A Missed UFO Becomes
Centerpiece For Evidence
A Review of "Visitors: California UFO Wave"

DVD Review By James Neff
Imagine you're conducting a documentary interview with someone who has been experiencing possible alien abduction, but also has an astonishing number of excellent UFOs on video. You complete your video interview and head off for home only to have your cell phone go off to hear frantic voices, "Get back here! Get back here!" You return only to find that as soon as you left, your subject stepped out on the back porch and casually caught superb footage of a daylight triangle slowly moving through the sky!
 Patrick Uskert  David Sereda Rev. Mark Olsen 

Well, that's precisely what happened to Patrick Uskert during the making of the UFO documentary Visitors: California UFO Wave (David Sereda/Graviton Productions) featuring sightings from Senoma to Venice, CA. And the entire real time event is captured on tape. This is just one stunning moment in this excellent DVD presentation every UFO aficionado should have in his or her collection and personal database of UFO materials.
Visitors contains some of the most striking UFO footage taken to date; from Pat's own Venice, CA video of a shimmering silver domed disc (you may recall seeing it featured here at along with Pat's follow-up "Mylar Balloon" test mpg's) traversing the sky in broad daylight, surrounded by a vivid, spinning energy field, to the repeated encounters by Rev. Mark Olsen in Senora, CA -- whose brother evidences certain markings on his back now common with abduction cases. This is where the evidence for super-intelligence associated with these craft becomes crystal clear. Rev. Olsen and his brother were clearly under some kind of surveillance by these UFOs -- but for the rarest of the rare, a daylight triangle, to be captured the very day Uskert and Sereda show up to interview Olsen makes it all the more evident. Coincidence? Chance? Not on your life! It was almost as if the event was being orchestrated by someone to maximize the proof, and it sure wasn't by Uskert, Olsen or Sereda! The altitude alone of the daylight triangle places it beyond the possibility of being fake. The clarity of the image with comparative shots of planes and helicopters demonstrates it's nothing like conventional aircraft. The three bright orbs traveling in perfect formation (no blinking FAA lights) even passes behind several small pine tree branches giving a stunning perspective to its obviously gargantuan size and distance. This is quite simply put the best daylight triangle footage ever captured.
The production value and presentation by David Sereda is top notch, and Sereda puts forth a convincing case for all you quantum physics-fans with excellent postulations on the propulsion systems possibly used by these craft, which appear to be capable of hyper/inter-dimensional travel. There's no shortage of outstanding UFO footage in this documentary, including some of the best and most inexplicable NASA/STS shots of massive saucers encircling our fair, blue planet, some very clearly materializing out of nowhere, or dematerializing into another dimension.



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