The Skull & Bones
Brothers Tag Team

From John Keller
Can anyone but a fool now believe John Kerry was not planning to throw this election from the start? Any doubts should have been ditched Wednesday morning after he stabbed his running mate in the back, the latter whom boldly promised no concession would be quickly forthcoming mere hours before.

Millions of Democrats - Kerry supporters - feel intense betrayal from "their" candidate's inability to keep a simple but essential promise: to assure that every person's vote would count, to not give up until all votes were tabulated.

A huge percentage of the electorate is today disillusioned, not just because a wholly criminal element is assured more years to work its evil, but that their hundreds of millions of dollars, tens of thousands of hours of labors, creativity, honesty, hope, was flushed down the hole by a short, entirely premature, possibly never necessary phone call by John Kerry.

George W. Bush & John Kerry, fraternal members of a most-secret brotherhood, Skull & Bones, with bizarre rituals and sinister oaths we have only glimpses of. Would such brothers really oppose each other?

Kerry has single-handedly shattered the hopes of tens of millions. Is this accidental? Is this an unavoidable consequence of trying to "heal the divide" amongst Americans?

Those of us who have studied American government and understand how things truly work believe it is neither accidental nor unavoidable. The Democratic Party was the last major institutional bulwark to the Neo-Con Artist Money-Making Murder Machine. Kerry has deliberately given himself, and by consequential implication, the Democratic Party a blinding sheen of treachery, of broken promises, indeed of even providing Bush's accusations of "Flip-Flopping" overwhelming weight.

The thinking and caring American will come to realize that the System cannot and will not allow effective, meaningful opposition. Kerry, a long-time fixture of its elite, has utterly smashed a potential mechanism to oppose the un-American, anti-human crusade of the current and future "administration."
The future of America is now in the hands of Fate, but also individual Americans. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." I believe Providence will judge America's future by the actions of the thinking and caring who can and perhaps will organize themselves around smaller nuclei, especially those independent leaders, presidential candidates, who were arrested for daring to be included in the so-called presidential "debates."
God Bless America. May, God Help Us.



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