The Almost Files

By Barry Chamish
They are my almost files. I stored them because I almost wanted to expand on them and thought I might change my mind. But they remained almost worthy. Let's start with gloating vindication when I got something very right and no one believed me at the time. We'll get the ball rolling with a couple of examples. First, remember my article, Here Come The Troops? Allow me to refresh your memory:
For the past ten years I've been repeating the same message: The Oslo "Peace" process was a planned war process whose final goal was the occupation of Israel and, especially, Jerusalem, by the troops of the architects of the global takeover known commonly as the New World Order.
***Well I don't want to boast or anything, but it's coming true. I'll be separating my comments with three stars *** from here in.***
Haaretz 17/11/04
NATO is also considering sending forces to the Gaza Strip after Israel implements the disengagement plan, if Israel and the Palestinian Authority reach an agreement on the withdrawal and ask for NATO help.
***And who will be the vanguard of the Gazan troops? None other than, as always, Spain.***
Spain had approved President Arafat's request to participate in an international force that will replace Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian sources said on Thursday.
Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei conveyed Arafat's request to Spain during his recent visit to Madrid, saying that Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero might visit the Occupied Territory in fall.
MADRID - Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos on Friday urged the European Union to take an active role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
"The European Union, from the Spanish point of view, cannot be left aside," Moratinos said at a news conference with Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat at the Foreign Ministry in Madrid.
"It's time for the European Union to assume its responsibilities," Moratinos said.
Moratinos, a former EU envoy to the Middle East, said his ministry was committed to peace efforts in the Middle East and said [u]he would travel to the region in autumn for discussions with both the Israelis and Palestinians.
"Spain is ready for diplomacy, and later we'll see what contributions are needed on the spot for a definite reconciliation," he said.
Erekat said the peace talks with the Israelis need to be revived and called on the European Union through Spain for help.
***And who is the spiritual leader of Spain, but the Holy See? My readers have asked me to investigate the alleged Nazi past of the pope and there were days when I almost thought I'd do it. But I never did.***
The current Pope, John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) has also been accused of being a Nazi collaborator, even before he entered the church. According to some Jewish authors, fundamentalist Protestant preachers, and certain disciples of conspiriologist Mae Brussell, John Paul II worked in Nazi-occupied Poland for either Solvay Drugs of the I.G. Farben cartel in a factory at Auschwitz, or as a salesman for Farben's chemical division, selling Zyklon B, the deadly cyanide gas, directly to the Nazi camp at Auschwitz. Supposedly, John Paul, an actor by inclination, entered the priesthood in 1946 in order to escape arrest and trial as a Nazi war criminal. (13) While fundamentalists of certain sects cannot be regarded as objective or reliable in matters concerning the Catholic Church, Avro Manhattan (14) reports that not even Wojtyla's closest friend and confidante, Bishop Andre Deskur, would reveal what John Paul did during the war years.
In William Cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse, and came across this item that I had forgotten about. It is on page 89 & 90 and Mr. Cooper does not have it footnoted. I'm wondering if you can confirm it?
In the early 1940's, the I.G. Farben Chemical Company employed a Polish salesman who sold cyanide to the Nazis for use in Auschwitz. The same salesman also worked as a chemist in the manufacture of the poison gas. This same cyanide gas along with Zyklon B and malathion was used to exterminate millions of Jews and other groups. Their bodies were then burned to ashes in the ovens. After the war the salesman, fearing for his life, joined the Catholic Church and was ordained a priest in 1946.
One of his closest friends was Dr. Wolf Szmuness, the mastermind behind the November/78 to October /79 and March/80 to October /81 experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials conducted by the Center for Disease Control in New York, San Francisco and four other American cities that loosed the plague of AIDS upon the American people. The salesman was ordained Poland's youngest bishop in 1958. After a 30 day reign his predecessor was assassinated and our ex-cyanide gas salesman assumed the papacy as Pope John Paul II.
***I wonder how many remember my article, Edgar And The Terminator. It's now a major section in my new book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust. For those who don't, I predicted that the CFR's Lawrence Eagleburger was working to make sure Holocaust survivors would never see a penny of insurance rightly owed them. Remember?***
Certainly, it is worth more than mere noting that Bush's grandfather and Schwarzenegger's father were enthusiastic supporters of Naziism. But look even more closely at how the circle closes. Edgar Bronfman's letter writing partner is Lawrence Eagleburger, the government's international director for Holocaust insurance claims. The Terminator's political partner is obsessed with having these claims wiped out in California.
Apparently, opposing Schwarzenegger and Buffet's nefarious goal of depriving Holocaust victims of compensation would be Bronfman. The Terminator, if he has his way, will have to go through Bronfman's co-signator on the Bush letter, Lawrence Eagleburger.
***To my dismay, I was right. From The Jerusalem Post 16/11/04: "The International Commission Of Holocaust Era Claims, chaired by Lawrence Eagleburger, might halt annual funding to the Israeli Generali Fund, making it nearly impossible for the fund to pay insurance money to Holocaust survivors." I wish I called it wrong, but how could I when we look at Eagleburger's pal in the Holocaust justice scam, and his fellow member of the Council On Foreign Relations, Edgar Bronfman?***
* Edgar 'the' Bronfman is a conservationist / environmentalist (we will see the significance of this in a moment). He has donated a lot of money to conservationist causes. Infact, the Bronfman dynasty seem to have an obsession with environmentalism(not just Edgar, but Barbara too). The more extreme forms of environmentalism are based on old pagan beliefs, and mother earth worship.
It seems that Barbara Bronfman is a sponsor to a bizarre organisation (See that link titled "Thanks")
She is listed as one of the sponsors
Now look at the message of this organisation
From the above link, we can see that they are clearly very new age, and they exist to train future leaders. - now that's a scary thought.
Check out at the end of that page
"We return to our Ancestral Teachings, to our Spiritual Knowledge, and to our Mother the Earth who has always offered us the nourishment and teachings we need to survive."
so it says
**return ... to our mother the earth***
oh dear, oh dear.
'Rabbi' Arthur Hertzberg is Edgar Bronfman's aide, he's heavily involved in interfaith activity
We know that the ultimate result of the promotion of many religions with a liberal interpretation is to rubbish them all together and destroy them. Leaving just the ethical principles they share. - It seems that reform ministers want to reform every religion. Their interfaith work is really more
like missionary activity - conversion of all faiths to just ethical monotheism, leaving just remnants of 'religious culture' from a bygone age.
Many conspiracy writers seem to corroborate on the idea that the UN's 'sustainable development' program defined in their document 'agenda 21' is on the surface, enviromentalism, but in reality, it's a plan to further the UN goal of removing national sovereignty and creating a one world government.
I haven't researched it, but one must raise the question of why the hell the ['nice' people at the] UN care so much about the environment. Sustainable development is their buzzword.
There are some good articles on the subject. Here's one that isn't written by a lunatic
***A reader reports that a most unwelcome guest will be arriving at a most suspicious event upcoming in Jerusalem.***
(JERUSALEM) - Over 150 leading thinkers and statesmen from the US, Europe, Asia and Israel will take part in the 3-day Jerusalem Summit, (Nov 27-30th, 2004), at Jerusalem's King David Hotel.
The Second Jerusalem Summit ( with the theme "New Ideas from the Old City" will examine key challenges facing the Middle East and Western Civilization in the wake of Yasser Arafat's death. Topics will include:
· Humanitarian rather than Political Solutions to the
Israel-Palestinian Conflict
· Assessing the UN - Search for Alternative Approaches
· Exploring Koranic Endorsements of Israel and of Tolerance
· Enhancing the Status of Moslem Women as a Means of Regime Change
International participants include:
· CONGRESSMAN CHRISTOPHER SHAYS (R-CT), Chairman of the National
Security Subcommittee of the Government Reform Committee
· Dr. DANIEL PIPES, US Institute of Peace & Co-President, Jerusalem
***Yes, it's none other than Daniel Pipes, the one and only CFR stooge who not long ago suggested that the army remove itself from Gush Katif and let the Jews there get slaughtered by the Gazan Arabs. A correspondent wrote: "Pipes has lost all his credibility in Yesha after Arutz Sheva published his explanation. All he does is repeat his death wish for the Gush Katif Jews."
Other correspondents tie up his salacious and direct connections to the CFR and Israel's worst enemies.***
As for Daniel Pipes, perhaps you would gain a better understanding as to his overall "fit" in the covert structural apparatus once you pay closer attention to the resume of his father, Richard Pipes, and his connection with the post-9/11 pundits represented by Benador Associates. Daniel Pipes, incidentally, was a Defense department employee under the first President Bush.
* CFR Study Group. Middle East Forum. ( September, 1985 - Present ). Project directed by : Judith Kipper. Chaired by : Anthony C. Zinni. The ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages CFR Meetings ... RENT COUNCIL SPACE. CONTACT INFO. BY ALPHA. BY REGION · IRAQ. BY TOPIC. Middle East Forum Meeting. December 13, 1999, Washington, DC. "Middle East Forum". ... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages
***Pipes' Middle East Forum is the CFR, not a branch, not even a sister organization; it is part and parcel of the body of the CFR. I'm just stating the facts, Pipes has been lying about me. And boy do I have a surprise for him when he gets to Jerusalem! I called my attorney, he thinks there's a chance we can pin him on slander charges.
Now, why did Pipes make my almost file? He's just not important enough to justify a whole article. The same goes for Prof. Eidelberg, who at least is an honest advocate for Israel. He has some good ideas for political reform that won't work. He actually believes that an Israeli constitution and representative voting will rid the Knesset of corruption. Silly man. I keep harping on my solution:
use every legal means to get the real Rabin murderers on trial. That'll do the trick. The kindly prof is
starting to awaken as bit. That is almost news:***
Two Assassinations: A Lesson for Israel
By Prof. Paul Eidelberg
But far more is involved here than political chicanery. If the truth behind Rabin,s assassination were made public, Israel,s entire system of government would collapse like a deck of cards, as would the policy of land for peace! Measures will therefore be taken by the political and judicial echelons to suppress the truth about that assassination.
***While on the topic of assassinations, information arrived comparing the Rabin murder with the attempt on Reagan. It's uncanny but not quite enough.***
When the President was shot, if you'll remember, he was pushed into the car by a man named Jerry Parr(sp?) that was his Secret Service guard. Jerry Parr fell on top of him and, I just saw in the *Reader's Digest* where Jerry Parr was telling his "valiant story." And the limousine tore off, didn't it? Now it was *five minutes later* that the ambulance arrived and they put the Secret Service man, the Washington, D.C. policeman, and Brady in the ambulance and *it* roared off. Using normal time-rate/distance, who should have arrived at George Washington University Hospital
first? The President should have. Well, who did? You know it's a trick question. The ambulance arrived 15 minutes before the President. When asked, "What happened?" the Secret Service simply responded, "We got lost."
***My informants sure know what to look for. After my brief review of Fahrenheit- 9/11, I received some almost revealing information about the director.***
With all of the press/media attention currently forming around Michael Moore both pro and con, a crucial detail has recently emerged which may say more about Moore than anything previously discussed.
"The point is, he insists, he's not fallen out with any employees since 1994. I ask if he worked out how to be a better employer.
'I just think I'm a better person,' he says, his head bowed in theatrically solemn contemplation, 'because I'm always struggling to be a better person. I'm a highly flawed individual, as we all are, and because I was raised by Jesuits, I'm constantly asking, "What is it about me and what I can do to be better."
***Back to inappropriate gloating. Did I not accurately predict that the police would bury the first murder of an Israeli judge, because he was a likely victim of a Shabat hit? My first correspondent adds to my motive of him endangering the "peacemakers" by making the PLO pay high compensation for its terror.***
Judge Adi Azar was the first victim to have been wiped out within the judiciary community a month ago. He was also the first judge who had amassed a super voluminous file on the Rabin murder and was in the know of how the judicial establishment had put a spin on both Amir, Har-Shefi and Raviv trials. And he was about to blow the top off it.
On the night of the Azar murder, police commissioner Yosef Sadvon promised solemnly that a large force of the best police investigators will be put on the case and that the perpetrator will be caught within days. He promised that catching him is a task of supreme importance but he also informed the public that the murder was carried out by a professional. Note: in Israel a professional usually means a Shabak operative.
When Sadvon got deeper into the investigation and had learned where it leads, the "powers" came down hard on the police. Within a week unofficial police reports and rumors were released to the effect that the Azar murder investigation now focuses on "personal angles". The old trick backfired. The whole family as well as family friends and other judicial colleagues came out equally strong and challenged the police to show its evidence. The police retreated. The investigation is now in limbo and a new angle is sought (read: spin) to get it out of the mud.
***But another correspondent wrote the Haaretz reporter who covered the murder and he promised that the police would shortly crack the crime. That was over four months ago.***
Dear Mr...
According to the information i have, there is no
connection between this murder and the Palestinians. in a few week's the
police will expose her finding in this case (for now there is a court order
not to publish a thing from this investigation).
Roni Singer, "Haaretz".
***What makes the following response to my article, The Murder Of Ofra Haza, of note, is it comes from her best-known webmaster and historian.***
Somebody has already sent me the article below. I've asked him/her who is and why did send me that article, and he/she replied to write directly to you... I'm interested in the issue as I'm very concerned about Ofra Haza's life and the mystery that surrounds her death. I've always known that Doron killed her, but I wouldn't believe some other things that are said in this article. DO you have any certainty?
Have a blessed new year,
***He is answered by a whole Hebrew newsboard dedicated to getting the facts of the Haza murder out.***
***I have received numerous reports about foreign soldiers who are being drafted into the IDF to remove the Jews of Gush Katif, as well as mirror reports of foreigners drafted into the PLO to deal with Israeli soldiers. Two informants provide enticing details but not full proof. So the issue remains in the almost files.***
We attend Jewish Religious Services at the Habad Temple near my home in Karmiel, Israel. The Temple has been attacked five times by Russian neo-Nazis. Once with incendiary intent and leaving behind YELLOW Stars of David glued and slogans calling for Hitler to complete his job. Other times with mock bombs. I only assume that we are just one of many hundreds of Temples victimized by the imported garbage. Here that is hushed up... I have Police complaints copies. The real reason IS NOT related to the "grandfather clause" but that THE GENERALS needed them and are now DRAFTING THEM INTO TZAHAL, (the IDF), to serve as the lead elements in the planned assaults against Jewish homesteads and persons. (Newspaper Hamodiah, Friday 3, of September 2004 reports a regiment already drafted, 1200 of those folk).
***The following 9-11 information is about as incriminating as it gets. But this is an American issue and I cover Israel. It almost lured me into an investigation but it's outside my territory. However, if an Israeli company really was responsible for airport security where the planes took off from, I'll almost certainly have to have a look at the issue.***
near the bottom of article...
"Marvin Bush, the President's brother, in charge of World Trade Center security, United airlines Security, and security for Dulles National Airport on 911 - Coincidence?
One single Israeli Company responsible for security at 'all' 3 airports on 911"
Just one article re: Google search on Marvin Bush/911 security
***Less conspiratorial is the following explanation of Ehud Barak's return to politics, sent by a usually reliable informant.***
The closest friends of Peres are deserting him. None want to see him running for premiership again. Names include, astonishingly enough, Dani Yatom, Ephraim Sneh and Peres former mistress, Colette Avital. Sneh and Yatom are significant names. Not that Avital isn't, but she was a godsent to Peres' wife Sonia, who was glad to see her husband "off her hand" as much as possible.
Sneh and Yatom are two figures deeply implicated in the Rabin assassination and know all about the event. But neither will blow the whistle as both have aspirations to become Labor leaders. It will be interesting to see the MAD (mutually assured destruction) process at work. Peres can destroy both and so can they destroy Peres, but none will dare go too far. Avital on the other hand is both a former Peres protege and former mistress. Now there's 'no fury like a woman's scorned'. Let's hope Peres did scorn her and that Avital remembers that... Politically, and despite the damage that he had already inflicted on the country, the only figure that might stop Peres is Ehud Barak.
He was Rabin's protege, Peres' lifelong and much hated rival but the younger generation of would-be Labor party leaders will oppose his comeback. Peres is happy. He still hopes to enter into a coallition goverment with Sharon since as a vice prime minister he won't have to stand for primaries in his own party and would run as leader at general elections automatically. Sneh and Yatom are aware of it and strongly oppose a coallition with Likud.
***More confirmation. The CFR's Ronald Lauder is buying up Israel's religious and conservative media. It won't be long before the last free thinkers of Israel will consider their opinions the way the CFR manipulates them to.***
(from June 2003)
Ronald J. Lauder and Shlomo Ben-Tzvi, among the owners
of Israel's new Jewish content TV channel Techelet,
and of religious news weekly "Makor Rishon", have
acquired control of daily newspaper ''Hatzofeh'',
which also serves the religious community.
Later they decided not to buy 'Ha-Tzofeh', but did buy
the TV channels (from July 2004)
More to our discussion about Ron Lauder, Channel 10
CFR etc.
This article appeared on Tuesday about Lauder wanting
to bring in new investors into channel 10. The most
prominent is ex Israeli Hollywood mogul and ex
Weapons Dealer Arnon Milchan, best friend of Shimon
Peres (was at his 80th birthday bash and made his
billions being Israels weapons buyer when Peres was
Defence Minister in 1970)
So here is the Haaretz article followed by great
insights into Milchan and his personality.
w w w . h a a r e t z . c o m
Last update - 08:24 02/11/2004
Lauder seeks more Channel 10 partners
By Ronny Koren-Dinar
***I am always fielding complaints that I don't take the New Age threat seriously enough. I almost do, though. I may have to, since I was nearly a victim of one of its premier adherents, Rabbi Zalman Schachter.
He was my Philosophy of Religion professor 35 years ago. He was not popular in the Jewish community after divorcing his wife and marrying a gentile woman half his age. His idea of a learning experience was to make the class walk blindfolded through a campus church. We were supposed to feel the spirituality oozing through the pews but most of us just felt how poorly the construction was.
As a requirement, no less, for being graded, we had to join another church for a day and live their beliefs. I became a Jehovah's Witness and sold Watchtower and Awake for a nickel each on a freezing street corner.
Oh yes, nobody buys them.***
I'm writing because of this bit you wrote:
"The new Jerusalem Post editor David Horovitz will never reveal the Rabin murder truth because, for one thing, shortly after the murder he hosted conspirator Carmi Gillon at a gathering of the Peres-sponsored Yakar."
I have been on the lookout for years to find something connecting Peres to New Age, and I think you turned up an important one here.
Yakar is one of the more successful Jewish Renewal outposts here in Israel. I wrote a whole section on JR in my Rainbow Swastika (go to: ). In 10 words or less, they are Buddhist-Sufi missionaries in rabbinic clothing.
The "father" of Jewish Renewal, Reb Zalman Schacter, often passes for a new sort of Hasidic rabbi (originally got his rabbinic ordination with the Lubavitch), but he is a professor and dept. chairman at the Nairopa (Buddhist) University in the States. He founded the Berkeley CA "Aquarian Minyan", aptly named for its New Age orientation and JR's willingness to dress up any kind of religion and call it Jewish. In fact, the "Reb" himself does not even have a problem in reciting the Muslim articles of faith with Palestinians (see
Yakar is listed all over the Internet as a JR center, along with CLAL and ALEPH and Tikkun (all Reb Zalman's groups) - see
SpiritualPracticeReligion.html for an easy example.
One of the Yakar pillars, David Zeller, is a staunch disciple of Jewish Renewal. I wrote to him personally years ago and confirmed that. See for the company he keeps. And yet they can get respectable rabbis like Riskin and Hartmann to come and participate with them.
So when the Yakar FAQ deals with the subject of "non-traditional" Jewish thinking, you get some interesting double-talk:
Could the students then organize a non-traditional service?
Depends. There are many elements that would be appropriate at a Yakar prayer service. But at the end of the day, we are an identifiably Orthodox institution. So some things simply wouldn't be appropriate at our regular Shabbat or Holiday services. We're not saying anything is right or wrong about this, only that some practices would not be appropriate at Yakar. For example, students seeking to integrate meditative elements into their own prayer might seek out faculty member Dovid Zeller for advice or guidance for a student minyan.
Which can be read as: "We have to keep up our front as an orthodox Torah institution here, so that we don't bring down the wrath of Israel's rabbinic community on our heads. So go see our resident JR missionary for advice on how to do your own religious blend without blowing our image." BTW, the head of Yakar, Michael Rosen, is rumored to be the brother of David Rosen, former chief rabbi of Ireland. Definitely some family proteksia at stake as well as national respectability.
***Still another tie to the Israeli ruling class and the New Age. This time, the President is indicted.***
What in God's name would have a Jew following the thinking in anti-semitic Alice Bailey's works - Alice Bailey that hater of the Jewish belief system? Well, I've just gotten a copy of a book written by an Israeli Jewish couple. End of Days Diary by Zipporah and Yehuda Alperin. I got it thru ebay after learning that these two followed the New Age thinking of Alice Bailey.
On the back:
"Elijah the prophet returns to teach disciples of today how to apply the meanings of the New Age and prepare for the End of Days. He brings with him the knowledge of the first Tablets of Freedom, that Moses broke at the feet of the Mountain, when he saw the folks [sic] of Israel dancing around the golden calf.
"The next step for Earth evolution: A new understanding of divinity, the Intelligence, confers an expansive knowledge of cosmic systems of Sons of Light and Sons of the Dark.
"The authors, Zipporah and Yehuda Alperin, have written 9 books on occult philosophy. They work with groups and give lectures on how to mediate between the vision of unity and the conflict of reality."
First published in Hebrew in 1998. New Age Edition, Israel POB 185, Zichron, Ya'akov 30900 Israel. First edition English 1998, second edition English 2000
And now for the kick in the head: End of Days Diary was awarded a grant by the Amos Fund of the President of Isael.
So, I wondered what this Amos Fund was and if it actually existed.
Office of the President
3 Hanassi St., 92188 Jerusalem
Tel: 972-2-6707211 Fax: 972-2-5610037
(Source: Israel Government Year Book)
The President also performs many state and public duties not prescribed by law, e.g., promoting public associations and agencies and hosting official delegations and guests. Past presidents as well as the incumbent have turned the President's Residence into an emblem of Jewish national and cultural unity. It houses the Diaspora Research Group, the President's Fund (assistance in special cases of need), and the Amos Fund (to encourage scholars and authors and the publication of special books).
Why in hell is Israel's president giving a grant to someone who is pushing Alice Bailey?
The fact that Israel's President has helped to publish this "special" book that promotes such teaching.... Unfortunately, it fits right in with the other evidence you've been distributing about our leaders betraying the Jewish state, religion and people.
What this small example will do, along with the following comments, is provide your readers with a plausible motive for why Israelis and other Jews are colluding in our own destruction.
***This came really close to being included somewhere. I have an eye-witness to the JFK Jr. murder.***
re JFK Jr.
At the time his plane went down, I was living in Massachusetts.
Kerryville. The state has gone under.
On the particular day, I heard the news.
A reporter who was on the island, was quoted as having seen the plane come down to land, and to have seen a flash on the plane. Next thing the plane went out of control and crashed into the sea below.
He was quoted on the internet saying this.
Having been a reporter, and having seen many other events go down [I get put in this situations, to witness, etc.] I decided to call the reporter in question.
Somehow I quickly reached him.
He repeated the story.
Next, the article disappeared from the internet, and no more report was made on the news which included any of the information from the eye-witness reporter.
Next, I noticed this disappearance of the article, and called the reporter back.
All of a sudden he no longer existed.
I couldn't find him no matter what I did, despite my having spoken to him hours before.
***I didn't publish the next two verifications of my reports on radiation experiments conducted on Sephardi children during the 50s because I thought I had written enough about this painful episode.
I saved the first correspondence because it is from Rabin's personal envoy to Arafat in 1994-5. I saved the second because it reinforces the first. I met numerous people who were victims of the poisonings. My landlady's mother is one, the supermarket checkout lady is another, my video studio owner's cousin is yet another. I almost wrote it all up. It was close.***
I met a man two weeks ago, we talked around some business things and became friends, started to talk some personal things, the man started to talk about his sick mamma,,, to make a long story short, his mother is one of the Moroccan children sprayed with Xrays if the early fifties, and I am about to meet her sometime.
I just met her at a congregation yesterday (Shabbat) and she admitted SHE TOO WAS A VICTIM OF RADIATION POISONING and SEPHARDIC! I told her ALL ABOUT YOUR REPORTS ON THIS SUBJECT, and that is how I knew about it. And I told her I started PRAYING FOR THESE VICTIMS...and here I MEET ONE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!
Wow, Barry, you're reporting REALLY IS ON TARGET!
***Some good observations about the inner workings of the Likud. But not enough to fill a page.***
I am also curious as to what you know about Uzi Landau.
I think he is working with Sharon's handlers to keep the Likud party from falling apart. if not for landau there would be actual rebellion in the Likud party. as long as landau is there, no one else can become the leader of the internal opposition. landau is all talk and no action and he is preventing anyone else from taking action. Landau, and on a smaller scale, Feiglin, are making sure the party will survive and will be able to continue its rule of deception.
***I just don't want to overwhelm my readers with the issue of Sabbataianism. I never stay on one issue for long enough to become obsessed or boring, and this Sabbataian business is not an easy sell. But it's the real thing as many of my best sources are discovering.***
Dear Barry,
I hope my letter in in yours hands already.About Von Sebottendorf, I have to enlighten you a bit.
On basis of a book written by him whose name is "Operative practical of the Old Turkish Free Masonry" ( Die Praxis der alten T?rkischen Freimaurerei-der schlussel zum verstandnis der alchimie-eine darstellung des rituals, der lehre, der erkennungzeichen orientalischer freimaurer, published by "Theosophisches verlaghaus Leipzig"), it it is well indicated that the real name of Von Sebottendorf was Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer, son of a driver of locomotive, born in Hoyerswerda in Saxe on 8 november 1875.In 1911 he took the Turkish nationality, and following the Turkish law, should have been adopted by the baron Heinrich von Sebottendorf who made him his universal heir. He became a member of the order of the Germans ( GermanenOrden). End 1917, named chief of the Bavarian branch of the Order, he lives in Munchen and funds the Thule Gesellschaft ( Thule Order).He has to quit Munchen in july 1919 and never will complete a political role. The beobachter was bought by Sebottendorf in july 1918 became in august 1919 the famous antisemitical paper "Volkisher Beobachter" At he very same moment, the corporal Adolf Hitler was becoming member of the board of the comit of he Zocialist party of the Labor force which has narrow links with Thule. In 1920, sebottendorf became publisher in chief of the "astrologische Rundschau" and will feed a few years yet the astrologische library of Vollrath-he was one of the known astrog in Germany. In 1923, he came back in Turkey and come regularly in Germany. In 1934, he is arrested. In 1945 he died - drowned in Turkey.
***A triumph for a stubborn correspondent. During the recent Rabin Memorial days of lies, my reader got a letter of truth published by the Jewish Telegraph of Manchester and Glasgow.***
Who are we? "Rabin hate still lingers" (October 29) referred to recent graffiti "We killed Rabin. We'll kill Sharon too". But who are "we"? There is much evidence indicating that who "we" are is still far from clear. For example:
1. Yitzhak Rabin walking away totally unhurt from Amir's "shots", when he should have fallen as if poleaxed if he had really been shot in the spine as claimed.
2. The absence of a single drop of blood at the scene.
3. The "incompetence" of the 20 bodyguards attached to Rabin in allowing Amir a clear "shot".
4. The shouting by the bodyguards of "blanks, blanks", "it's not real", "it's only caps", and "it's only an exercise" immediately after the shots were heard.
5. The total absence of any trace of metal particles or gun powder on Amir's hands - an absolute impossibility if he had fired real bullets, but consistent with firing blanks.
6. How bodyguard Yoram Rubin really came to be shot in the elbow.
. How Rabin's limousine had an unidentified fourth occupant.
8. How Rabin's chauffeur Menachem Damti took 22 minutes to travel the 600 metres to Ichilov Hospital.
9. How the medical reports and Israeli police forensics state that Rabin was shot in the chest by three bullets fired point-blank, one being from the front, not two fired at a distance from behind as claimed by the Shamgar Commission, as well as numerous other ballistic inconsistencies and evidence tampering.
10. Yigal Amir's service as a Shabak agent in Latvia and the roles of Shabak agent-provocateur Avishai Raviv, the then head of Shabak Carmi Gillon's presence in France at the time of the shooting and in the month leading up to it, and of Eli Barak, head of its "Jewish Department".
11. The role of Rabin's secretary in clearing out Rabin's safe immediately after the shooting and the theatric public displaying of the fake-blood-soaked "Song of Peace" song sheet.
12. The release only after two months of the Kempler video, and of the tamperings done to it etc.
Amnon Goldberg, POB 137, Safed, Israel.
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