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The following is a transcript from the Los Angeles-based TV talk Show, "Let's Talk...Paranormal."
The guest - Dr. Roger Leir - has extensively researched the controversial area of so-called "alien implants" and is interviewed by award-winning Show Host & Executive Producer, Tracie Austin-Peters.
Let's Talk Paranormal - LTP
Dr. Roger Leir - DRL
LTP: My guest this evening, Dr. Roger Leir, is known as a true pioneer in the field of Ufology, and he's also highly respected in many countries around the world for the magnificent work he does. I'm also very happy to say that he's a personal, dear friend of mine. Now, I know what you're going to say: is this man for real? And I have to say: yes he is. And are the implants for real, Roger?
DRL: They certainly are, Tracie.
LTP: Tell me a little bit more about them. How did you get involved with all of this?
DRL: Well, most of the things in my life have been one synchronistic event after the other, and I became interested in the field of Ufology many, many years ago, even as a child. But if someone had told me in my younger days that I would be removing objects suspected of being alien implants, I'd have told them they are nuts. But, anyway, the first case we did was August 19th of 1995. We did two cases of individuals who had objects in their bodies, who were represented by X-Ray evidence, and they were touted to be alien implants. And I did the surgery really to prove that this was nonsense.
LTP: Now, wait a minute...did these people come to you with symptoms in their bodies? You know: were they having pain?
DRL: The first two people who came to me, Tracie, were referred by someone else who was doing some research in the alien abduction field, and he was the one who showed me the X-Rays, and had touted them as being alien implants, and I thought this was utter nonsense. So I challenged him by simply saying, "Well why don't you take them out and we'll see what they are?" and he said, "Well, I think that the person would have that done, but unfortunately she doesn't have any money, and she doesn't have any medical insurance." And I said, "Well, where does she live?" He said, "She lives in Texas," and I said, "Well, I'll tell you what: you get her to California, and I'll do the surgery with no charge." He said, "You really mean that?" and I said: "Yes I do." So that's how the initial contact was made, and then over the next couple of weeks we had several telephone conversations, and he came up with another individual who had an object in the back of his hand, and I asked him to send me the X-Rays so that our radiologist could look at it. He did, and I asked a general surgeon friend of mine if he would be willing to do this case. So, anyway, on August 19th we did these few cases.
LTP: So, the question is: how do these foreign objects get inside someone's body that apparently has no entry?
DRL: Yeah, that was common to all the 10 surgeries we did: there was no entry wound, and there was nothing out of place. We looked high and wide with magnification for a scar or some evidence where this went in, and we couldn't find anything. But, if you have a technology which is advanced enough to get here from somewhere else or through somewhere else...because we don't really know whether these are extraterrestrials, or inter dimensional, or time travelers or all the if you have that kind of technology then perhaps you have the ability to enter into a living body and put something in, or take something out without physically interrupting the molecular structure of the skin or other tissues.
LTP: So, why are these objects there? What is the purpose, do you think?
DRL: Well, after considering this over a number of years, Tracie, I've come to the conclusion that these objects are there for genetic-monitoring purposes. I believe that for thousands of years the human race has been genetically manipulated. And I did a study recently of seventeen functional growth characteristics in children and compared them over a forty year period, 1947 to 1987, and found that there was a sixteen to eighty percent accelerated change, and that is a lot for that short period of time. Now, why is this happening? Is it evolution? I think not, not for that short period of forty years. The next biggest area, then, has to be the environment. So, we look at all the environmental factors, depletion of the ozone layer, bombardment with more cosmic rays and other high-energy particles: could that do it? Is it television? Is it the food? Is it pollution of the atmosphere? Well, in the first place, if you look at these on a geographical level, these changes are worldwide; so we have a myriad of different changes that are going on in the environment, but yet these statistics remain the same. So if the child survives, then these statistics become true. So, I rule out environment, and if you rule out environment, and you rule out evolution, this only leads to two other possibilities. Is it an act of God? And if you're satisfied with that, yes, it's an act of God. And if you're not satisfied with that - if you have more of an inquisitive mind ñ then the only other possibility is that the human race is being genetically manipulated; and which takes us back to why have an implant in the human body. There have been other theories that have been put forth, like devices so that they can track the individual - which was recently seen in Steven Spielberg's "Taken." Or are they devices for measuring changing chemicals with pollution in our bodies? Now, I don't think it's either one of those. I think that it has to do with monitoring genetics.
LTP: Really? What did you think when you first removed these objects? Did you think: "What do I have here?" Because it's obviously undergone tests. What are these things made of?
DRL: Yes, well, you're more than inquisitive when you go into someone's body, and I've been doing this surgery on the foot for thirty-seven years. During that time, Iíve removed a lot of things...Coral, paper, hair; you name it, Iíve taken it out of the foot. But when you go in and you go into a place and there's no scarification, and then you remove a "T" shaped object that's wrapped in this very strange, tight-clinging, glove-like membrane, gray in color, then you take a surgical blade and you try to cut through it and it won't cut, hey, this is different. This is something other than what we remove. Then, of course, we went to the other side of the toe and removed another object which was a little "cantaloupe seed" shaped object covered in this strange membrane, and we tried to cut through that one and it wouldn't cut through. And then we went on to do a gentleman and removed an object from the back of his hand, and it turns out to be exactly like the one we removed from the lady. That's mind-boggling in itself. And it was covered with the same strange, gray, tight-fighting, well-organized membrane.
LTP: My goodness.
DRL: And, you can't cut through it with a surgical blade.
LTP: So, how many implant removals have you done to date?
DRL: Well, to date we've done ten surgeries, which have produced eleven objects, and one of these turned out to be an ordinary piece of bottle glass. But when I say "ordinary" I should explain it's an expensive piece of bottle glass. Maybe it wasn't expensive when the company made it, but it was expensive to find out what it was. It had some interesting properties, and one was that it contained sulphur, and most glass does not contain sulphur. So we tracked this to one batch of glass of medicinal bottles, and that's what came out of this lady's foot. Now, she was an abductee; so it was just that this object was working its way out and was not an implant. But the others have all been found by scientific laboratories to be very, very interesting.
LTP: And I believe from your research that so many of your objects have been found on the left side of the body; and then the more recent surgery was on the right side of the body. Why do you think that is the case?
DRL: Well, I think that proves that if you're going to do a scientific study that you shouldn't jump to conclusions. Yes, we did have nine objects that came out of the left side, and number ten came out of the right side. So perhaps if we do another ten or another hundred, we'll have a greater statistic, and it'll be a lot more accurate.
LTP: What do the patient's say once you remove these objects? I mean: are they totally bewildered?
DRL: Well, you've got to remember that part of the criteria and protocols that A&S Research have to set up to do the scientific studies, is that - preliminarily - the individual has to have two things going for them. They have to have some exposure to the UFO phenomena, and number two: we do not like individuals to have undergone regressive hypnosis prior to the surgery. So whatever they have as a conscious memory has to serve time into the area of research and how do they feel. We have two that were examined by our psychological team, and two that said something that was very interesting: that after removal of these objects they had a new found feeling of freedom. Now, you can ask me what that means. Well to this day I don't have a clue, but it's interesting that two people say the same thing.
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