Waking The Left Up To
Skull And Bones

By Chuck Zlatkin
The world is still here, so I can continue to wonder about how my friends, who once agonized about having to vote for John Kerry, and are now happy about voting for him. I think when you have the need to be on the winning side against Bush; you can even convince yourself that you really like him. Kerry supported the war in Iraq, along with NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and so on and so forth. Kerry is called a liberal as Clinton was, but really he follows the Democratic Leadership Council line. That line was once called Republican. It will be a heavy price to pay when John Kerry,s version of anybody but Bush, turns out to be surprisingly close to the original.
I will assume that you are really knowledgeable about the issues. I am confused as to how are you not terribly concerned about the fact that both George W. Bush and John F. Kerry are blood brothers in the most exclusive secret society?
The Skull and Bones Society admits only fifteen new members each year. So if you figure that the average new member is 21 years old when tapped there can,t even be as many as 800 living members in the world.
What is the population of the United States now? According to the Census Bureau PopClock at the current population is 294,423,981.
Do you really think that the odds would point to the two presidential candidates coming from the same secret society with not even 800 living members?
When I talk to people about this I always ask them how much they really know about the Skull and Bones Society? They usually say not that much. Most people that I know are left of center and so am I. But being left of center didn,t stop me from reading "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones: Investigation Into America,s Most Powerful Secret Societies by Antony Sutton, Howard Altman, Kris Milligan, Dr Ralph Bunch, Anton Chaitkin & Webster Griffin Tarpley, Edited by Kris Milligan. Published 2003.
Last night Norman "Nobody Sommer called me. He is the founder and president of the Umbrella Movement to Counteract the Right. Its web site is and you might see why what he has to say interests me (at least Alan Colmes credited me when he lifted my name). Sommer claims he got the phrase from his granddaughter and it was all innocent. As Sommer pitched me to get involved with his movement, I got into conversation with him about Kerry. Sommer is an erudite, politically astute gentleman. But when I asked him how much he knew about the Skull and Bones society, he mentioned that he didn,t know much. I,m going to send him a copy of Milligan,s book.
When it comes to understanding who the powers-that-be are and what they do, I have found much valuable information from the work of Alex Jones. Jones uncovers plenty. He filmed inside the Bohemian Grove compound showing all the world what depravity goes on there. I would recommend going to Alex Jones two websites and to witness for yourself what Jones make available to you. I would also suggest seeing "American Dictators by Alex Jones and Kevin Booth. In this videotape Jones makes a strong argument that we are a lot further along the road to fascism than most of us want to admit.
Alex Jones is a broadcaster out of Austin, Texas. I,m afraid that too many people on the left are unable to hear what Jones is telling them. Alex Jones is a 2nd Amendment, anti-abortion, United Nations-fearing, Christian patriot. He also is unrelenting in his quest for the truth about those who wish to enslave us. Jones,s personal beliefs didn,t stop Cynthia McKinney from respecting him for the truth that he has unearthed, and it doesn,t stop me, either.
I would submit to you that requiring people to pass litmus tests before we allow them to share truth with us, is a true failing of much of the left. I remember when "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin was originally published, many people on the left doubted the work or ignored it completely because of the authors rumored association with Lyndon Larouche. How foolish. Tarpley and Chaitkin,s work was groundbreaking. You can check it out for yourself. It is available for free on the web at and by the way Lyndon Larouche is supporting Kerry.
I haven,t really changed, in the sense that I still feel much more comfortable with sources from the left. But what am I supposed to do when Noam Chomsky, Ronnie Dugger, Barbara Ehrenreich, Richard Falk, Jim Hightower, Saul Landau, Michael Lerner, Manning Marable, Robert McChesney, Marcus Raskin, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Studs Terkel, Harvey Wasserman, and Howard Zinn have all joined the Kerry for President movement?
I have been predicting that Kerry would be the next president for some time. Ever since Kerry joined with the leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties, Michael Moore and Al Sharpton to stop the Howard Dean juggernaut, it has been clear to me that Kerry was the chosen one.
The race will stay nip and tuck until Election Day. When Kerry wins much of the left will be thrilled. Celebration will take the place of organization for some time. The Kerry honeymoon will give the powers-that-be some time to further the agenda. I am afraid that by the time the left wakes up as to whom Kerry really is, the war will be widened and the reinstitution of the draft will be in place.
What is our alternative? I have looked far and wide for a strategy that doesn,t lead to the coronation of Kerry or Bush. Unfortunately, all I can come up with is a first step. It is time to draw a line in the sand. No more pro-war candidates. No votes for evil even lesser ones. It is time take a stand against the powers-that-be, let them know that we are no longer fooled; we know who they are and what they are doing. Join me in the ultimate protest vote on November 2nd and vote for yourself. People laugh when I tell them that. But I,m not kidding. When you vote for evil it is a Faustian deal. You may tell yourself it is benign but it is truly is not. The reason that John Kerry has not repudiated Skull and Bones, is a simple one, he doesn,t want to do so, and even if he did, he couldn,t and still be president.



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