The End Game -
Divide And Conquer

How clever it all was.
And what a joke. Kerry's tent-folding, whimped-out, contrived 'unity' concession speech revealed the final page of the whole story: the entire campaign, especially after the elimination of front-runner Gov Howard Dean, was all a set-up...a tawdry, clever, masterfully executed circus of deception, manipulation and deceit. Kerry ran off so fast November 3, all you could see were elbows and dust...and the back of his Skull and Bones t-shirt. Can America spell 'betrayed'?
The election wasn't 'stolen' - the vote totals were simply and easily manipulated to ensure the Bushmen got the numbers needed to score the 'official' win.
The whole 'campaign' was designed, brilliantly, to rouse, excite and rile-up the still mentally-functional, caring, legitimately moral portion of society into actually thinking their votes counted... and that they could 'throw the criminals out' at the polls. There was never a chance of that happening.
The result - equally as planned - was to polarize, fracture and split Americans into two diametrically opposed camps...which was deftly accomplished. There will be no reconciliation. Divide and Conquer.
The Neocon-Zionist duped 'Christian' fundamentalist-evangelical-maniacal, brain-impaired, ignorant and/or brainwashed, dumbed into near oblivion 'half' of the public that voted for and *endorsed* continuing death, war, unprecedented crime, torture, fiscal insanity, lies, and the continuing destruction of our already raped rights and freedoms is the perfect tool for the killer Illuminati elite to use to set upon the other half of American society which sought to divest itself of evil on 'election day.' Divide and Conquer.
In short: dissention, depression, dismay and mass *disengagement* from a bogus, hoaxed political process by millions of frustrated, betrayed Americans are primary fruits of the well-planned harvest of the 2004 fake US 'election'.
There will be no reconciliation. There will be no 'healing.' Divide and Conquer.'



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