. The majority of these Christian Zionists are at or below poverty level and uneducated in public schools and the higher educational interests of religion. The majority of Christian Zionists are easily led to follow the Judeo religious politics of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Hal Lindsey. Expecting the world to end at any moment, the American Christian Zionist is ever-ready to cast his Armageddon flag of patriotism against any who should question his vision of a new world order.
Always at the top of the list as enemies of these "Judeo/Christians" in their death cult movement are the Arabs and Islamic peoples. These the Christian Zionists have determined not fit enough to share the earth with "the Jews" of the Middle East. You will often hear the hatefully prosed remark of "the Palestinians should go live with the Arabs because God gave the land of Israel to the Jews". Nothing could be farther from the truth but to investigate the truth of tribal possession is flatly snubbed by the Christian Zionists in their zeal to empower the Jews against the Palestinians and Arabs.
In this zeal of patriotism is seen how willingly the Christian Zionists are in their readiness to physically kill Arabs and Muslim people. The Christian Zionists have been taught since birth to hate who the Jews hate and to kill who the Jews want killed. The hatred is deep and outspoken, especially in some of the "highly empowered" churches in the South. Just the thought of a Muslim coming into the same space of "Southern Pride" sends pockets emptying each and every Sunday morning as heads bob up and down to the tune of "Arafat, get out, that is not your land, for God gave THAT land to the Jews". Somehow the idea plays upon the strategy as keeping the Arabs and Muslims out of Israel also keeps them out of the "Right Wing South".
Many Christian Zionists leaders such as Falwell, Robertson and Lindsey will deny this death cult mentality they have birthed and cherished throughout their careers in their evangelical "on stage" palaces, but none the less the evidence is out in the open for anyone with half a brain to see and judge for themselves.
What is the aim of the Christian Zionists? The aim of the Christian Zionists movement is to conform itself to the body of Judaism so much so that the Christian Zionist movement will become a totally acceptable form of Judaism. Within this incorporation of itself into Judaism is the "natural acceptance" of Jesus Christ by the Jews as their savior, Lord and God. The completeness of God is seen in the combination of "Judeo/Christian" although acceptance in recognition of Jesus is no longer the driving force but the "ingredient" that sits on the table as salt to cure the wound. Jesus is there if the Jews want him and there even if they don't.
This satisfies the desire of the Christian Zionist in his new zeal to "save" the Jews for Christ; for the Christian Zionist today is more concerned with himself being accepted and approved by the hiarchy of Jewish traditionalists as evidenced by and how Christian Zionists envision their "personal" relationship with Ariel Sharon, Nutenyuhoo, and Perez. The Christian Zionist seeks "brotherhood" with these Jewish leaders of Judaism and such a brotherhood is envisioned as a most highly prized and "seized" accomplishment among the Christian Zionist evangelicals such as Falwell, Lindsey and Robertson. Thus you will hear a consistent worshipful praise to those leaders of Judaism from the Christian Zionists.
Will the Christian Zionists be accepted by the hiarchy of Judaism or will this fanatism from the Christian Zionists eventually die out from overt hypocrisy? Can a Christian be a Jew or a Jew be a Christian?
Why have the Falwells, Lindseys and Robertsons held such considerable influence in leading the belief of an apocalyptic doom for mankind?
Until the internet and the ability for Christians to investigate, debate and question biblical things, there was little to no information available to the average person who was interested to learn truth. Today as more people are beginning to question, debate, and discredit the "Armageddon Theologists" in their error of biblical interpretations, where will all this lead? To more imaginations or reality? To a strengthening of ethics. morals, and character of humans or to a downhill dispair?
Where is hope?



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