Dangerous Chiron Flu Vaccine
Already Shipped To US!

From Patricia Doyle, PhD
The Myth Of Medical Transparency
By Jon Rapporport
As you'll read in the two articles posted below, it turns out that a great deal of the Chiron flu vaccine that was banned and held under lock and key in England WAS ACTUALLY SHIPPED TO THE US, WHERE IT IS NOW SITTING IN DISTRIBUTORS' WAREHOUSES.
There is one simple question here. When the US government announced this week that Chiron vaccines were unsafe, why didn't they mention that a great deal of the vaccine was already inside the US?
Where unscrupulous people could sell it....
A loose analogy: A British company that makes kids' toys discovers that its new toy, a car, which is not yet on the market, contains radioactive material.
So, a ban on sales is instituted.
Except a million of the toys are already in warehouses in the US.
Will the office of Tommy Thompson, the head of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, receive ANY calls from mainstream reporters demanding to know why Thompson didn't tell the American people, when he announced the ban on Chiron's flu vaccine, that a great deal of that vaccine was ALREADY in the US?
I think not.
Because I know how lazy or brain-dead most medical reporters are. Only when a story kicks them in the face like a mule do they respond, and then only when it's an approved mule.
OCTOBER 9, 2004.
Part one is posted immediately below...
There are lots of implications here. Although it may be standard practice for a vaccine manufacturer to ship out huge numbers of doses to distributors before doing its own final safety check on the vaccine, it invites big trouble.
The Chiron doses are in the US already. People who work for these US distributors could have already sold off some of the stocks. Note that the SF Chronicle mentions doses sent from England to the US in July. Why should we assume they have been sitting in warehouses all this time?
And now that all Chiron flu vaccine is banned as dangerous, the black market will take over. People at those US warehouses could be making deals with Mexico and South America and Canada and, yes, America, and who knows where else, before all the vials are destroyed.
This is a major scandal and health threat in progress, and the US Dept. of Health and Human Services seems to be doing nothing about it.
So it is buyer beware. If the buyer is determined to get a flu shot, how is he to know whether it comes from Chiron?
The most desperate (and uneducated) buyers are going to be those people HHS claims "really need the vaccine": the elderly, the very young children (their parents fighting like loons to obtain it for the kids), and those whose immune systems are already compromised.
In other words, the people most likely to have a severe reaction (illness, injury, death) from the vaccine.
What is contaminating Chiron's flu vaccine is the serratia bacteria. It is now cited as a cause of pneumonia and infections in hospitals.
Remember, when germs in a vaccine are introduced into the body, they are injected, which means that several working portals of immune defense are bypassed through the direct injection route.
Boom. It turns out that a significant amount of the flu vaccine made by Chiron in England---the vaccine just declared contaminated and unfit for use and dangerous---IS ALREADY IN THE US. It was shipped here prior to the ban.
It's sitting in US distributor warehouses, "outside the direct control of the company or US [FDA] regulators," according to, the San Francisco Chronicle's online outlet.
We could be talking about something on the order of 20 million doses...
So, which flu vaccine are people in the US going to be getting this fall and winter??
The vials of Chiron vaccine in the US are under a quarantine imposed by the company after it learned that all 48 million of its 2004 flu-vaccine doses were banned by British regulatorsbut that quarantine does not mean the vials will just sit there in US warehouses. Oh no. It means that eager greedheads can start putting it on the market. Because the selling price will skyrocket in a very heavy demand situation.
Chiron vaccine could be going out the door as we speak.
It's open season on people who want flu vaccine.
And as you,ll see in the SFGate article excerpted below, there is a curious word being used to describe FDA action on these US-warehoused flu vaccine doses: the word is RELEASED. Huh? RELEASED? No explanation is spelled out.
Here's the article excerpt:
The Chronicle has learned that vaccine shipped across the Atlantic has been sitting since August in the warehouses of American drug distributors, under a Chiron-imposed "quarantine,'' but outside the direct control of the company or U.S. regulators.
Now, Chiron's entire production of at least 48 million doses of flu vaccine has been rendered useless after British regulators abruptly suspended the license of the Emeryville-based company's Liverpool factory Tuesday, cutting the U.S. supply of flu shots in half.
In this case, Chiron employed the little-known quarantine process under which drugmakers can ship products to distributors before final safety tests are completed.
Norman Baylor, deputy director for the FDA's vaccine unit, said it was not unusual for manufacturers to ship vaccine under quarantine. The quarantine is lifted by the manufacturer when the company's final tests confirm that the product is safe and the distributor is free to sell it.
"I think the system works,'' Baylor said in an interview in September shortly after Chiron's contamination problem first surfaced. "The system did what it was supposed to do.''
Baylor also confirmed that 27 bulk lots -- nearly half of the 60 produced by the Chiron plant -- had been "released" by the FDA prior to the company's discovery that some finished product was contaminated. The actual number of doses that can be produced from each lot varies.
Although the federal agency does not conduct tests on the final product, companies are liable for the safety of their medicines and have powerful incentive to test them thoroughly before releasing them from quarantine, Baylor explained.
Chiron shipped its first million doses of vaccine to distributors in late July, trumpeting its first-to-market achievement in a July 23 press release. At that time, the company explained that "in the coming days," it would "complete its internal release procedures, allowing distributors to begin shipping vaccines to customers.''
Any optimism at Chiron evaporated with Tuesday's ruling. "We consider the Fluvirin season to be over, for all intents and purposes,'' Chiron spokesman John Gallagher said Wednesday.
He also confirmed that the initial crisis had been triggered when tests detected serratia bacteria in a small number of lots. Serratia bacteria are often implicated in episodes of hospital-acquired infection and can be deadly in the bloodstream.
The company has yet to reveal when it discovered the contaminated lots, but having found a problem, Chiron never lifted its quarantine. Although no Chiron vaccine was shipped to clinics, some drug industry experts acknowledge that its presence at multiple U.S. distributor warehouses poses a potential security problem.
"Because of the shortage, the spot market for flu vaccines is going to go through the roof,'' said David Webster, a health care consultant in Lehigh Valley, Penn. "Any time there is an extremely valuable commodity, the potential exists that it will work its way on to the black market. It is a legitimate cause for concern.''
End of SF Gate article
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