Unconfirmed - Aljazeera
Has Post-Vote Bin Laden Video

Al-Jazeera In Possession Of New Osama Bin Laden 'Message'
Source: TT Exclusive 3:45:39 PM EST
We have confirmed with both overseas sources and sources inside the United States that Al-Jazeera is indeed in possession of some form of new Osama Bin Laden Message. This message is more than likely a new video, threatening America for re-electing President Bush.
We have been informed by sources asking to remain anonymous that Al-Jazeera has agreed to embargo the new Osama Message for another 24 hours. More than likely this is due to the pressure of the US Government to not air this new tape.
Tracking Terrorism will have more details on what is said in these new Osama video(s), as more information is being delivered to us via courier later this evening.
Bin Laden was on his death bed in December 2001. The new slew of tapes are, in all probability, bogus. Bin Laden condemned the killing of civilians in earlier interviews. Denied involvement in 9/11. Don't believe the hype. You're being set up.



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