Mujahideen Claim
Heavy US Losses
Fallujah Calls For Media To Drop Lies

By Omar al-Faris - JUS
Jihad Unspun
Mujahideen spokesman, Abu Saad Al-Delaimy: "America is having a news media crisis: If they control 90% or more of Fallujah as they allege, I challenge them to allow world news satellite media to see for themselves."
Mujahideen Advisory Council's official spokesman, Abu Saad Al-Delaimy insisted that the American military standing in Fallujah has remained unchanged for three days in a row, contrary to American allegations.
In a telephone interview with Al-Jazeera, Abu Saad indicated that American occupiers could not yet come near Al-Golan area, their presence and control is limited to some main streets and is constantly supported by aerial bombardment. "If by 'pockets of resistance' Americans mean: Al-Askari, Al-Shuhada, Industry, Al-Ghughaifi, Al-Wahda, and the Al-Jumhoriah areas, all those neighborhoods are inside Fallujah and not outside, so, how are they 'controlling' Fallujah?"
"The Americans have prematurely announced the conclusion of their operation in Fallujah and by doing so, they have created a news media crisis for themselves because they are still being hammered from inside by the Mujahideen, and they are under siege and face constant rockets and mortar shelling from outside. They are having a major credibility issue here," said Abu Saad.
Abu Saad also described American allegations of killing 1000 Mujahideen as totally false. He said only 100 Mujahideen have been martyred, and the rest are civilian residents of Fallujah.
Written Statement Received
In a written communiqué received by Mafkarat al-Islam late on Sunday night, the Consultative Council of the Mujahideen of Fallujah described the nature of the powerful explosion that rocked part of the city around sunset Sunday. The blast was the result of an Ababil rocket fired by the Resistance at the Hajji Dahham Ice Factory in the industrial zone of the city. The explosion destroyed a number of American tanks and armored vehicles
The communiqué also refuted claims that some sort of negotiations had begun with the US occupation forces. It also discounted claims that a cease-fire with the occupation troops was a possibility. No such thing could take place so long as the US operations around the environs of the city were continuing.
The communiqué also stated that there was no truth in the statements made by some people speaking on behalf of the city's residents concerning the situation in the city. It stressed that there were no American tanks in any of Fallujah's streets other than a small number that are encircled on some streets. The US presence on the main streets in the city consists only of American snipers in specific locations on ath-Tharthar Street. The morale of the Mujahideen in Fallujah is at its highest possible level. "The American strike," the communiqué said, "has only increased us in firmness, defiance, and resilience in the path of Truth."
The Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent in Fallujah reported that on Sunday the city experienced relative calm, as fighting between the invaders and the Resistance was on a very limited scale.
Mujahideen Council Releases Casualty Numbers
The office of Mafkarat al-Islam in Fallujah has received a communiqué issued by the Advisory Council of Fallujah Mujahideen detailing the results of battles in the city. Below is a run down on enemy casualties in personnel and war equipment:
400 Americans
140 Allawi Army
136 Americans
15 Brits
123 Allawi Army
Military Equipment:
2 Copters
11 F-16
1 Chinook
5 Reconnaissance plane
7 Abrahams Tanks
In addition to specific numbers listed above, Mujahideen have destroyed a large number of tanks and other mechanized vehicle. It is also worth noting that a Chinook aircraft carries 60 soldiers.
There appears to be discrepancy between numbers of casualties listed in this communiqué and numbers circulated by different Mujahideen units. Observers attributed the discrepancy to poor communications of news reporting from different units as opposed to very well co-ordinated military communications. Observers expressed surprise about the low (conservative) number of soldiers killed, especially in light of known operations. For example, the attack on the ice factory, which was described by many as similar to a small nuclear bomb had to have destroyed a large number of tanks and other vehicles and with that goes a large number of soldiers as well. Knowing how many soldiers are normally on board a tank in combat operation, one can use simple arithmetic to figure out the number of personnel killed, which will equate to a much higher number than that listed above. (JUS)
Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice, contributed to this report.



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