Arafat's Death Has
Illuminati Written All Over It

By Michael Shore
Tel Aviv
Arafat's death was announced on 11-11 two thousand four at 3:30 am = 33
"11" and "33" {33 degree Masons} are key Illuminati numbers. Do we have to remind anyone about the "11" Illuminati orchestrated 9- "11" event? The EVIL, sick satanic Illuminati like to covertly put their mark on the EVIL dirty deeds they do.
This is their way to tell the People we're the "power" that CONTROL you and you're not even aware of it. It should be noted that Arafat was in a MILITARY hospital in France, when he "died".
Arafat {an Illuminati "puppet"} was a corrupted, criminal billionaire as reported. He or his family could've flown in the best doctors in the world to diagnose and treat his "illness". And here Arafat was, left to die, in some military hospital??? Why would the Illuminati want Arafat gone at this moment in time? It could be for any number of reasons and some of those reasons could be pretty bizarre - you'll have to ask them. You can bet they have a long term plan that the life and death of Arafat was some part of. After all, Sharon {another Illuminati "puppet"} and Arafat have been on the Illuminati controlled world "stage" doing their killing together now for over fifty years. Pretty sick stuff!
Obviously, the insane Illuminati organization does CONTROL much of the world already and their organization can manipulate assassinations and major world events at will, right in front of the People's very eyes without them being able to see it.
The Kennedy assassination - "11"-22. nineteen sixty three was another "11" Illuminati orchestrated event. Plus 22 is another Illuminati number, "11"x 2 = 22. They can even get away with such an assassination of a President in broad day light, that's how deep their web of affiliated organizations goes. Kennedy's "autopsy" was also performed at a MILITARY hospital--Bethesda Naval Hospital.
The Illuminati are also into rituals big time. Check out the crowning of Queen Elizabeth ceremony about 50 years ago.There was so much major "hidden" ritual and symbolism in that event. Plus observe the ritual and symbolism in the crowning of the Pope ceremony. Watch the "crowning" ceremony of "King George" or rather President Bush at the 2005 inauguration. Aren't monarchies suppose to be a thing of the past? Not exactly, as one can see. Today the Illuminati "monarchies" just look different, but obviously they still exist. The Illuminati are just more covert in how the RULERS still oversee and RULE the "SLAVES". There's really not any major People's revolution's going on in the major countries of the world, even with such high taxation of the "lower" classes and the "theft" of those taxes by the "upper" RULING "elite". So, it looks like the Illuminati RULE is working pretty "good" for them, unfortunately for us.
One has to understand that it has taken the Illuminati hundreds and even thousands of years to achieve such a powerful global organization structure. You've got to realize that they're focused and are willing to put in a lot of time, work and money to achieve their sinister goals. So to stop an organization like this ASAP is going to take a special amazing super human effort by ALL of us.
Michael Shore



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