Fear The Coming Train

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By Lost Bleu
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The NWO's next big investment, under martial law, is the soon-to-be legalized transportation of human cargo for forced labor and execution via none other than independent contractors. I did not begin looking for a Bush/Cheney connection when I began researching this article, but I sadly ended up there. Some will argue with the following connections, but I believe that the connections are relevant and that a researcher with more time and resources could certainly make this a noteworthy endeavor. Thus, I leave you with the following:
A few years ago, I first learned of the camps. 600+ FEMA internment camps within these United States. They are what some are calling our future concentration camps. They are there, and there by executive order. It's a fact that cannot be denied. While researching the location of the camps, I was made aware that some, like the ones in Alaska, are only accessible by air and rail transportation. It was this fact that brought me to a new reality. A new found fear of trains.
Many researchers have cited the existence of over 107, white, UN railroad cars that have been built by independent contracters in the United States. These cars can hold dozens of prisoners and have, on numerous occasions, been shown to have 135 human shackes in each car. These would be the cars that FEMA would transfer such terrorists/dissidents to their forced labor, internment, or concentration camps. A terrorist who may have only been a peaceful protestor at the Republican National Convention. Or perhaps an individual who had an interest in the wrong book at the library. (A reference to the post 9/11 "What if America, Wasn't America?" line of commercials.)
Upon the instigation of martial law, FEMA's infamous "RED and BLUE" List, with over 6 million Americans marked for priority arrest, would determine the location of your camp and your fate. It would be the beginning of many more arrests to come. But even if you deny the existence of that list, this one fact cannot be ignored: someone, for some reason, would be on a train to a FEMA camp in a time of national emergency.
Speaking on anonymity, an employee of a manufacturer of railcars stated that Gunderson Rail Car Co. received a contract to build over 400 boxcars. These boxcars were ordered and paid for by the UN. They were white and they had shackles built into them. Shackles possibly for a brother, a sister, a mother, or you. Another company was making the boxcars as well. A company called Thrall Railcar.
Thrall Rail Car merged with Trinity Industries, Inc. in October of 2001 to form the Trinity Rail Group. For those of you who believe in David Icke's views on occult symbolism in corporate logos, I'll simply add that Trinity Industries has "3 pyramids" in their logo. If you don't, I'll also add that on the Board of Directors of Trinity Rail Group is Craig J. Duchossois. He is a heavy contributor to the Bush-Cheney 04, Inc. re-election campaign and labeled a Pioneer. A Pioneer is someone who has contributed more than $100,000 to the re-election campaign. Craig J. Duchossois is also Chairman of the The Chamberlain Group. A group that sells access and security products for homes and businesses around the world including biometrics.
Now the white boxcars sometimes have been cited to have such labels as "Kansas City Southern" on the side to make them appear more inconspicuous. Boxcars would typically have a number like CSXT 119626 on the side, which is a reporting mark indicating who owns the car and the number being how to route them. Perhaps the people ordering the boxcars, don't want you to know where you're going but simply who sent you there so you know before you die. I chose to find out now.
Kansas City Southern is a transportation holding company that has railroad investments in the U.S., Mexico, and Panama. KCS's rail holdings and investments are primary components of a NAFTA railway system that links commerical and industrial centers of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. One of KCS's Directors is Robert J. Druten. Druten is also the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Hallmark Cards, Inc. But why would a VP of Greeting Cards be on the Board of Directors for a Railroad Company? Hallmark coincidentally has been chosen every year of Bush's presidency to produce presidential holiday cards. Robert Druten along with Hallmark have also been making re-election campaign contributions to George W. Bush.
As previously stated, KCS has railroad investments in Panama. A country that George Bush Sr. invaded before Desert Storm under the pretext of Manuel Noriega's Drug Trafficking. Some say it was the practice invasion for Iraq. So what if KCS has offices in one of the largest drug smuggling ports in the world? If Bush Senior and Junior are truly tied up with KCS, it is entirely possible that key CIA drug smuggling has been primarily coming through our railroad system. From Panama, up through Mexico, into Texas, straight on to Houston, Dallas (a.k.a. Bush Central) all on KCS rail lines (along with Union Pacific).
On December 4, 2003, KCS announced in Pro-Homeland fashion that it has become a certified member of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program, which is run by U.S. Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security. It's important to note that one of the motivations for companies to participate in the CTPAT is that they will be rewarded with fewer customs inspections when their cargo arrives in the US. They are agreeing to "self assess" their security under the CTPAT guidelines in exchange for less custom inspections. Sounds like a great program. It almost sounds like letting a student grade his own homework, and for every "A" he gets to skip a day of class.
To further play devil's advocate, I believe this announcement simply places them under a more suspect connection to our government and FEMA control by establishing the history of a relationship with Homeland Security. Under executive order #11005 the government can take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities in a time of national emergency. Conveniently, all executive orders that would allot FEMA the ability to suspend the constitution are omitted from their own website in their own "executive orders" section. Why would they even want to control the rails? Why do they not want you to know they have that power?
During his role as governor of Texas, George W. Bush met with with Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo on multiple occassions. Incidentally in 2001, President Zedillo was appointed to Union Pacific's Board of Directors. He now has a seat on the boards of the Alcoa and Procter & Gamble corporations and a resume very similar to VP Dick Cheney. Oddly enough, Dick Cheney also served on the Board of Directors for Proctor & Gamble and served on Union Pacific's Board during Zedillo's presidency. What are the odds?
Due to a bad economy and poor leadership, Zedillo was bailed out by the Clinton Administration to save his administration. Conditions of the bailout required Mexico to deposit all of its export oil revenues as collateral in the Wall Street branch of the U.S. Federal Reserve. This gave the NWO oil cabal even more control over the world's oil supply. The ex-president also advises the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, the UN, and David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission. While Zedillo was President and George Bush was governor of Texas, KCS won a $1.4 billon bid which doubled it's track mileage and made it a key player in growing U.S. Mexican trade by operating Mexico's busiest rail line into the United States. Perhaps Zedillo and Bush were discussing more than Border Patrol.
Let me go back to Gunderson Rail Car Co. which is a subsidiary of the Greenbrier Companies. The Greenbriar companies are a leading supplier of transportation equipment and services to the railroad industry. One of Greenbrier's major european companies is Greenbrier Germany which was obtained in 2000. Greenbrier Germany is a design and marketing group for rail cars. Perhaps the NWO likes german designs on their transports to concentration camps. They worked so well in the past.
On June 17, 2004, the Greenbrier Companies announced that it has received orders from TTX for nearly 7,000 railcars valued at approximately $400 million principally for production in North America. It is the largest single award Greenbrier has ever received. In all, Greenbrier owns over 12,000 railcars and performs management services for approximately 113,000 railcars. I wonder how many boxcars they have "off the record" for those clients that cannot be acknowledged. Finally, TTX has a friend of Cheney's on the Board of Directors, Mr. Robert M. Knight, Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Union Pacific. They worked together when Cheney was on the Board. Why is a friend of Cheney's giving them the largest single order Greenbrier has ever received? What does Bush/Cheney have planned for 2005-2006. What does the NWO have planned?
Bush and Cheney have been shown to have ties to KCS, Union Pacific, Trinity Rail Car, The Chamberlain Group, and The Greenbrier Companies, after only a small amount of internet research. Imagine what you could learn if you followed up on this.
After I began writing this article I was outside and heard a train whistle in the moonlight. For a few moments I felt the sensation of a jew in Nazi Germany. Despite any problems one may have with the above information, you still have to acknowledge the camps. Those FEMA internment or what some would call, concentration camps. New camps are going up every day. Camps that can only be accessed by Train.
Thanks to those who information was used from existing websites.
From Henry Ayre
Dear 'Lostbleu',
I've read your article in Rense.Com and think at best it's a bit overdrawn.... at worst, it's just plain crap. I have read for several years a list of "concentration camps" for the various states in this country. On such "camp" listed was for a huge one east of Anchorage, a camp only accessible by railroad and air, no roads to it...
The size of that purported camp? Capable of housing 500,000 individuals! That's a half-million! That's nearly the entire population of Alaska. Alaska has the largest number of private pilots in the world. They fly all over the country. They also talk to each other. Such a camp of that size without a road? Why, it would be the talk of the entire State! I have written to each sender of such a list to have that camp de-listed. It simply does NOT exist! Not on your life. That same camp pops up again like a bad penny every time. Apparently, the fear-mongers love that camp (it's so BIG!) even though it's completely imaginary, and they really don't want to let go of it!
Bottom Line: Paranoia is a catching disease. Your article seems to be without references. Did you make all that up? How about some independent very solid corroboration for you 'facts?'
Until then, I remain very skeptical.
H. Ayre
To Mr. Henry Ayre
Dear Sir:
I just read your derogatory message to Lost Bleu, about FEMA camps on the Webpage. Please, see the contents of this page for yourself, and think about Yevgenyij Finkelstein Primakov (ex-KGB boss!) in the US Homeland Security, or Condoleezza Rice U.S. National Security advisor, who studied in the Soviet Union in 1978!
Or perhaps you are one of those good natured persons, who still believes there was a Cold War? After you have studied all these other important facts, maybe you'll be ready to write about "non-existing" labour-camps in the USA! After the socalled "death of Communism" did you hear anything about the Gulags, -- the death-camps in the Soviet Union -- being dismantled, or do you think, Sir, that those did not exist either?.... Think about it!.............
Judit Toth, Canada
From Henry Ayre
Dear Judit,
That is a most unusual name. from what nationality does it come? If you recollect my email posted on Rense.Com, I talked specifically about the putative - but purely fictional - camp to the east of Anchorage which would hold 500,000 people... if it existed, which it doesn't. (Do any of you folks have a glimmer of an idea as to the logistics of such a camp?)
I didn't talk about concentration camps in Russia or elsewhere in the U.S. My thesis is this: If such a blatant and unfounded claim can be made - and never corrected thereafter - is this probable cause to suspect that other (read 'many') such horrific claims are nothing but the personal nightmares of their respective writers. I have had other people contact me by email affirming that they, too, have discovered that camps in their area are also bogus. I am not very convinced by aerial photos that could be of most anything. If the phenomenon is real then more convincing proof must be available. I await that proof. H. Ayre.
LET'S STOP KIDDING OURSELVES! 9-11 was an Israeli-backed spanking on our collective American bottom! A Boeing 757 DIDN'T pierce through six walls of the Pentagon (impossible + no aircraft debris), a late model cruise missile did the job; the Twin Towers DIDN'T collapse due to heat (impossible), demolition charges did the job; there were NO Arab hijackers (the jets were guided electronically); and the Zionists/Judeo-Christians now in control of the United States are traitors to the U.S. Constitution... as well as being mass murderers.This has been a Zionist WAG THE DOG operation from the start, deadly serious for our elected leaders WHO KNOW WHO'S GUILTY, and an Arabian Nights charade for Mom and Pop in Littletown, U.S.A.! It's an info war! Forward this to the world!



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