Ex FBI/CIA Agents Ready To
Blow Bush 911 Cover Story
A Conservative Christian Republican Says
Listen To Whistleblower Sibel D. Edmonds

By Karl W. B. Schwarz
Online Journal Contributing Writer
The following is an open letter to Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General for the State of New York and William Casey, Chief Investigator for the Attorney General?s Office. In fact, this was hand delivered to Mr. Spitzer's office before it was published as was a three-part expose I have written titled Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble. That three-part article will break soon and is in the hands of investigators at this time.
Sibel D. Edmonds was one of the many multilingual translators hired by our FBI to help track down terrorists and anticipate their next moves. At least, that was the plan and the purported "job description."
Once Sibel was working inside the FBI she uncovered something, tried to go public with it when Attorney General John Ashcroft and her FBI superiors would not, and the Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft team slapped a gag order on her so you could not hear what this lady has to say. What she has to say directly relates to 9-11 and it totally disputes the Bush Mythology they want Americans to believe.
So listen up, America. Here is what Sibel uncovered - she found "drug trafficking, money laundering, foreign names and American names directly involved in the financing of the 9-11 attacks on WTC (World Trade Center) and the Pentagon." It was not the Saudis, folks. Americans were involved and Bush does not want you to know that. That exposes the Bush Mythology as the lie that it is.
Some of the names on our list are also on the list that Sibel Edmonds knows and found inside the FBI. We came at the problem through telecom fraud, international securities fraud and kept finding trails that led to the Caspian Basin, Pakistan, and former BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce) scam artists. Some of you might remember BCCI and that many called it Bank of Crooks and Criminals International and did so for good cause.
There was something else "odd" about what Sibel Edmonds found. The facts did not surface out of counter-terrorism (Richard Clarke's group); they surfaced out of ongoing investigations by the FBI, some of which date back to 1998.
The following was sent to me and is appearing here with Sibel's permission. As an American citizen, you need to read it carefully, think, and understand that for the past 38 months you have been lied to by the Bush administration, the world has been lied to by the Bush administration, and that 9-11 happened for a reason that will soon be made known.
You also need to understand that the last thing the 9-11 Commission was looking for was The Truth. Eight of the ten 9-11 Commissioners have so many conflicts of interests, are directly or indirectly benefiting from Bush defense, homeland security and energy policies, they should have never been named to the 9-11 Commission. Their specialties on the 9-11 Commission were not the truth; they were "omission by intent" and "whitewashing."
You also need to come to grips with the fact that it is both sides of the aisle in Washington that are perpetuating this myth that they want all Americans and the rest of the world to believe. My next article will expose the conflicts of the eight 9-11 commissioners that should have barred them from even being considered for the job, much less accepting the appointments to be involved in a cover-up.
Here is the letter that Sibel D. Edmonds and 24 other former federal employees signed and are prepared to tell all to a grand jury. I have over 200 former federal employees, with some overlap on the signatories below, also willing to tell all to a grand jury.
Date: September 13, 2004
To The Congress of The United States:
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States ended its report stating that "We look forward to a national debate on the merits of what we have recommended, and we will participate vigorously in that debate." In this spirit, we the undersigned wish to bring to the attention of the Congress and the people of the United States what we believe are serious shortcomings in the report and its recommendations. We thus call upon Congress to refrain from narrow political considerations and to apply brakes to the race to implement the commission recommendations. It is not too late for Congress to break with the practice of limiting testimony to that from politicians and top-layer career bureaucrats-many with personal reputations to defend and institutional equities to protect. Instead, use this unique opportunity to introduce salutary reform, an opportunity that must not be squandered by politically driven haste.
Omission is one of the major flaws in the Commission's report. We are aware of significant issues and cases that were duly reported to the Commission by those of us with direct knowledge, but somehow escaped attention. Serious problems and shortcomings within government agencies likewise were reported to the Commission but were not included in the report. The report simply does not get at key problems within the intelligence, aviation security, and law enforcement communities. The omission of such serious and applicable issues and information by itself renders the report flawed, and casts doubt on the validity of many of its recommendations.
We believe that one of the primary purposes of the Commission was to establish accountability; that to do so is essential to understanding the failures that led to 9/11, and to prescribe needed changes. However, the Commission in its report holds no one accountable, stating instead "our aim has not been to assign individual blame." That is to play the political game, and it shows that the goal of achieving unanimity overrode one of the primary purposes of this Commission's establishment. When calling for accountability, we are referring not to quasi-innocent mistakes caused by "lack of imagination" or brought about by ordinary "human error." Rather, we refer to intentional actions or inaction by individuals responsible for our national security, actions or inaction dictated by motives other than the security of the people of the United States. The report deliberately ignores officials and civil servants who were, and still are, clearly negligent and/or derelict in their duties to the nation. If these individuals are protected rather than held accountable, the mindset that enabled 9/11 will persist, no matter how many layers of bureaucracy are added, and no matter how much money is poured into the agencies. Character counts. Personal integrity, courage, and professionalism make the difference. Only a commission bent on holding no one responsible and reaching unanimity could have missed that.
We understand, as do most Americans, that one of our greatest strengths in defending against terrorism is the dedication and resourcefulness of those individuals who work on the frontlines. Even before the Commission began its work, many honest and patriotic individuals from various agencies came forward with information and warnings regarding terrorism-related issues and serious problems within our intelligence and aviation security agencies. If it were not for these individuals, much of what we know today of significant issues and facts surrounding 9/11 would have remained in the dark. These "whistleblowers" were able to put the safety of the American people above their own careers and jobs, even though they had reason to suspect that the deck was stacked against them. Sadly, it was. Retaliation took many forms: some were ostracized; others were put under formal or informal gag orders; some were fired. The commission has neither acknowledged their contribution nor faced up to the urgent need to protect such patriots against retaliation by the many bureaucrats who tend to give absolute priority to saving face and protecting their own careers.
The Commission did emphasize that barriers to the flow of information were a primary cause for wasting opportunities to prevent the tragedy. But it skipped a basic truth. Secrecy enforced by repression threatens national security as much as bureaucratic turf fights. It sustains vulnerability to terrorism caused by government breakdowns. Reforms will be paper tigers without a safe channel for whistleblowers to keep them honest in practice. It is unrealistic to expect that government workers will defend the public, if they can't defend themselves. Courage is the exception, not the rule. Unfortunately, current whistleblower rights are a cruel trap and magnet for cynicism. The Whistleblower Protection Act has turned into an efficient way to finish whistleblowers off by endorsing termination. No government workers have access to jury trials like Congress enacted for corporate workers after the Enron/MCI debacles. Government workers need genuine, enforceable rights just as much to protect America's families, as corporate workers do to protect America's investments. It will take congressional leadership to fill this hole in the 9/11 Commission's recommendations.
The Commission, with its incomplete report of "facts and circumstances," intentional avoidance of assigning accountability, and disregard for the knowledge, expertise and experience of those who actually do the job, has now set about pressuring our Congress and our nation to hastily implement all its recommendations. While we do not intend to imply that all recommendations of this report are flawed, we assert that the Commission's list of recommendations does not include many urgently needed fixes, and further, we argue that some of their recommendations, such as the creation of an "intelligence czar," and haphazard increases in intelligence budgets, will lead to increases in the complexity and confusion of an already complex and highly bureaucratic system.
Congress has been hearing not only from the commissioners but from a bevy of other career politicians, very few of whom have worked in the intelligence community, and from top-layer bureaucrats, many with vested interests in saving face and avoiding accountability. Congress has not included the voices of the people working within the intelligence and broader national security communities who deal with the real issues and problems day-after-day and who possess the needed expertise and experience-in short, those who not only do the job but are conscientious enough to stick their necks out in pointing to the impediments they experience in trying to do it effectively.
We the undersigned, who have worked within various government agencies (FBI, CIA, FAA, DIA, Customs) responsible for national security and public safety, call upon you in Congress to include the voices of those with first-hand knowledge and expertise in the important issues at hand. We stand ready to do our part.
Costello, Edward J. Jr., Former Special Agent, Counterintelligence, FBI
Cole, John M., Former Veteran Intelligence Operations Specialist, FBI
Conrad, David "Mark," Retired Agent in Charge, Internal Affairs, U.S. Customs
Dew, Rosemary N., Former Supervisory Special
Agent, Counterterrorism & Counterintelligence, FBI
Dzakovic, Bogdan, Former Red Team Leader, FAA
Edmonds, Sibel D., Former Language Specialist, FBI
Elson, Steve, Retired Navy Seal & Former Special Agent, FAA & US Navy
Forbes, David, Aviation, Logistics and Govt.
Security Analysts, BoydForbes, Inc.,
Goodman, Melvin A., Former Senior Analyst/
Division Manager, CIA; Senior Fellow at the
Center for International Policy
Graf, Mark, Former Security Supervisor, Planner,
& Derivative Classifier, Department of Energy
Graham, Gilbert M., Retired Special Agent, Counterintelligence, FBI
Kleiman, Diane, Former Special Agent, US Customs
Kwiatkowski, Karen U., Lt. Col. USAF (ret.), Veteran Policy Analyst-DoD
Larkin, Lynne A., Former Operation Officer, CIA
MacMichael, David, Former Senior Estimates Officer, CIA
McGovern, Raymond L., Former Analyst, CIA
Pahle, Theodore J., Retired Senior Intelligence Officer, DIA
Sarshar, Behrooz, Retired Language Specialist, FBI
Sullivan, Brian F., Retired Special Agent & Risk Management Specialist, FAA
Tortorich, Larry J., Retired US Naval Officer, US
Navy & Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA
Turner, Jane A., Retired Special Agent, FBI
Vincent, John B., Retired Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI
Whitehurst, Dr. Fred, Retired Supervisory Special
Agent/Laboratory Forensic Examiner, FBI
Wright, Ann, Col. US Army (ret.); and Former Foreign Service officer
Zipoli, Matthew J., Special Response Team (SRT) Officer, DOE
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman
Pat Roberts & Vice Chairman John D. Rockefeller
Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Chairman Orrin
G. Hatch & Ranking Democratic Member Patrick Leahy
Senate Committee on Armed Services, Chairman John
Warner & Ranking Member Carl Levin
Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs,
Chairman Susan Collins & Ranking Member Joseph
House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence,
Chairman Porter J. Goss & Ranking Member Jane
House Committee on the Judiciary, Chairman F.
James Sensenbrenner, Jr. & Ranking Member John
House Armed Services Committee, Chairman Duncan
Hunter & Ranking Member Ike Skelton
House Committee on Government Reform, Chairman
Tom Davis & Ranking Member Henry A. Waxman
House Select Committee on Homeland Security,
Chairman Christopher Cox & Ranking Member Jim
Senator Charles Grassley
For the record, Congress has not made a move to address the foregoing.
As we are all witnessing right now, whistleblowers that would make the system stay honest are being strongly discouraged and even purged from federal employment. In a recent memo by new CIA Director Porter Goss, one of those involved in the 9-11 cover-up and one of the three persons (Senators Graham and Kyl, Congressman Goss) that Pakistan ISI head Lt.Col. Mahmood Ahmed was meeting with in Washington when 9-11 happened, issued this warning to CIA employees. Remember that it was this Pakistani lieutenant colonel that wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta shortly before 9-11.
Tue Nov 16 2004
Porter Goss, the new intelligence chief, has told Central Intelligence Agency employees that their job is to "support the administration and its policies in our work," a copy of the internal memorandum shows. The NEW YORK TIMES is planning to lead Wednesday's paper with the memo, newsroom sources tell DRUDGE.
"As agency employees we do not identify with, support or champion opposition to the administration or its policies," Goss said in the memorandum, which was circulated late on Monday. He said in the document that he was seeking "to clarify beyond doubt the rules of the road."
That, ladies and gentlemen, is "Controlling the Mythology" and silencing dissent so they can continue to operate our government above the law and in secret.
I do not have subpoena powers, but Eliot Spitzer does and some, if not all, of the above facts and sets of circumstances warrant being looked into. He is welcome to everything we have on 9-11 matters and the RICO investigations that led to the facts that are presented in my book.
The US Government has put their mythology on the table and apparently many (89 percent in the CNN poll) are not buying it. The foregoing has yet to be investigated and how the trails all started converging on 9-11 and NYC without having to guide them that way might be very telling.
Please sign the petition if you, too, demand the truth and justice regarding September 11, 2001. There is much truth to be found and we have a national capital that is full of people that have an aversion to the truth. It is time that we as American Citizens get to the bottom of what they fear so much and why they fear the truth.
It is time for all Americans to wake up.
Karl W. B. Schwarz lives in Little Rock, AR and is the author of "One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, a Conservative Republican Speaks Out." He is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC and I-nets Security Systems, a designer of intelligence and communications UAV systems. You can email him here.
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