Earhart Dig - Day One

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By Cassandra Frost
Day One, Earhart Excavation, Typically Tropical Tinian.
The digging started today, Friday, November 12, about 8 a.m. as people were still clearing the site.
The canopies were up to protect the team from the downpours and blistering sun.
Tinian is about 15 degrees north of the equator. The UV index can exceed the maximum of ten and is commonly measured around 15.
It was mostly cloudy with scattered rain and isolated thunderstorms.
East winds blew about 10 to 15 mph.
The downpours are stronger than your bathroom shower. By the time you stop your car, open the door and get out, you are soaked. Or. if you are wearing a shoulder-less sundress, since it's about 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30.5 Celsius, the rain just runs down your skin.
The 'my clothes are sticking to my body' humidity is so high; it may as well be raining
The two depressions that are in the spot that Saint John Naftel remembered being shown as Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan's graves were labeled 'Pit 1' which was under the oversight of Mike Fleming, Chief Archeologist. 'Pit 2' was under the oversight of Dr. Tom King, senior archeologist of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (acronym TIGHAR, pronounced 'tiger').
Shovel-scraping and careful hand brushing in Pit 2 revealed bedrock, so other pits were designated.
There were only two backhoes on the island but only one works. Tomorrow, Saturday, trenches will be dug between the new pits as time quickly runs out.
Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Karin Ramey Burns is flying out at 5 a.m. Sunday, so if anything is to be found and fly out with her, the expedition has till 4pm on Saturday. Their permit from the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands allows the expedition to dig from November 12-16, but skeletal identification would take more time after her early departure.
So far, no human remains have been found; only pottery shards, bits of metal, and artifacts.
Many have been listening to Naftel as he literally tells old war stories. It was fitting that he returned to Tinian on Veteran's day, a little over a year after he and the Tinian Earhart Expedition discovered the site he was shown in 1944.
How is the 82 year old Naftel doing?
"I'm doing real good," Naftel said. "We're not discouraged after not finding any remains our first day because no one can say this is the spot. What we're doing is based on authentic information and all we're trying to do is find out."
How sure is he that this is the right area?
"Well, I can't pin point it to a 2 by 4 spot," he continued. "This is the general area. I don't know how much the terrain has changed the past 67 years. The road I traveled no longer exists. It looks very much like the right spot. Like being in the right church, but not the right pew."
"We're not discouraged because we're digging through rocks and stuff. We don't know exactly what kind of digging was done at first, so in time, the dirt confirms to the terrain," he observed.
"I am very happy with everything that so many people have done," he said. "They are concerned enough to come here and do this and there is a lot of interest in the Amelia situation because if we find her, it will be the end of the Amelia Earhart saga."
"So many people are here; several people I feel indebted to. They have sacrificed a lot to get it all moving and to set the whole thing up. It's amazing how big it is and all that it took to make it happen," he concluded.
There are about 6 PhDs in charge as the science of archeology is systematically documented and recorded. Everyone has paid their own way.
Yesterday, an archeology professor and six lucky students arrived from the University of Guam. These college kids are working side by side with international experts as they try to solve this 70 year old mystery.
But according to Bob Silvers, expedition member, everyone remains hopeful.
"There are so many stories about sightings and different theories that they are located in Saipan and Tinian and many haven't been acted on," he explained.
"One of the reasons we're here," he said "ìs that time is critical."
"Everyone has decided it's time to take a look at these stories and either prove or disprove Naftel's recollections and record what is going on. WW2 was almost 60 years ago. It's time to do this and we'll see more in the next few days like what happened to the aircraft and about the sightings of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan in jeeps on the islands, that kind of thing," Silvers concluded.
Cassandra 'Sandy' Frost is an award winning e-journalist and editor who has covered the topics of Intuition, Remote Viewing and Consciousness from an Athabascan or Alaska Native point of view the past three years.
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