May contain far more than many bargained for

By Kirwan
"Be Afraid ­ be very afraid" that statement could easily be the unofficial motto of the Republicans this November. It's one thing to have the power to destroy the entire world ten times over, which we have: it's a completely other thing to actually plan to use that power-secretly.
We have the world's most awesome military might, but we no longer seem to have the resolve or the sense, to restrain that power in light of the global community's desire for a viable and sustainable planet. Part of having the kind of military power we posses, is the need to have the intelligence, to act with wisdom and restraint, because if we do not then there will be a literal Armageddon, the like of which this planet has never seen before.
One thing that the Bush Doctrine maintains is their imagined right to use preemptive strikes to "keep this nation safe." Preemptive Strikes in this case amounts to the administration's questionable ability to detect what others might be thinking, concerning an attack upon the continental United States. In effect Bush & the Bandits want to be able to decree which nation is secretly planning to attack this country, prior to any actual military activity. If Iraq is their example, then that concept does not meet any standard test of that theory. Basically what Bush is trying to say to the world, is that we will now punish thought crimes with ballistic missiles. Bush-Cheney wants to fight ideas with bullets, and to kill all those that disagree with them, be they friends or enemies. That concept borders on insanity, because it cannot lead anywhere except to global war.
What Bush and his handlers are saying to the world is that 'we will decide who can live and who shall die, and that decision shall not be overridden by any other considerations.' That kind of power does not involve political leadership because it's based on arrogance and greed alone. When combined with intimidation and fear, as watchwords for the use of that power, this does not create a strong nation-but a fearful and an insecure country. This 'country' when governed in that way, becomes the very thing we say we fear the most, which is an insecure and completely vulnerable society.
Moreover, with the military might we now posses, there should be a balanced and sober set of leaders and advisors in charge of the use of our overwhelming force, but that is something we simply do not have in the current officers of this government. The madmen are now in charge of what has become an unbalanced, irresponsible, and a very dangerous outlaw regime. The world knows this: only the citizens of the United States seem not to see what has been created under Cheney-Bush.
Bush & Cheney state repeatedly that they are the only guarantee against any further attacks upon this country. However, these were the two men in charge on 911, and because they conspicuously failed this nation on that day, the attacks we suffered then, were far more serious than they otherwise should have been. Now they believe that we are so afraid, as to actually forget that they were the ones responsible for the attack in the first place, and that they have yet to do anything except create evermore terror, without having completed anything they've undertaken. So much for "they can run but they cannot hide."
This course of action, which they absolutely refuse to deviate from, has netted the United States absolutely nothing but the loss of thousands of our people and the loss of vast sums of money, and this has gained us only the enmity of the entire free world. What we have acquired is a deeply divisive paranoia, based on government generated false-flag fears, of everything from strangers to unspecified attacks ­ with no specifics ever given. In the eyes of serious watchers, there is no logic behind the pitiful decisions we continue to make.
These things are not synonymous with strong nations-they are better suited to third class nations who are always uncertain about friend and foe alike. That's how the outside world sees the USA at this moment. Question: Are limitations, permanent insecurity, and fear of everything except oneself, what you think the USA ought to be about? Because that's what this administration wants us to do when they say 'Be Afraid-be very afraid!'
A strong and resolute people do not spend their lives in fear of boogey men or mythic attacks by unspecified shadows in the night: nor do they devote our national treasure to the destruction of others because of some deeply misplaced fear of other people just because they have a different system of beliefs. Sanity is required to run a prosperous and diverse nation in a complex and troubled world. The current government is not qualified to attend to any aspect of this country's true interests in the world today.
The time has come to say to these perpetual and paranoid fears of endless enemies, and conspiracies of all kinds-that our worst fear is of them. We do fear what will be done in haste and arrogance, for that is precisely what will bring on the very things that Bush & Cheney say their policies are designed to prevent. But then they have no real experience in making decisions, militarily, diplomatically, scientifically, or logically, because as individuals they are ethically and morally bankrupt, especially when it comes to choices.
Tough talk must be balanced by determined and careful diplomacy. Threats alone cannot become national policy-because fear alone can never check every threat, or stop all those who are seeking to avenge their private or their public losses. Yes this is a hard world and there are many dangerous and determined people out there who want to see us fail. But when we practice aggression without concern for the civilian populations that we say we have invaded to protect-we are fooling no one. When we decimate a backward and defenseless place, destroy their cultural infrastructure, and continue to attack, long after we have said: "mission accomplished" - then we can only further defeat ourselves.
We say that everything is under control; yet there are over 85 attacks a day; no guarantees can be issued for anyone anywhere within 'pacified' Iraq, so who is in denial, and why can't we find a better way? Yet the message from the Pentagon and the White House remains "Stay the Course." It is abundantly clear that militarily we have no clue about what this was about to begin with; never mind how we're going to end this tragically illegal invasion. Top that off with the possibility of an October Surprise, just in time to sway the voters, toward a landslide victory-based on yet another hollow military adventure. What we have in Iraq is a guaranteed failure of resolve, of planning, and most of all of national stature. How this could ever be confused with success defies all logic. Then there is this.
George W. Bush has based his entire campaign upon how seriously tough he and Cheney are supposed to be; how utterly unafraid they are of anything. George W. Bush is a coward because is literally afraid of the one thing he claims to have done everything for-that would be, the people of the United States of America.
Bush is terrified of questions. He is literally riven with fear of the ordinary man or woman, maybe even teenagers; anyone with a serious question that needs to be answered. Just today it was announced that his occupying forces managed to lose 380 tons of the most dangerous weapons that were in Iraq, before the war. On this subject he would take no questions today, as he is running for office, and 'that's not a positive topic for discussion,' according to campaign aides.
This massive stash of death was being protected by the United Nations, before the invasion, and they informed the coalition of its location, and, that this horde should definitely be protected. Now we learn that it has vanished because of a "lapse in security, due to insufficient troops to guard it." That was changed today to be, "possibly it was stolen by insurgents even before we arrived."
Whatever really happened, the fact is that the 380 tons of deadly material is missing, and it happened on the Cheney-Bush watch. These are the same two failures that want you to vote for them, because they are the only ones who 'can guarantee that we won't be attacked again.' Somehow they never manage to mention that the only time we were ever attacked at all was on their watch. Nothing this crew has done adds up, nothing they've undertaken has succeeded.
Bush speaks constantly about the elections that are coming to Iraq. There are roughly 35,000 voting stations in that country and they have exactly four U.N. advisors in country to prepare Iraq to vote. Does that sound like we have the situation well in hand? No one there is immune from kidnapping, murder, random violence, or wrongful imprisonment upon the whims of untrained troops acting on suspicious tips that are often motivated out of jealously or fear. There is nothing whatever, in Iraq; that could be said to be working as promised. Yet that has been the entire justification for retaining the Bush-Cheney team. Bush says: "it's in the hands of the voters." If that's true then go to the polls and show them what you think about their stewardship of this country, and of their plans for the rest of the world besides. Show Bush-Cheney that "fear" is not the only thing that moves you in these troubled times, performance and keeping one's promises counts, especially when the price is civilization or barbarity-worldwide. Speak now or forever hold your piece!



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