Dan Aykroyd
Unplugged On UFOs
Famed Improvisational Comedian/Actor Flexes His Intellectual
Muscles In This World Class Interview on UFOs, Quantum Physics & More
DVD Review

By James Neff
I was fortunate enough to see a rough cut of the forthcoming Graviton Productions "Dan Aykroyd - Unplugged On UFOs." Aykroyd, long known to be a free-thinker and proponent of UFO reality (in addition to excellent actor and famous improvisational comedian) really weaves a mind boggling thread or two in this fascinating, highly charged interview conducted by David Sereda. Definitely not just for the eggheads, you'll find yourself hearing about and understanding cutting edge issues of quantum physics which are now practically inextricable from the UFO phenomenon and which must be faced if we plan to step gracefully into the 21st century mind-culture on the issue of extraterrestrial visitation, as well as earth-bound endeavors in the race to discover anti-gravity propulsion. Do we already have this technology? And if yes, is it the result of back engineered alien recovery from crashes or intercepts? Sereda and Aykroyd examine the present state of affairs, geopolitically and scientifically, including a very interesting discussion of The Hutchison Effect, with several remarkable film examples of antigravity in action.
Aykroyd displays an encyclopedic knowledge of both physics and UFO history/culture, and bends thoughts and possibilities in ways only he could do, and at times with an uncomfortable (even to Dan!) sense of dark humor for which he is world renown. Who are they? What are they? Why are they here? How do they come and go? Are we their future lunch? Are they here to save us from ourselves? Or are we going to step right into the Twilight Zone and experience a cosmic hoodwink? Sereda masterfully intrigues Aykroyd with all the right elements, and Dan just pours forth an unabashed, intellectually inspiring examination of the big issues in UFOlogy like a seasoned professor. There's not a dull moment in this superb interview which is interspliced with fascinating UFO footage and visuals. Aykroyd comes across as an old soul, with insights and understanding of truly Renaissance proportions.
There is even a shocking personal revelation and experience as told by Aykroyd that will leave you with the hair standing up on the back of your neck! But you'll have to see the DVD to find out what that's all about. No spoiler here. But believe me, it's quite a remarkable encounter with forces we'd just as soon pretend don't exist in order to sleep at night. To hear it from Dan's own mouth makes it all the more riveting and convincing. This DVD will make you think and you'll find yourself rolling the conversation over in your mind many days after you've put it back in the case. A definite must-have for any serious UFOlogical library.
The DVD will be available in November from
Thanks to Pat Uskert and Graviton for the sneak peak!



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