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A senatorial candidate in the 2004 election is suspected of suppressing vital information regarding the electronic manipulation of votes in the 2000 elections. This system of fraud, if still in place, can be used again in the 2004 general election this coming Tuesday, November 2.
Dr. Piotr Blass, a U.S. senatorial candidate in the state of Florida, is reported to be withholding evidence which reveals details regarding the manipulation of votes using the names of individuals who have been placed on the felons list. This is the charge being leveled by Jeff Fisher, who is himself a democratic congressional candidate for Florida's 16th congressional district.
Mr. Fisher believes Dr. Blass is denying the public this crucial evidence in order to protect Joseph Klock, an attorney who facilitated the release of Dr. Blass' son from an abusive treatment center. Mr. Klock was, coincidentally, the attorney for former congresswoman Katherine Harris who was the Secretary of State during the contested 2000 Florida recount which helped put George W. Bush in the White House.
"Dr. Blass obtained this information when he was on the staff at Bay Point School," Fisher stated. Bay Point School is a juvenile correctional facility in the Miami area. "I was told the school is a suspected training ground in computer science and programming for juvenile delinquents who manipulate electronic voting, without a true audit trail. It is believed that this activity is taking place not only there but in several schools like these nationwide. If true, then Bay Point School could be the Florida connection."
Fisher alleges the school has direct connections with Joseph Klock, and that Blass informed him that his loyalty to Klock is more important than the truth about how the 2000 election was manipulated, and how it is possible for a repeat to occur in the upcoming November general election.
"This is unacceptable and, in my opinion, borders on treason," said Fisher, who was visibly upset that someone might help cover-up more election fraud in Florida. "Over the last few days I have been in direct contact with progressive investigative journalist Greg Palast of, with the information that was supposed to be delivered to Greg Palast," he added. "But the sender was told by Dr. Blass not to send it. I then informed Greg's senior researcher, Mr. Oliver, about this critical development. I have had partial information in my possession for the past three months. Unfortunately, Dr. Blass has prevented me from releasing it to the general public."
Fisher stated that Dr. Blass claimed his ex-wife had their son falsely imprisoned in a facility called Growing Together, located in Lake Worth, Florida. "Dr. Blass implored me for help to get his son released, which I was able to do without any thoughts of compensation whatsoever," Fisher said. "Then, during the next few months, Dr. Blass began telling me of this vital vote tampering information. Together, we developed a plan to get this information to John Kerry, and Dr. Blass asked me to contact Mr. Kerry through Charles Figley, a campaign liaison."
According to Fisher, those failed efforts influenced Dr. Blass to seek assistance from Klock.
"Dr. Blass is obstructing justice by withholding vital vote tampering information. I would greatly appreciate the help of the American Civil Liberty Union or a competent vote fraud investigator to address a serious and potentially ongoing voting problem in Florida..
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