Dr. Michael Hyson, PhD
Dolphins And DNA



Paradise Newland & Michael Hyson at a holiday parade in Hawaii




Paradise Newland and Michael Hyson


Our work is inspired by the discoveries of the late Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D.


Breathing & Sound Production


Three Sounds at Once!
(and 4 sounds at once has been observed)


Steering sound beams using "phased array" methods

Forming and controlling bubble rings

Beach where Paradise gave birth


Mom & Baby


Maximum Angular Velocity vs Body Size
(Big Brains need Big Bodies)



Why a waterbirth protects a baby's brain


Child with cerebral palsy & dolphin

Dolphin & Child in Cancun, Mexico
(Sonar at close range)


The Electro-Acoustic Model of Dolphin Effects
(From Dr. Stephen Birch)




Underwater Human Dolphin Habitat &
Cetacean Commonwealth Embassy


The "Nemo" Room


View from underwater