Jewish Group Hacks DC,
NYC & NJ Indy Media

Author: Vince
At around 11:00 p.m. EST, Sat. October 23, NJ IMC was redirected.
Visitors to are being
redirected to
As of 1:00 a.m. EST, October 24, visitors to DC IMC are being greeted with an audio message stating that "Indymedia hates Jews".
The right-wing Jewish Group claiming responsibility for the hacking is
Throughout, Saturday, October 23, visitors to NYC IMC
were being routed to right wing sites including
Currently, NYC IMC is back on line.
There is a post to their open Newswire on the subject .
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Jewish groups? 24.Oct.2004 05:40
Mike stepbystpefarm <a>
You have some sane reason to think that the "Protest Warriors" are a Jewish group? The link you provided is supposed to be some indication of that?
Before anyone gets pissed off at Vince... 24.Oct.2004 05:42
Anarcho link
Unfortunately, the Protest Warriors are an embarassment to the Jewish Community. Both founders are the product of a Hebrew school in Dallas. The origanization is fanatically Zionist and supports the IDF along with its genocide against Palestinians. The Protest Warriors joins a list of Jewish terrorist organizations, including the JDL, JDO, and ARA.



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