The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 63

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Some puzzle over the substance of this strange, purported document. It seems to ring true. Judge for yourself.
Origin: 6/1997.
De-Classification date: 6/2027
Password creator: Microsoft
Russian team leader:_____________________.
British team head consultant: Dr. David Kelly MI-6.
Detonation team totals:___________________
Paymasters: J.P. Morgan Chase; Bank of Nova Scotia; RBS Coutts,
A. Fisher; Carlyle, Frank C.. Carlucci;
National Commerce Bank, Saudi; Riggs Bank.
Guernsey lockbox:_______________________
Vanuatu lockbox_________________________
Media legend facilitators
To CNN: L. King.
To ABC: J. Bamford.
To NBC: A. Mitchell.
To CBS: J. Roberts.
To Fox: J. Ellis.
Delivery truck legends: FedEx
Final test dates: 9/8-9/2001
Seventh basement legends: routine check-up
Upper half temporary power cut-offs: electric inspections.
Limited hang-out: NRO mock-attack same schedule time.
Consultants compartamenting: Evanston and Arizona.
Prior options: Chicago Mercantile Exchange; Chicago Board Options Exchange; via Luxembourg. AMR via Boren. UAL via ER. Odigo/AmDocs. Bank Hapolim.
Secure metal removal/disposal: Sun M. Moon Enterprises, George H.W. Bush, consultant; Korean CIA. Legends supplied by Washington Times.
Reimbursed prior consultants: Hillary Rodham Clinon; Rudolph W. Giuliani.
Gold removal beneficiary: COMEX.
Airplane school legend: Warren Buffet, owner.
Still puzzled? More coming. Stay tuned.
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