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Filer's Files #45 ­ 2004, Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President of Skywatch International
Webmaster: Chuck Warren
The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFO reports each week many represent factual UFO sightings in our skies. Fossils and structures on Mars are found. Further investigation of Saturn images.
UFOs were seen over Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, California, Washington, Canada, Argentina, UK/England, Scotland, Greece, and Australia. Remembering Betty Hill and her 'Star Map.'
LUNAR ECLIPSE: On October 27th and 28th, sky watchers on
six continents can see a total lunar eclipse. The Moon will turn a delightful shade of red as it glides through Earth's shadow. The event begins in the Americas on Wednesday night at 9:14 p.m. EDT and in Europe on Thursday morning at 01:14 GMT. Get the
full story from Science@NASA.
BIG SUNSPOT: Sprawling sunspot 687 grew impressively during the weekend. It is now nearly 10 times wider than Earth and poses a threat for strong
M-class solar flares. This picture of the 'spot (and surrounding active regions) comes from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on Oct. 24th: Thanks to Mitch Battros.
OJIYA, Japan -- As we predicted volcanic and earthquake activity has increased in the Pacific rim. Earthquakes hit Northern Japan, killing at least 23 people and injuring over 2000 people. A 6.8 magnitude quake flattened Ojiya a town of 40,000 about 160 miles northwest of Tokyo on October 24, 2004. Heavy aftershocks continue. Earlier in the month their was an earthquake in California. Volcanic activity also appears to be increasing. UFO activity has been reported over Mt. St. Helens, Washington and Krakatoa in Indonesia. Eleven typhoons and unusually hard hitting hurricanes have shown Mother Nature is upset.
Saturn, Investigation of Cylinder Image
Janet Bucci from Rhode Island MUFON writes, "Just thought you'd want to know that the cylindrical object captured by Cassini's camera at Saturn (shown in Filer's Files #44) is actually the moon Dione." It appears blurred due to Dione's motion being faster than the motion of the camera which was focused on Saturn's pole. Check out this site and you'll see what I mean.
Best regards,
Janet Bucci,
State Director,
MUFON, RI Chapter
Don Burleson writes, "Interesting image, that cylindrical object photographed in a photo-shot taken toward Saturn (if I understand the provenance of the photo correctly). I cropped the photo to the cylinder and did some computer enhancements including an edge-find, and got something like what you see in the enclosed attachment. Weird. In this form you're looking at an imaging artifact, of course, but it's based on the cylinder-photoimage itself and does show somewhat sharper shape etc. including those rounded ends.
All best regards,
Don Burleson,
State Director,
New Mexico MUFON
OHIO, Heavy UFO Activity
Many fragmented reports are being received from Ohio. I visited Ohio last week, but was unable to interview witnesses except for George Ritter and Diane Collins. Our motel owner indicated UFOs are frequently seen over Lake Erie.
Cleveland -- Kevin McCartney writes, "I have a tip for you. After listening to a local talk show called the Triv Show on WTAM in Cleveland October 7, 2004. They have been investigating some strange happenings in the local area here that past couple weeks." Today they set up about 10 or so telescopes to watch the skies. Anyway, one of the local TV stations (Channel 19) was at the event. They were reporting that on Saturday the Olmsted Falls Police department had a sighting of a UFO. The report claims that they have many pictures of the object and that there is at least one home video by a resident. When the station was putting the story together along with the resident with the home video, they suddenly decided not to comment on it. They were going to interview the person that took the video and she suddenly refused to talk and denied access to the video. They are now denying the incident.
It is my understanding from the report, that the police are the ones that took and posses the still photos of the UFO. A local police station with UFO pictures are pretty good testament, if you could pry them away. Maybe even the woman with the video, that I guess the police are aware of. Of course they may have confiscated the video by now. I thought you might be interested. I would sure like to know why they are hiding this! Mike Trivisano is the radio personality and Dawn Kindrick or Kidrick is the reporter from channel 19... if you decide to follow up on this one. Thanks, keep up the great work.
Kevin McCartney <
Olmsted Falls -- According to a police report, a Wainwright Terrace woman reported Sunday night seeing "something suspicious in the western sky and it was scaring her." The woman said the object was white and green in color. Using binoculars, several officers observed something in the sky "hovering with a round circle of oscillating red and green lights and were able to capture it on film," the report said. Police then spoke to an employee with Cleveland Hopkins Airport Operations, who said the airport had received several calls regarding the object, but there was nothing on the flight tower radar. About 20 minutes later, the airport worker called police back, saying he observed the object, as well, and it could be a satellite. However, the tower was still checking on it and as of Monday, the object had not been identified. Thanks to Diane Collins of Olmsted Falls. More photos at:
COLUMBUS , The following are viewer e-mails to NBC 4 after they saw a bright flash of light in the sky Sunday night in Central Ohio on October 25, 2004. At 11:20 p.m. over in the sky northeast of Pataskala Ohio, we just saw a strange flash of light, it was blue-green, it lit up our street and then orange smoke (was) in the sky.
I live off Holt Road in Grove City. As I was driving home this evening around 11:15 p.m., I saw a bright flash of light, looked up and saw what looked to be a streak of fire that quickly dimmed. At first I thought the flash of light was lightning, but then I saw the streak in the sky. I've seen "shooting stars," but this was extremely bright and I had never seen one "burning out" so clearly before. I was on I-270 driving and at approximately 11:18 p.m., I saw what was probably a large meteor that looked like it was traveling east and lit up the sky. Thanks to NBC 4.
FOSTORIA - George Ritter continues to take video of UFOs flying over the farm next door. Pictures of these UFOs have been taken by a several different types of cameras. The craft generally move 100 feet in one-thirtieth of a second indicates a speed of 2045 mph. I visited Ohio to meet with George Ritter, but unfortunately we had bad weather with heavy rain and fog not allowing me to film at his house. Photo 431 taken on September 22, 2004. Thanks to George Ritter.
We have other reports from Dave who claimed that Route 12, a south/north road out of Fostoria, Ohio, was blocked by "tons" of army trucks and traffic was being diverted. This activity was briefly referenced on the Cleveland UFO E-list by George Pindroh.
Michigan, A Bright Light
HARTLAND , The witness reports, "I noticed out my bedroom door window a very bright light hovering, too bright to be a star and it seemed to have a glowing field around it on September 23, 2004, 9:23 PM, so I woke up my boyfriend and had him come take a look." After watching it and knowing this was not normal, we got the video camera and caught it on tape, though the strange thing is, that sometimes you could see it with your eyes plain as day, but through the video camera you could only see a mist or force field. Then, it would become bright and show up on camera again.
We also caught two other lights (orbs) hovering close to the brightest one. One of the reasons we know it was not a star is because no other stars were visible on camera. There were clear skies and we could plainly see the real "stars". After about one hour of watching and taping, we decided to go to bed. That is when we really noticed how much it had moved from where we started watching it. It was amazing that it moved in such away. Not like anything we have ever seen, like a jet moving across the sky etc. It started about 3:30 AM until 5:00 am or longer, unfortunately we were too tired to stay awake. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
Tennessee , Flying Triangle
Kim Shaffer MUFON reports, "Witness reported that at 5:30 AM, on October 2, 2004, the witness was driving home when he noted what first appeared to be a fire on a ridge nearby." As he drove, he got closer and realized that it was not a fire at all but a series of three reddish orange lights affixed to the bottom of a huge triangular object. He neared an intersection and exited his car to watch the metallic craft as it approached from the north moving directly toward him. He noted his fear and started to run from his car but realized that there was nowhere to go. As the giant object passed overhead, it blocked out all the stars and he estimated the size to be some 300 feet in length.
The bottom of the craft was somewhat illuminated from the three flame-like, symmetrical appendages on the bottom and he described what appeared to be 'ribs' running across the bottom of the object. As it passed directly overhead, he was exposed to something which seemed to reverberate through his body. He stated that he felt many sensations all at once, but no description could be found for what he actually felt. He also noted the object made a pulsating/drumming-like noise which also passed throughout his body. The object passed him and suddenly turned west, without banking and moved behind nearby hills.
At this time MUFON Tennessee has determined that the possibility exists that this witness may have been injured by this "CE-2," or close encounter case. Witness has reported a metallic taste in his mouth today and nose bleeds. This may or may not be related to this close encounter. This preliminary report will be revised and edited as information becomes available. Remember, this is only the preliminary findings and must be investigated fully before any determinations are made. It should be also noted that this witness is a MUFON member and 100% honest and trustworthy. Thanks to Kim Shaffer MUFON Tennessee State Director
Wisconsin - Amazing 3 Huge Light Balls
PLOVER -- On September 22, 2004, at 9 PM, three friends were sitting out on the back deck and saw three bright light balls suddenly emerge just below one of the few clouds in the almost clear sky. They thought it was weird, that the lights were lined up in a row a few yards apart. They were about a thumb apart. They vanished from where they were hovering at that time. They reappeared again a few hundred feet west of the same spot and just hovered. They were gone again, reappeared to the east and just hovered. We were amazed and could hear the neighbors yelling about the lights. Then the lights vanished. About thirty minutes later they reappeared again, but in an 'L shape formation' and hovered again for a while then vanished. We don't understand completely what we have seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
TESTS CORNERS -- While returning home form work the witnesses observed three very bright lights in a formation which moved rapidly across the sky on September 25, 2004, 12:20 AM. They slowed moving from north to south, hovered briefly, then ascended straight up very rapidly. They were not in the area where the normal flight path for inbound MAKE traffic is supposed to be, and given the absence of any sound, could not have been a helicopter. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
Illinois - Ring Shaped Dark Craft
CHICAGO , The observer saw a circular shaped dark craft 30 degrees above the shore of Lake Michigan adjacent to downtown Chicago against a blue sky. The object was a circular or very short, hollow cylinder shaped dark craft moving above the shore of Lake Michigan that did not move or make a sound. It may have been about a mile away. We had just exited on 31st heading south from Lake Shore Drive to head back north on LSD to find parking for a Fire game. The craft was southwest from this location and there were no other craft visible in the area. It appeared to be 30-50' in diameter but there was no point of reference. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
SHUMWAY , The observer saw two bright lights that moved quickly then disappeared only to reappear in the sky approximately 1/4 mile on September 20, 2004, at 7:30 PM. Two large bright lights about 500 to 1000 feet high were flying north toward me. They, then, turned west and disappeared. The observer states, "Suddenly they appeared directly in front of me, flying directly toward me for a short time." There was no sound. The two lights were bright and large in a pair about 50 feet apart. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
Missouri -- Oval Bright White Shaped Object
LEVASY -- The witness was driving home on Highway 24 east and noticed to his left an odd shaped oval object was over an Army Ammunition facility on September 21, 2004, at 8:38 PM. It looked like a cat's eye on its side and the inner parts were a muted white color. It was like an illuminated jelly fish with a ring around it like you see on Saturn. The ring itself was very bright white. Off in the distance, I could see the moon and in comparison this object was larger and much closer. The driver pulled off to the side of the road to get a better look. For a while it just seemed to hover and descended somewhat in the sky and began to fly northwest. As it moved away, very slowly, it changed direction and changed shape as if I was seeing it from a different angle.
There were other witnesses because the highway was busy and I'm sure they had to see the same thing. It was moving away from me so I decided to head on home but for at least another ten miles I could see the thing in my rear view mirror. It was observed for over 15 minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, <>
Montana -- Numerous Elliptical Lights
SOUTH OF GREAT FALLS , Two witnesses report that it had rained all night on October 15, 2004, and was still raining, so he drove my 16 year old daughter to school at 6:55 AM. It was pitch dark, rainy, and maybe a little cloudy (hard to tell in the dark). They were driving down a gorge and at the bottom, they saw six elliptical "lights", all in a row, about windshield height, that appeared out of nowhere. I thought they were faintly yellow. My daughter thought they were white---not really bright, sort of like headlights in the fog brightness, but different shape. We both braced because we thought we were going to hit one. Then, just as suddenly, they seemed to go over us and were gone briefly. They reappeared one more time as we went up the hill and then we never saw them again. Thanks to Brian Vike,
Director HBCC UFO Research
California , Two Thin footballs
FT. BRAGG -- Two thin football shaped objects were seen flying towards a landfall from the northwest, by a couple at sunset on September 20, 2004, at 7:20 PM. The two silver and gold colored vehicles approached on two divergent paths, then the one closest to shore, changed it's course, and flew parallel to the other one. The couple observed them from the boatyard, while a friend saw them from Glass Beach. They hovered for two minutes, and then one craft flew off towards the southwest. The second one followed about one minute later. While hovering they looked triangular and silver. This is my second sighting in nine years. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
California - Fast moving UFO
UC-BERKELEY , The witness saw a fast moving UFO on September 20, 2004. It flew over Oakland to Albany in three minutes on September 20, 2004, at from 1:37 PM to 1:40 PM. Three images were captured as it flew by our position. It seems to have the same speed as a UFO appeared on November 03, 2000. I viewed it through a live view-cam from You can check the link, and I can send you the 3 pictures I captured!
((NUFORC Note: We have looked at the images, but have no idea as to the nature of the object. However, we are not convinced that the object is of extraterrestrial origin, and we have no reason to believe that it is traveling fast. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS --At 7:30 on Thursday, Oct. 21st a golden light was seen
hovering over the mountains in Northern California at 30 degrees above the horizon as being observed from the beach just South of Mt Madona. There were several witnesses including my brother, Jay Gilliiland. People were lined up along the coast observing the object which appeared several months ago in the same location. It was golden light which seemed translucent. There were no strobes, red or green running lights which are standard on other aircraft. It was a quarter the size of the moon. It hovered what was estimated to be directly over the fault line for around 20 minutes. While observing the light it became brighter changing from golden to bright white, then, just disappeared. There was no mention in any of the local papers or news media despite quite a few eyewitnesses. This has been a reoccurring event and if there were any other witnesses contact ECETI
Washington - Mount. St. Helens UFO
MOUNT ST. HELENS WEBCAM , A possible disk shaped UFO was caught on the webcam on the afternoon of October 20, 2004 at about 1:30 PM as stated on the webcam photo. It was sighted just above the new lava dome in the crater, just minutes after the prevalent steam plumes suddenly stopped. My theory is that the UFO entered the crater and perhaps the mountain itself and did something to halt the eruption of steam. Before the object appeared, the steam plume was building in height and size. The image is updated every five minutes with a five minute delay, so a lot could have happened between images, and there is no way to know whether the UFO is entering or leaving the location in the image. The image was not modified or enhanced except for resizing, and creating an enlarged insert of the crater with color saturation boosted, and sharpness enhanced. Thanks to Skywatch-International, To Become a Member of Skywatch-International, Click Below
Canada - Ten Witnesses To Egg Shaped Saucer
COLBORNE, ONTARIO -- On September. 26, 2004, at 2 AM. a bunch of friends were sitting in their backyard, and someone pointed out a bright light in the sky, so everyone started watching it, and everyone saw the same thing, that it was taking very sharp turns left, right, up down, doing circles, nothing that anyone would think a plane, or helicopter could do As well it was way up in the air, about an hour later, I happened to look out the corner of my eye, and I saw one that was a lot closer then this one, and it was doing the same thing, we did not hear any sounds, we grabbed a pair of binoculars and noticed what looked to be lights on it which were different colors, green red and I believe purple... this was the craziest thing I have or anyone has seen, I stared at these lights and noticed others as the night went on and was looking for more.
I and other people could not take their eyes off of these objects. I and two other friends stayed up until the sun came up and made them disappear in the light. I would really like to find out if it is possible what we saw or could have seen if it was not a sighting. But, it sure made for a very interesting night. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home - Phone 250 845 2189 email: Website:
LAPAMPA -- At the rural estate known as "Hucal", located to the south of the town of General Acha, La Pampa, a total of 3 mutilated Aberdeen Angus cows were discovered on August 6, 12 and 26 respectively. : October 6, 2004. The animals were missing their udders, ears, eyes, entire tongue and showed mutilations in their maxillaries. The incisions and the state in which the animals were found were similar to the ones in previous cases which totaled some 1500 beef cattle alone in the years 2002-2003. In this case, the owners presented a complaint to the police authorities of UR III, headquartered at the locality in question. Translation (C) 2004. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chaves.
DURHAM , The observer was out in his back garden looking for shooting stars when he saw an unusual star move across the sky on September 23, 2004, at 9:23 PM. It looked like a shooting star but lasted longer. It was not as bright as a normal shooting star and then curved around before disappearing. It traveled in an east-northeast to west-southwest direction. It was too fast for a satellite and it was the wrong direction for aeroplanes. Helicopters don't fly that high and usually have flashing lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
Scotland , UFO Video
FORTH ESTUARY IN FIFE -- Andy Wallace writes, "A colleague of mine took this rather interesting video this morning 22nd October 2004, around 8 AM. There appears to be two white, elongated objects traveling in the sky in a downwards, westerly direction for several minutes. We surmise most likely that the two objects were space debris, but they seem to move in unison to each other at a constant distance from each other. My colleague claims there were actually three of them at one point before the camera was brought out. They look similar to the space shuttle breaking apart. I hope you find something interesting here. WMV file attached. Thanks to Kindest regards, Andy Wallace.
Greece , Flying Triangle With Orange Lights
VLACHATA, KEFALONIA , The witness reports, "I wouldn't have believed it unless I had seen it, but I saw it on September 20, 2004, at 11 PM, with thunder, lightning, and heavy rain. I was on the balcony watching the storm with my girlfriend, when we both saw a triangular shaped thing pass about 150 feet in front of us. The craft seemed to be only about 10-15 feet across. It had no discernible colors except for three dim orangish lights at each corner. My girlfriend continued to watch it and I ran to get binoculars, and when I lifted them to view the thing it veered to the left and out of sight. It was in view for about 15 seconds.
This was not a plane, it was in contrast to what I have read since it was too slow and small. It was about 12 miles from the nearest airport and not in the flight path. It was flying about 50 feet from the ground. It was not ball lightning, or any kind or lightning. The electric lights in the apartment were flickering but only before the thing was seen. Although, this could be from the storm. It sounds really odd, but the craft seemed to be almost like one of those pictures that if you view it at the wrong angle it can't be seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
Australia - Invisible UFO
The witness reports, "Driving home through farm and bush areas, I looked off to my right and saw a strange disturbance in a paddock on September 21, 2004, at 1:20 PM." At first my stereo was turned up and I didn't notice the sound, however when I turned my stereo down, I still noticed a deep bass humming noise coming from the paddock. I got out of my car to have a closer look at the paddock and to see from where the noise was coming from, although on closer inspection I found there to be no machinery or any man-made instruments in the immediate area. Standing near the boundary of the paddock I felt like there was something present there, although nothing could be seen. There was, however, a large shadow moving around the paddock and the animals were avoiding the middle where this shadow was located.
Betty Hill Map of Space
My friend Betty Hill recently passed away. She was a great lady and will be missed by all. The story of Betty and Barney Hill is well known in UFOlogy; during a 1961 abduction, Betty Hill was shown a "star map" by one of the aliens, a map which she was able to later draw after hypnotic regression. The most promising interpretation of this map, made by Ms. Marjorie Fish in 1972, was that the aliens' home system was in Zeta Reticuli.
Joachim Koch and Hans-Juergen Kyborg have another interpretation of Betty Hill's map: that it is a view of our solar system at the time of the abduction, from a viewpoint slightly beyond Saturn, looking towards the sun. We believe that this interpretation fits more of the data than the Fish interpretation. We also believe, in the context of Mrs. Hill's abduction experience, that it is more rational for the alien to first use a display of the local solar system to determine Mrs. Hill's astronomical knowledge. See the complete study at:
Editor's note This interpretation of Betty's 'Star Map' if true; shows that intelligent life exists in our solar system and that UFOs are visiting Earth from relatively short distances.
Thanks to Joachim Koch and Hans-Juergen Kyborg
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