Fiery Object In Sky Photographed

From Rebecca Richardson
Hi There. The sunrise was beautiful sunday morning [10/3/04]. As I drove to walk my dog along the Columbia River, heading east in the direction of Mt. Hood [across from Portland, Oregon] I could clearly see a lighted object on the horizon which was large and unlike anything I had ever seen before. Although PDX is close by, the commercial jets flying past this object [much higher not visible in this shot] were leaving small contrails and looked nothing like this object. When we arrived to the dike to walk the five miles heading east, the object gradually moved off to the east and disappeared behind the mountainous hills in the Columbia Gorge. Unfotuantely, the only camera on me was my Coolpix 3700. I zoomed way out and so the quality of this photo is grainy.
This community was waiting for Mt. St. Helen's to erupt again that morning. I was happy to catch this strange light instead.
Rebecca Richardson
Greetings, Jeff
I witnessed this object last night,(or something extremely similar) from my mountain vantage point in the South Central Washington Cascades. There were several other objects of similar intensity to the west of my location, Lat.46.40 N, Long.120.543 W.
I contacted fellow STA Agent, Freedom, (Bonnie) by email last night in order to obtain a second verification of the sightings.
The Sky last night was exceptionally unusual in that many of the "twinkler-like" objects appeared to be absent. Additionally, there were a series of intense early evening cloud formations that I cannot recall ever having seen in this area.
However, outside the spectacular vista of the planets, these flaming objects were ubiquitous. Later in the evening, they appeared to be more intensely "White" and large, than "flaming."
By the way, Saturn was so unusually brilliant that one could nearly discern the rings without any optical aids. Even through a pair of 35X7 binoculars, the rings stood out exceptionally well. This, despite heavy chemtrail spraying earlier in the evening. Through the Telescope Saturn was spectacular! Additionally, through the telescope, the "flaming" object to the South east, moved at such a rate of speed that it was difficult to continue to track via the scope. My original estimate of the location of the object when first sighted from my position, was: 110 degrees S of E, and 25 degrees of Azimuth.
From my viewpoint, that would place it over the Columbia River or north Central Oregon, somewhere between the towns of Wasco and John Day.
Tampico, WA.



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