Mad Cow Censorship
In Amerika

By Robert Cohen
Why do Americans need to be protected from truth by government censors? The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has found another case of Mad Cow Disease.
USDA is carefully guarding all details of the cow, including where the animal is from, but it can now be revealed that America's newest Mad Cow hails from the Sooner state, Oklahoma. It had to happen sooner or later.
"Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain And the waving wheat can sure smell sweet While a mad cow dances in the rain. Oklahoma, Every night my honey lamb and I Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk While a mad cow sleeps in a pig's sty."
Government regulators are now doing damage control, despite the fact that two rounds of testing have already confirmed that the animal tested positive. What is USDA's official position? The claim is that first two rounds of testing are "inconclusive."
A third round of testing is now ongoing at USDA's laboratory in Ames, Iowa. Odds are that USDA will either lose the carcass, as they did before, or incinerate the evidence, and then claim that the animal tested negative. In other words, their position will be that beef eaters have nothing to fear, but fear itself.
A few days before November's presidential election, Ann Veneman, the Secretary of Agriculture, announced that she expected to remain in her post. Do you find it curious that she announced her forced resignation (W's cabinet cleansing) during the onset of this new Mad Cow incident?
USDA refuses to reveal where the latest case of Mad Cow Disease occurred. Do consumers have a right to know, or is this another freedom lost to a new world order in which the health of citizens is now subordinated to commerical interests?
USDA also refuses to announce the age of the animal, or even the symptoms suffered by this infected cow before her body became quarantined. Do we not have a right to this information?
How safe can we feel after USDA announced that the carcass did not enter the food or feed supply? What about other cows sharing the farm with this infected creature? What about consumers drinking body fluids from infected animals or eating their flesh? Would not caution be USDA's best policy? Instead, Americans are fed lies and deceit.
Meanwhile, back at the commodities exchange, insiders are trading on insider information. They know the truth. This is the real thing. Cattle futures triggered stop-trading-orders after reaching the daily limit of a 3-cent per pound decline. Feed corn futures also tumbled in anticipated fear of decreased demand for meat. McDonald's and Wendy's stock prices are also trading lower, but fear not. We've seen this happen before. Although the animal had Mad Cow Disease, USDA will most likely let us know that all is safe. Uh, huh. Lies, lies, and more lies from the agency whose mission it is to protect meat producers, not American citizens.
Ask yourself this question. Do you imagine that it really takes two weeks to confirm a case of Mad Cow Disease? Patricia Merz first identified that scrapie fibril which Stanley Prussiner called a Prion, winning a Nobel prize for her efforts. Either Prussiner or Merz could run the test in ten minutes. So too can researchers immediately identify a Mad Cow in European laboratories.
American bureaucrats have much damage control to perform before releasing their new big lie. Do too many people know the truth this time around? I predict that meat producers will be giving thanks in just a few days, and all of America will celebrate by eating big stuffed birds.



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