From A Fellow Earthling...

By Paul J. Burgess
©2004 All Rights Reserved
My name is Paul Burgess. I am a 35 year old writer, actor and entertainer from England. More importantly, I am simply a fellow earthling. I have always loved the US, always. Even more than I have loved my own country, the UK. It had been my hope that I would one day move to America and start my life afresh.
I still hold a lot of love and respect for the American spirit, but I no longer see that spirit in the country as a whole. It remains, from an outsider,s perspective, embedded in the people. Many of you still seem to feel it, show it and share it, but many of you no longer do any of these. It seems like too many millions have forgotten. Or have been made to forget. It absolutely breaks my heart. It also terrifies me. Literally.
So many people these days seem to be stuck on autopilot, that most dangerous of human conditions. Always do what is expected of you. Always trust the Government. Keep your head down, your eyes closed and your mouth shut! Never ask questions. Believe in God, or be labelled as Evil! Be heterosexual, and if you should happen to be female, be prepared to see a pregnancy through to a birth, no matter what! Be what we tell you to be. Do what we tell you to do. Work and pay your taxes. Consume, Spend, Procreate, Die!!!......Next!.....
What has happened to us? What has happened to the simple joy of living in this amazing world with its vast and wonderfully varied mixing pot of cultures and lifestyles? What has happened to empathy? Where is compassion and understanding? Why do we force ourselves to change so much as we grow older?
As young people, we naturally have the capacity to accept others without judgement. We can be excited and joyful at the simplest of things. We can simply form true friendships that really mean something. What exactly happens to all this capacity? Are the attributes of human youth willingly discarded from our capacity, our 'inner storage space', or are they forced out? Do they actually leave, or are they simply covered over by the multitude of attributes required for autopilot?
I don't believe that we ever lose the positive attributes of youth. They may get hidden away or distorted, but they never really leave. I believe that they are forced into obscurity by the negative attributes of human youth. Bullying, Competition, One Upmanship, Gang Membership, Lies, Racism, and many more. These are harnessed by some ruthless individuals and used in exactly the same way as they were and are in the playground. Only this time they are executed with an adult theme using adult language and under the guise of necessity. Personally, like too few millions of others, I see right through it, even way beyond it. It is what I see, or should I say what I don't see on the other side that drives me to write all of this down.
The acceptance without question of simple contradictions is where the road to complete acceptance without question, begins. Complete acceptance is a symptom of autopilot, or in some cases, a first step towards its inner activation. Religion, a personal choice of each individual, surely shouldn't be integrated with country or state? Yet both the US and the UK have God mentioned in our respective national anthems. Religion should not be a part of education. Yet in the UK it is part of almost every school: and almost every compulsory school assembly is ended with a prayer. The only way to be excused from these assemblies is to be a practising Muslim or a parentally approved atheist. We start teaching our children from a very early age what society expects of them. I'm sure things aren't much different in the US. Dictatorship comes in many forms!
"When you grow up, your heart dies!"
From 'The Breakfast Club'
I believe in following your heart over anything written in allegedly religious doctrines and supposed holy relics. I respect the planet we live on and the air we breathe much more than I could ever respect any being, human or otherwise, regardless of high the pedestal they are placed on. Yet to some I would most probably be seen as an atheist, even as a practitioner of the black arts. All because I respect the earth and choose not to hold fast to any religion. I used to be religious. When I was younger. I was even a member of my church choir. I loved being a part of that joyous group singing more than anything. I realize now that the singing was the reason I stayed for as many years as I did. It's a real shame that there aren't any, 'non-religious' meeting places where people who love to sing together can meet and do just that. Sing!
I lost faith in religion when I realized, at last, that if all the worlds 'one true god' and 'creation and flood stories', were to come together in one place, there would be one hell of a paradox. After one day facing myself with the question: Who actually wrote 'The Bible'? I researched long and hard looking for an answer. For months and months I searched. I found too many contradictions. Too many unanswered questions. Too many scholar assumptions. Too much that must be accepted on faith. I found myself no longer able to do that. My research into many different subjects still continues. This world is full of lies and contradictions because we, the people, allow it to continue. Complete acceptance without question of the things we have learned about our planet, its history and its endangered future! Autobelief! Sometimes, official truths are hidden away from public view. They can always be found though. If you look hard enough! The next two paragraphs are based purely on the official facts available on the internet for anyone who doubts their authenticity.
The number of Jews killed in concentration camps during the Second World War is another example of supposed facts being completely accepted without question. The widely accepted and often mis-quoted figure of 6,000,000 still abounds. 4,000,000 of these deaths purported to be at Auschwitz. This number has become smaller and smaller over the years. At a conference held by the International Committee of the Camps in Vienna in 1977, the number was as low as 357,190. Auschwitz OFFICIALLY changed the memorial plaque laid at its entrance in 1990. The first plaque that was on display at the Auschwitz camp from 1948 until 1989 read: "Four Million People Suffered and Died Here At The Hands Of The Nazi Murderers Between The Years 1940 and 1945". The second plaque, laid in 1990 and currently on display at Auschwitz reads: "For Ever Let This Place Be A Cry Of Despair And A Warning To Humanity. Where The Nazis Murdered About One And A Half Million Men Women And Children Mainly Jews From Various Countries Of Europe. Auschwitz - Birkenau 1940 - 1945". This alone reduced the OFFICIAL death toll of Jews by a massive 2,500,000! Ernst Zundel remains incarcerated in Canada because he tried to bring these facts and hundreds of others to the world's attention.
Yet when Steven Spielberg, (whom I respect and admire greatly), released his 1993 film, 'Schindler's List', the final frames of the movie before the credits rolled stated: "There are fewer than four thousand Jews left alive in Poland today. There are more than six thousand descendants of the Schindler Jews. In memory of the more than six million Jews murdered." Note the words, "There are fewer than four thousand Jews left alive in Poland today", and what that implies. If you change it to, "There are fewer than four thousand Jews who still choose to live in Poland today", it's exactly the same sentence giving exactly the same information, but it takes on a different context and meaning. The final line, "In memory of the more than six million Jews murdered", was a blatant lie that ignored all research and OFFICIAL figures. Complete acceptance without question prevailed again.
One of the largest religions in the world is Catholicism. The most respected person in Catholicism, after God of course, is The Pope. For the purposes of this paragraph, The Pope will be known as Karol, his actual name. In May 2003, the 'New Catholic Times', published an article by journalist Wayne Madsden. The article claimed that Karol feared George W. Bush may be the anti-Christ, as written about in the Book of Revelations. This year, John Kerry was apparently ex-communicated by Karol for refusing to accept that the church has the right to tell women what to do with their bodies. Dictatorship comes in many forms!
The children of the world are seeing all this. If they dare question or comment, we tell them to be quiet: "Adults know best"!........I beg to differ!!
George W. Bush is, I believe, one of the most frightening men with power on earth today. Although he claims to be a Christian and says things like, and I quote: "God instructed me to strike at Saddam"! He may claim to be the voice of God, he may sometimes become very hot and flustered, he may even be named after the correct foliage, but I can assure you of this. George W is not the 'Burning Bush'. Nor do I think he is the anti-Christ. He is however, a man to be feared. A corrupted representation of authority. I fear him in the same way that I feared some ventriloquist dummies as a child.
I see George W. Bush, as a puppet, wonderfully mastered and controlled by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. It is those two who did to Russia in the 70's, exactly the same thing as they have just done to Iraq. Declared a war based almost solely on paranoia, lies and a psychotic need to control. As for Dr. Paul Wolfowitz, who received a doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago in 1972, where he was a student of Leo Strauss. I would urge anyone without knowledge of Leo Strauss and his teachings to do a little internet research. It is obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that the Bush administration is heavily influenced by Straussian political science. It is also my personal opinion that Leo Strauss should never have been allowed to teach.
After watching, Michael Moore's, 'Fahrenheit 911', Power Hour's, '911 In Plane Site', Magnolia Pictures release, 'Control Room', and countless other films and documentaries including the new series by Adam Curtis, 'The Power Of Nightmares', which is currently airing in the UK, it is difficult to come to any other conclusion than this: The Bush Administration are a corrupted group of political liars, and we may never know the true extent of all that has happened under their control. I often wonder whether Mr Bush and Mr Blair have ever actually watched any of the horrific beheading videos. I have seen several of them. Not from a morbid curiosity, but from a need to understand. Why should I have the luxury of CHOOSING to look away? These poor people had no choice.
I watched the Ken Bigley video most recently. Ken said, "I'm not a difficult person, I'm a simple man who just wants to live a simple life with his family". I could only cry. Have you ever cried so hard that your throat and chest hurt and it's difficult to breathe? I seem to have done that more in the last few years than ever before in my life. Ken's final words were, "All I can tell you now is that I have a very short time left". They still ring in my ears. I tried to imagine how it must feel to know that the words you are speaking could very well be your last. Again with the pain and the shortness of breath. If you are an emotional and empathic person, as I am, I suggest extreme caution and careful consideration before viewing any similar material.
I would also urge everyone to try and see Bart Sibrel's documentary, 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon'. Details of which can be found here: Personally I cannot understand why this feature has not received an offer of prime time television transmission. I also cannot understand why a full scale independent investigation of the films findings has not been launched. NASA is another organization who act like they have the right to keep as much information and truth from us as they see fit. Yet another organization which receives billions in public funding, but only gives us back as much as it assumes our little minds can handle. It disgusts me.
"The Dawn of Disillusion"
We cannot keep ignoring the obvious flaws and blatant lies fed to us by a supposedly unbiased and objective media. We are still in the very early stages of this new century but if we allow things to continue as they are, then the lies, manipulation and mass mind-control could well grab a hold in this century too. Are you happy to remain on autopilot? Are you prepared for your children and your children's children to be controlled, manipulated and lied to for the next 95 years? That is of course, if we all last another 95 years. When you look through the facade and beyond, into the distance. That doesn't seem as assured as it perhaps should be.
In a world of confusion and chaos, the thought of the UK becoming more like the US used to be my daydream, my beacon, my aspiration. Now it is my biggest fear! It would seem that complacency, complete acceptance without question and the apparent comfort and addiction found in the state of autopilot are not the sole reserve of UK working class adults as I had led myself to believe. So what do we do? Where do we go from here?
There is no set route, no right way for all. We all do what we choose to do in whatever way we know how. I choose to use my writing skills. I choose to seek truth.
I made the choice to start in my own back yard. I was raised in a terribly dysfunctional family, with an often violent and alcoholic Father. A weak minded, lying and manipulative Mother, and 3 older siblings who blindly accept these negative parental figures without question, I realized that relating to my family, I too was on autopilot.
I tried to help my family so much. I begged them to see that accepting these behaviours was like telling all the grandchildren that lies, manipulation and alcoholism are completely acceptable. My Parents both say they are too old to change now. My siblings agree with them. I haven't had any contact with any of them now for months.
Being the emotional person that I am, this was probably the most difficult thing I have ever HAD to do in my life, so far. Family was everything to me, but if I will not accept lies and manipulation in any other person on earth, why should I make an exception for my Mother? Being my Mother is not a good enough reason. Too many people use the family as an excuse for accepting the unacceptable. I say that if you don't accept then you don't accept, you make no exception for anyone.
I sincerely hope that no-one takes offence to anything I have written here. I simply could not carry on ignoring the fire in my belly, for fear that if I did, I may actually combust. I wish for us all, a world of peace, truth and acceptance.
Maybe a historical fact amnesty would be a good first step towards a brighter future? YOU Decide!
Paul J. Burgess



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