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From Jim Kirwan
What I know about the design of the illuminati's plan has to do with many things, beyond the pure politics of it all.
For instance the way to approach these determined controllers is through the arts, and not by trying to beat them in those arena's where they hold total sway at the moment, (that would be the mainline media, traditional political forums, or though normal channels of complaint).
There are elements here of the Glass Bead Game, of Chess, and of something that I designed called "Z." The Glass Bead Game involves intuition and inner-blendings of several trains of thought and modes of expression that tend to wrap themselves around solitary ideas, and make from these wondrous and complex sounds that take the mind and the imagination to new heights - the Illuminati use the same modality's to capture and kill the populace, while creating new sources of power and wealth for themselves on every curve, and at every turn of events.For instance most Americans do not see how the Controllers are using the world-wide "terra" wars to shift power and assets all over the earth - it's never been just about our elections. It's about fashioning the best arrangement to both protect their long term interests, in terms of control of all the resources, while corralling the people into evermore docile positions of dependency, whether they be the population of Switzerland or Tashkent, North Dakota: It's all the same to them.
In chess, one of their favorite templates, they aggressively pursue the "game" as though the edges of their board were real, and not merely the natural boundaries of a board game.
Chess has often been cited as "The Game of Games," an imitation of life, especially of military life. Nothing could be further from the truth, look at what they consider to be military expertise, and there you have proof of their short-sightedness, as well as their almost complete inability to plan - anything.
Where they are the weakest, concerns all things within the expressive world, writing, images, music, and the theater. People are far more complex than many ever guess they are - and that is our true strength when dealing with something as overarching and truly evil, as the controllers are.This comes out when one sees how little credit is given to "ordinary people" by the planners and schemers worldwide. Our own mini-controller, Karl Rove for instance, is hopelessly addicted to painting people into the sheep-pens of his own design, wherein all of us are nothing more than a bunch of "useless Eaters" - and that is seriously short-sighted. True he's tweaked this morality play with some minor traps, and a whole lot of bureaucratic overkill - flavored with the Evangelistas, but none of that is intended to do very much in the end - it's all just part of the facade.
The light show of the alert stages, has already been outted for the farce that it always was - but what is often overlooked is that all our troops are committed overseas. they can't call out the national guard - because they are no longer here. This leaves them short when it comes to serious military backup, should anything unusual actually happen. Same thing is true for all the grandiose scary plans of continued wars - we have no money (soon we'll have much less) and we have no more troops to commit = we're beginning to sound and act like the paper tiger that we are. Yet this too (our over-extensions, and our bankruptcy) are all a part of the overall plan of the controllers.
Some of the 'other planners' are making similar mistakes in some of the other nations that are every bit as much at play right now, as we. The Russian, the Chinese, and the three Stan's for instance, are also pursuing their own special purpose (under one pact) to put a monkey-wrench into our system. The same is true of several other national-international groupings that have been created specifically to gum up the designs of our would-be Dictators. (money, oil, water, and military) And all of this is a part of their plan - they who have laid out this destructively brilliant scheme to steal the world, and get away with it.
Several years back I designed a board game that is essentially chess for 4 in the round. The point and purpose of this board is to skew those centuries of tradition that surround the world of chess. It is impossible to pre-plan ones moves (in Z) when two other players are playing though you and your opposite opponent. I designed this so that the players would have to talk to one another, form alliances etc. The controllers are using the exact same type of approach to confound a world that is stuck in the square world of traditional moves and traditional thinking. The difference is that the world in the round is as foreign to them, as the square traditional world is to us.
In Z, one can get behind one's opponent, the range of space is far larger, and each player is vulnerable from many different perspectives (today's modern warfare). In chess, every move by either player can be choreographed, pre-planned (Pentagon thinking), In the world of heavy inner-city resistance, Pentagon thinking is useless - see Vietnam, the failed war. My point is that what people must begin to do now is leave the chessboards of tradition behind them and begin to truly think in the round - the actualities of what is available and what is not - in a series of conflicts that may not involve the military, as much as it involves the control of the issues of each and every day. Because whoever controls the topics, controls the agenda - and they will fight furiously to hold onto that edge, regardless of whatever else is going on.
We need to learn how to use that addiction (in fact all their addictions) against them - just as they have used our inattention and our self-absorption against us. In other parts of the world the controllers have used the particulars of desire in each case, (oil, food, water, munitions) against those who want to profit from the chaos, both now and later - those people too need to begin to think on multiple levels if they are to be able to subvert this challenge that consists of "all the marbles," not to mention all else, that's truly worth living for.
I know this 'explains' very little, but I wanted to put it down on paper while I was thinking about your last note - maybe there are some things in here that will ring a bell - I hope so!



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