Nobody's In
By Judy Andreas
With all that election stuff, I could hardly get my Laci Peterson update. What's the matter with the American people?
Today at work was so somber you'd think someone had died. Nobody died. Nobody won the election. Two nobodies were running and one nobody got in.
Occasionally somebody passed me in the hall wearing a smile. A smile was akin to a Bush/Cheney button. One women brought in food for a party. (or maybe it was a wake)
On November 22, 1963, the music died. On November 2, 2004, everything else died.
Why are the Kerry supporters so grim? Did they really believe that he would get elected, fall asleep and be visited by three Spirits, as in A Christmas Carol. And then, upon awakening, he would pull our troops out of Iraq, hold a serious investigation of 911, arrest and convict Bush and Company, institute social programs to help all Americans and have holiday dinner with Tiny Tim?
Sorry folks, it's business as usual in the Land of Oz. We were tossed two Bones and the coccyx won. I do not need a John Edwards, the psychic, that is, to tell me that he saw a W smirking in Washington for four more years. I do not need a Sylvia Browne to tell me that things are going to go from worse to intolerable. I do not need a James Von Prague to say that he sees a Draft in the future of our future generations. The only thing that I do need is a passport. Anybody know how to remove RFID's?.
Supposedly the issue that pushed Bush back onto his throne was morality. People want a more moral country. Morality? Morality? I realize that the President is riveted to My Pet Goat but perhaps I could interest him in some other pictures. The Internet is rife with pictures of deformed babies in Iraq. Morality? Pass me my pet dictionary.
Support our troops.........the yellow ribbons adorn the trees, the cars, the mailboxes. Inject them with poison, send them into a land to breathe depleted uranium, close their hospitals and cut their benefits. And when they come home, if they come home, tell them that their radioactive reproductive organs are merely post traumatic stress syndrome.
I heard the acceptance speech on the radio. The lack of visuals was no lack at all. If I want to see a smirk, I will go visit my ex husband.
Perhaps the duct tape we bought following 911 will come in handy after all. We can place it over our mouths. Then we will not say anything that might violate our unconstitutional wrongs.
Mourning did not go away at noon today. Mourning has broken, just ask Cat Stevens. It's broken and there's nobody to fix it. Nobody is listening. Nobody cares.
Copyright 2004 Judy Andreas
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