Bush Coked Up
For Second Debate?
America noticed an extreme difference in President Bush's peformance and personality in the second debate. An analysis of his behavior and physicalities, including some analysis by physicians, however, pointed to the possibility of drugs as an explanation for his new found confidence. Everyone is thinking it, but no one is saying it. Your recent mainpage image entitled "Debate Moment" is definitely alluding to it along with thousands of other images of Bush's expressions on the net. If you look closely at a video of that second debate you'll notice the President doing the following.
1) He has a glaze wide eyed dilated look when he's not talking.
2) Jaw clenching and other unnatural jaw movements.
For anyone who has been around drug users, you'll agree that the possibility of an "8 ball" before the debate is highly suspect. For those of you unfamilar to the term, I'm referring to Cocaine. Other side effects include short temper, frequent lip licking, denial of responsibility, superior attitude, etc. but those are easily masked in a debate forum. While it may be inappropriate to suggest this, it is not an improbable observation based on the President's history of drug use, and Kitty Kelly's reports of his "RECENT" drug use. I invite you to watch tonight's debate and see if you notice the most telling sign of cocaine use: the repeated unnatural jaw movements.
I'll note that I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. I'm comfortable not labeling myself with any party in lue of how corrupt the labels are. Regarding my personal view of the Presidential election: I fear for the future. Kerry may save lives in the short term. Bush may simply seize control of the White House. I can only pray that when the NWO has instigates it's upcoming "problems" in the "problem reaction solution" scenarios, I'm not in the wrong place at the wrong time.
From Guy Williams
Bingo! I was watching the 3rd debate with a neighbor who kept repeating to me during the first 10 or 15 minutes, "Bush is stoned. Bush looks stoned." It took a while for me to see it. His face was flushed red. He was slurring his words - aside from the lack of logic in his avoidance of answering questions.
Between the radio pack and the drugs - there's a big elephant in the living room.
Let's take this a little further:
Bush skipped his August annual physical exam because he was too busy and did not have enough time. Even though he was on vacation. There is speculation he may have 'presenile dementia'. Capitol Hill Blue reported him to be on SSRIs. So there may be a problem here.
Cheney sat during his debate. He is too ill to stand for more than 10 minutes.
We have two VERY ILL people at the helm of the government. This may be a problem, a very big problem.




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