The Man Who Doesn't
Need Liberty

From Ted Twietmeyer
It's Christmas time, and a gentle snow is falling in New York. A picturesque Currier and Ives winter scene, like something from a James Stewart movie. A man, who just happens to have the name John McCainn, is visiting his friends in New York City. He's just come back from a party in Manhattan, where glasses clinked and banged together, and happiness and laughter were unbridled. Celebrating another year about to come to a close. John is exhausted, and along with his wife collapses backwards on the bed in the 5 star hotel. They kick their shoes off and stare at the ceiling, heads spinning from too much Christmas cheer. Without warning, the room lights go out. Several loud bangs are heard at the door and then it blasts open. A flash grenade explodes and men wearing black boots, black uniforms, helmets and black ski masks are barge into the room. Fashlights attached to their weapons shine beams of light through the smoke. Tey begin yelling "get down on the floor, get down now ! Get down there now !"
But John and his wife can't move that fast at their advancing age, and strong arms toss them to the floor. His wife suffers a broken nose as she hits the floor face down. John's arm is wrenched out of it's socket and he screams in pain. A voice yells "SHUT UP NOW or you'll be hurt more." John obeys, and he and his wife are in so much fear they wet their clothes, when they are told they are under arrest by Homeland Security as enemy combatants and they have no rights. More fear shakes them to their very soul, than all the terrible things that ever happened in their lives put together. John knows what's about to happen, because he and many others previously supported the legislation to make it all lelgal and possible. But now it's too late to think about that.
John and his wife are gagged with a rubber ball in their mouths, secured by a cord tied behind their heads. Black bags are forcibly placed over their heads as they are painfully handcuffed behind their backs. Their captors do not want to hear their pleas. John's custom fitted tuxedo and the $2,000.00 designer dress his wife is wearing, are now completely out of their minds. Surviving what's coming is all they can think about now. What have they done to deserve this ? Thoughts about the thousands of people in US prisons that were released after DNA tests proved them innocent, fills their minds. "But who will us out" they both think. No one will be allowed to speak of this "event" at the hotel under federal law. No lawyers will intervene, and they could be kept indefinitely. But this is America and this can't happen here, right ?
The two enemies of the state are now taken out of the hotel room, still in their bare feet. After a short trip on the elevator they are dragged out into the street, like a deer hunter drags his prey to his pickup truck in the woods. It's a beautiful night, yes, but it's also 5 above zero. John and his wife are thrown like last week's trash, into the rear of a black truck they cannot see. There are no markings, just a federal license plate. The steel floor is ice cold and painful to the feet, and the benches where they sit are just as cold. With no coats, the doors slam shut trapping in the winter air.
The truck begins to move. Since they cannot see anything at all they are constantly banged around like rag dolls inside, at very traffic light and stop sign. After what seems like forever, the vehicle comes to a stop and the yelling begins again when the doors open. Suddenly they are standing on concrete with no snow. The black hoods are removed and they are now inside a Homeland Security detention facility, hidden away from public view. Neither one can talk yet because of the gags. They hope the last people that these gags were used didn't have any communicable diseases. But this will be least of their problems. John knows where they were taken to, because he helped support the legislation to build it. Now he has new reservations, but it's too late for that now.
These enemy combatants are dragged to individual isolation cells at opposite ends of the building and the rubber ball gags are removed. A bucket is tossed into the room by a guard for use as a toilet. "Any talking or noise from you and the bucket will be removed, and you can use the floor instead" he warns. The stark unpainted concrete is not meant to be pleasant. After what seems like hours, John's wife is dragged from her cell. Her husband can hear her pleas for mercy down the concrete corridors, but the captors were already trained to ignore it. She is led into an interrogation room, and told that there are no rights, lawyers or liberties of any kind for her. She is advised to cooperate fully.
Then someone else enters the room who looks like a doctor. He unfolds a rolled up cloth, and she sees the tools of his trade - all designed to inflict the most pain. Some of these tools still have blood on them from the last "interrogation." She screams when the man selects the first tool and picks it up, and her husband John hears it at the other end of the building. He breaks into tears, drops to his knees and prays like he never before in his life, and begs God for mercy upon her. He begs for an answer as to how this could happen, here, in America.
The above story, although fictional, can easily happen to ANYONE, even YOU. Mistakes ARE made all the time in "law enforcement." Some mistakes are intentional as well - such as when a vendetta takes place. What happens, if its YOU ? What about YOU being incarcerated ? No, not like television where a lawyer always gets you out. No, in Patriot Act 2 ALL liberties are suspended for everyone, indefinitely. That bill is still floating around on Capitol Hill. For now, they haven't voted on it because of an uproar about it. We must demand that this fascist bill be CANCELLED for good. Patriot Act 1 did enough damage. Patriot 2 with secret trials AND executions, will completely destroy what liberty we have left.
This is the dark side of NWO sanctioned "social engineering." This act isn't to punish terrorists, but to punish law abiding citizens and do what people like Stalin called, a purge. It is the mechanism to do a Stalin-like purge - right here in America. I've spoken out - what about you ? Do you think it's someone else's job to do it ? Be sure to remind yourself of this, when you're sitting in that cell, listening to your loved one being tortured for days on end - when they scream until no sound can no longer come out. Don't act, and this will indeed be our future. If you think I'm paranoid - do remember the woman in the news a few months ago, that died of a heart attack in her own home when her door was kicked in by mistake by a Swat team ?
Can't happen here you say ?
Ted Twietmeyer



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