Makow - The Heterosexual Closet
Non-Gays Face Hostile Environment

By Henry Makow PhD
*Although *97% of the population is not gay, there is relatively little cultural support for heterosexual institutions (family, motherhood, fatherhood); roles (masculinity and femininity); and life events (courtship, marriage, birth and child rearing.)
Although building a strong family is probably the purpose of life and key to happiness for most, this knowledge is kept under wraps. Millions of dollars are spent to help women become pilots or athletes but not a dime to become mothers. On the contrary, women who devote their lives to family are scorned.
If you type "homosexual" in Google, you'll get more than 39 million citations, pretty good for 3% of the population. ("Lesbian" got 33 million.)
If you type "heterosexual" you'll get all of 1.08 million citations, roughly 1/39 as many.
Per capita "heterosexual" received 1/1261 of the citations "homosexual" got.
The same applies to "homosexuality" (1.44 million citations) and "heterosexuality" (119,000) 1/1200 of the citations. (Per capita "heterosexuality" received 1/38,400 of the citations "homosexuality" got.)
The facwet that the words "heterosexual" and "heterosexuality" are used relatively infrequently is for me a shocking illustration of the cultural vacuum the non-gay majority inhabits. Our "default" status is not an excuse. In terms of cultural support, non-gays are starved or as I will suggest later, poisoned.
Another example. There are ten times as many used books listed with the Advanced Booksellers Exchange under the keyword "homosexual" as "heterosexual" (12082 to 1229). Remember gays represent roughly 3% of the population.
Heterosexuals are being brainwashed to function "on the quiet," "out of the public view," so that we don't "offend" our gay brothers and sisters. There are exceptions but generally speaking our lifestyle and rituals are not celebrated. Instead they are portrayed in a jaundiced way.
Certainly, there is an obsession with male-female sex but mostly in homosexual terms, i.e. promiscuous and public. Heterosexuality is being part of the natural life cycle; it is not a sexual preference. Non-gays, especially women, are naturally monogamous and private because heterosexuality is about procreation.
Heterosexual norms and institutions are routinely ridiculed and affronted in the media.
For example, in opening scene of the hit movie, /American Wedding/, (2003) aimed at impressionable teenagers, the future bride performs fellatio on the groom from under a table in a crowded restaurant.
At the wedding reception the groom's unruly friend accidentally has sex with the groom's /grandmother /in a dark utility closet. He thought it was the bride's sluttish sister. The grandmother is so satisfied that she removes her objection to her grandson marrying a /shiksa/. In the final scene, another friend performs fellatio on the unruly friend's mother in a bubble bath.
This cultural assault on heterosexual norms is part of a long-term program by the financial elite to decrease population, destroy the family and destabilize society.
Far-fetched you say?
The Rockefeller Foundation funds this campaign. Type in Google "Rockefeller Foundation" and "Women's Studies" and you will get 33,800 entries. Type in RF and "homosexual" and you will get 20,000 entries. Type in RF and "heterosexual" and you get only 2630 entries, mostly in reference to their promotion of homosexuality.
The Rockefeller Foundation is on the vanguard of the elite's efforts to breed a slave race. For almost a century, it has funded research and lobbied to control population (the pill, abortion) separate sex from procreation (e.g. the "Sexual Revolution," The Kinsey Report) and control minds (e.g. Dr. Ewen Cameron).
It has funded the eugenics movement worldwide including Dr. Josef Mengele's experiments on live concentration camp inmates. Ladies, /these/ are the folks who are bringing you feminism. See *Rockefeller, Nazis, The UN, & Genocide *
The Rockefeller Foundation's agenda is reflected in government, education and the media. It doesn't matter which party you vote for, which TV network you watch, which university you attend. The agenda is the same: the New World Order, not-so-friendly fascism run by the London-based cartel of cartels and their New York branch office.
I have written more than *two-dozen articles* about how heterosexuality works. They resound with many people. **
Agree or disagree with me, I haven't had a single interview or mention in the mainstream media. This is not sour grapes. It is typical of the treatment of the subject. It illustrates that our "free and open" society is bogus. We have freedom of speech. Being heard is another matter.
It is a misunderstanding to think Communism is dead. Communism was always an instrument of the New World Order and still is. See *"Wall Street's Utopian Hoax: * Communism and the New World Order" **
Communism takes many forms, all designed to advance the rule of the banking cartel by infiltrating and subverting Western culture and institutions. Feminism is designed to destroy the family (a *long-time Communist goal*) thereby creating docile and facile people.
"Women's Studies" which originated in *Communist Training Schools* , is devoted to the indoctrination and psychological neutering of young women at university. They learn that men ("the patriarchy") are the cause of the world's problems. Gender roles and family are social inventions to oppress women. They learn to devote their few precious years of fertility to getting a career and usurping the male role.
From "Women's Studies" feminist militants fan out to all departments of university and society to act as Commissars. They demand that our cultural heritage be recast in terms of women's oppression and research and policy conform to feminist diktat. See *"Remove Feminist Professors"* <>
I was expelled from the University of Winnipeg for teaching an unrepentant heterosexual D.H. Lawrence. Meanwhile, two lesbian instructors who showed lesbian porn to high school girls at summer school and taught them to use zucchini to satisfy their sexual needs are still teaching.
I urge you to read Dr. Charles Socarides' book /"Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far"/ to understand the true nature of homosexuality and the insidious campaign to mainstream it. As a psychiatrist, he has been treating homosexuals for 40 years. See also *"Is this Gay Behavior Sick?" *
I also recommend the web site of *NARTH* , a body of medical professionals dedicated to a correct understanding and treatment of homosexuality. There is a wealth of information and wisdom here.
The cry of "equality," "tolerance" and "diversity" is the classic underhanded Communist- elite method of subverting society. They champion some minority whom they portray as victims. They divide and conquer, putting their minority agents in power. They call this "progress" when in fact it is social disintegration.
Their claim to champion "equality" is belied by the fact that their protégés far outnumber anyone else per capita. This is about power not justice.
In today's context, "tolerance" etc. really means non-gays must embrace homosexual behaviour. This is also seen in their attempt to *force schools* to adopt "gay friendly" values.
Resistors are typically accused of "hatred" and "intolerance." There is a clear distinction between accepting differences without rancour and not wanting to adopt those differences for yourself. My oldest friend is a homosexual. I have known him for 43 years.
The continuing assault on heterosexuals is also seen in the demand for same-sex marriage and gay adoptions, which I think, are criminal. So is the policy of Big Brothers to allow gays to *mentor fatherless boys* <>. They don't let straight men mentor teenage girls.
Homosexuality is a developmental disorder. The elite's policy is to use it to subvert society. I elaborate *here* <>. **
In conclusion, our political and cultural leaders are sell-outs and frauds that have embraced a collective death wish for society. They think they have sold out to "the corporations." But the corporations mostly belong to /one/ huge interlocking cartel. This is controlled by people who actually believe in the Occult. Their agenda is to subvert Western Civilization and create a world dictatorship dedicated to Lucifer.
The promotion of homosexuality is designed to make us submit to this tyranny. This is behind the lack of cultural support for heterosexuals.
We can resist by reaffirming the traditional family and the elements necessary to make it strong. The most important ingredient is strong responsible male leadership and willing resourceful female partnership.
Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His past articles exposing feminism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He welcomes your comments *Henry@ <>* . Some may be posted using first name only.



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