Another Jew Speaks Out
Against Zionism

By Terrell Arnold
Note - The following is a reply to 'An Outrageous Invasion Of American Diplomacy' by Terrell Arnold
Dear Terrell E. Arnold at . -ed
Elias Davidsson
Reykjavik, Iceland
I wish to thank you for your thoughtful article "An outrageous invastion of American diplomacy". I am one of those "self-hating Jews" who consider it a honor to be designated in such terms by people who are not capable to engage in rational debate.
While I fully agree with your reasoning, I believe that it does not go far enough. It is not sufficient to defend those who criticize Israeli policies from the slur of antisemitism. It is necessary to expose Zionist organisations who operate freely in the United States and West European countries, as racist organisations which should be banned by law. According to the International Convention on the Abolition of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, to which most Western democracies are Parties, states are under the obligation to outlaw racial discrimination as well as organisations which promote racial discrimination.
The Jewish National Fund is an agency conferred constitutional status in Israeli legislation by a Basic Law. The JNF is an agency whose Charter mandates it to develop the land of Israel for the sole benefit of Jews. The JNF is thus conferred by the legislator in Israel to deal with rural and urban development to the exclusion of the non-Jewish citizens and residents of the state. Such activities are deemed racial discrimination under international law. Furthermore the denial by the Jewish state to allow non-Jewish refugees to return to their erstwhile homeland is a gross and blatant form of racial discrimination, for this denial is uniquely grounded on the fact that the refugees are not Jews.
American Zionist organisations collect regularly funds to be transferred both to the JNF, support the aims of the JNF, and support by various means the existence of the racist nature of the State of Israel. I wonder whether the US legislator would accept to give tax-deductible status to overseas organisations would include in their Charter provisions of a discriminatory nature against members of a specific national or religious denomination, let alone when such organisations undertake in practice a government function (The JNF is not to be compared to a charitable foundation of say some Church organisation or a Jewish school in a secular state. It enjoys specific constitutional status and privileges in the "Jewish" State) ?
I urge you to call for the prohibition of tax-deductible status of Zionist organisations in the United States on the ground that such organistions support or endorse racial discrimination.
If you need more details on the JNF, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Elias Davidsson
Reykjavik, Iceland




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