Mujahideen Control
Majority Of Fallujah
Americans Expelled From Three Districts

By Omar Al-Faris, JUS
Jihad Unspun
In news just in, the tactical decision taken by the Mujahideen to open up two roads leading to the city centre has turned out to be very effective.
According to sources close to the Mujahideen, as a result of heavy shelling on civilian neighborhoods all around the perimeters of the city, a decision was made to move the battle into the center of town by opening two main roads that lead into Fallujah central.
The first road opened was "Nisan 7", which is 17 -20 meters wide and stretches from the rail network north of Fallujah, passes by the Al-Mualimeen zone, on to Nisan 7 to Al-Forqan Mosque and ends in the Al-Shuhada neighborhood. The second road opened was "Tharthar Street", which is 15 -18 meters wide extends from railway station, from where the Americans are handling forward control, passes through the Al-Ghuaifi neighborhood and ends at Officers neighborhood. After opening the two roads, Mujahideen made a tactical withdrawal from the city's perimeters to permit the Americans to enter the two roads. The plan was successful; the Americans are now on the two roads just where the Mujahideen wanted them to be.
The Mujahideen are currently controlling 70% of the city, not the Americans, as mainstream news is reporting.
As of this filing, fierce fighting is now underway in the Al-Shuhada neighborhood, with the Mujahideen having retaken Al-Ghuaifi, Al-Mualimeen, and Al-Askari neighborhoods. American snipers are now absent except on some roof tops on the two main roads.
According to Mujahideen sources and first reported by Quds Press, the Al-Golan, Al-Mualimeen, and Officers neighborhoods have now been completely cleared of occupations forces and Iraqi flags have been erected on buildings in these areas. (JUS)



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