Overthrow Of The American
Republic - Part 64
Buying And Selling The US Presidency

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Why should it seem so strange? That high office in America can be bought and sold. For more than forty years our court-reform group has amply demonstrated that important federal judgeships can be purchased.
To put it crudely, the U.S. Presidency can be procured, the same as getting an apartment for your mistress, or male or female whore.
The year 2000 U.S. Presidential Election was bought in Florida and on the U.S. Supreme Court. The scandal actually gets bigger these days, properly focussed on the five-Judge majority on the high court and how they were corrupted to arbitrarily install George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office.
Realists accept it. Know-nothings persistenly mouth off, "Aw, get on with life. Stop bringing THAT up."
Gore Vidal, the author, brought up an example one hundred years later, oddly enough reprinted and circulated in paperback in the Spring of 2000. It was entitled simply "1876". How was it that the year 2000 Election was a re-play of 1876, even also involving corruption in Florida and the high court and others? And 1876 had the same angle. That the duly elected President was simply NOT inaugurated. And 2000, like 1876, revolved around almost invisible State Electors chosen to select who, if anyone , gets the presidency by way of the final step, the Electoral College vote, a little understood provision of the U.S. Constitution to balance off small populated States with big ones.
So, in 2004, the winner needed to grab the popular vote of Ohio. And, under the "winner take all" provisions of the Electoral College vote, the successful candidate would acquire the final step, needed in 2004, the Electoral Vote of Ohio.
Tragically, in slavery, in the Jim Crow Laws, and even today, the blacks in America are sometimes the targets of brute force. For financial gain, using their bodies like machines, sending them away to illegal wars, to destroy their aspirations for a better life. Such as in Viet Nam, where making up 11 and one-half per cent of the American population, they made up 26 per cent of the casualties.
The program was simple and barbaric. "To Hell with the demands of the Blacks. No dough, they are not college-exempt. Ship them to the killing jungles of Viet Nam."
In April, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., perhaps knowingly, and prophetically, uttered his own Death Warrant. "I am going to Viet Nam, to tell black GIs they should stop killing yellow-skinned people in someone else's civil war." A year later, the American Secret Political Police, the FBI/CIA, closed up forever the mouth of the Black Messiah. Just like earlier they did to Malcolm X and others.
The winner in 2000, to gain the necessary plurality of Electoral College vote, needed Florida. Stealing votes for Bush was easy. Falsely declare black residents of Florida on a computer list, as "felons", not eligible to vote. In the black-dominated counties, give them broken down voting machines, simple to program to steal votes. Add to that a corrupted five-Judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, in Bush versus Gore, and you have yourself a "winner".
The Bush 2004 Election brain trust, some claim orxhesrated by the British Monarchy, computer-predicted Ohio was a necessary battleground. So, as critics dubbed him after the trick of the year 2000, "Bushfraud" campaigned again and again and again in Ohio. But there was trouble. How do you marginalize the Black Vote of Ohio tending to be for the Democrat Party?
In the hands of satanist cult freaks, iike Bonesman Daddy Bush, handler of Bonesman Junior, it is simple. Tie up the Ohio Blacks with provisional ballots. Contest their voter registrations.
So such ballots and related records, proof of who was really the winner of Ohio and hence, the Presidency, were shipped out of Ohio. In that other State, the proof was authenticated. And fellow Bonesman, John F. Kerry and his wife of convenience, Teresa Heinz, were informed. True, Kerry, nationwide, lost the popular vote. BUT, by way of Ohio he was nevertheless, the President-Elect.
Was there some provision of the 12th Amendment as modified by the 20th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that deals with such a situation? If Kerry were "persuaded" to admit he falsely conceded he "lost", would the choice then be thrown over to the House of Representatives, with each State getting one vote, as to who, if anyone, should be the President? bOr, as an alternative, what if the true circumstances were somehow to be widely publicized by others?
Buying a President-Elect to lie down and play dead is not that complicated. Certainly not to those in the Shining Gold Basements of Bribery.
Upon the downfall of the Soviets, arranged by the American CIA, the Soviet gold horde in large part was purloined. It ended up in Holland. From there, by devious means, it became the property jointly of the people of the U.S. and France. All told, it was 2845 metric tonnes of gold.
The U.S. General Accounting Office became aware the gold had disappeared, They repeatedly demanded, to no avail, that the Bush White House and the U.S. Treasury divulge at what location was the precious metal. The GAO warned the White House and the Treasury, that upon their repeated failure to answer, the GAO would not certify the audit of the U.S. Treasury.
The stand-off has consequences. Without a certified audit, the U.S. Treasury could be declared insolvent, a horrible situation for the commonfolk of America, made half-asleep, by the Boredoms of Education, loud music f---ing their brains, a controlling metronome on their hearts, the mass media delivering dumb-down not-dot-connected alleged news.
So Teresa Heinz reportedly received a warehouse receipt for a goodly portion of the gold, parked by the British near an airport in Switzerland. And John F, Kerry, secret President-Elect, falsely declared himself the loser of the year 2004 U.S. Presidential Election.
Realists point out, however, that Teresa could blackmail the Bush Crime Cartel and a few others with them, threatening to blow the whistle on the whole dirty business---UNLESS, and, on behalf of her husband of convenience, received yet a larger portion of gold.
Lawyers for proposed class action court suits on behalf of black voters of Ohio, inform us they know and believe from their own sources that the foregoing is true and correct. AND, that they may confront the GOP in court with all this or a substantial portion of this.
[For related details on the gold, check the website <> from 1999 on. Also, download recent internet radio programs of Cloak and Dagger <> ]
More coming. Stay tuned.
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