Burien's Open Letter To
Al Gore - Ending Taxation

By Walter Burien
CAFR1 Research
The mind behind Mr. Bill Clinton towards financial direction of this country come 1999 was Al Gore. Mr. Gore believed in open disclosure as to the true finances of government wealth. Mr. Gore put forward the establishment of what I considered to be a full disclosure site.
Myself being a strong critic of government's nondisclosure, when I looked at and reviewed in 1998, it broke all the rules in the behalf of the people. It gave a listing of local government CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports), government's Annual Financial Report that showed "Gross" income as well as total "Investments." [Trillions in composite totals] It listed the original transmittal letters from GFOA (Government Financial Officers Association) a private group originally located in Chicago, Illinois who started the CAFR accounting structure in 1946.
In 1979 at GFOA's request they had the Feds mandate to the few local governments who were not in compliance with producing a CAFR to do so at that time if they wished to continue receiving Federal funding. That was Transmittal Letter #1 issued in 1979 by what has now become GASB Government Accounting Standards Board (a Federal Agency) Transmittal Letter #1 and the correspondences that led up to it were there on to be viewed.
What was being hand spoon feed to the public across the country up until that point were Selectively created budget reports which excluded "substantial" portions of the gross income and in almost all cases did not list the investment / future funding accounts as was shown in the CAFRs.
CAFRs when digested and gross income is totaled showed in most cases that government had evolved into a corporate for profit business in which as of the year 2000 only 1/3rd of governments "Gross" income came from Tax income. Budget reports mislead the public into believing government's primary income was tax income, it was not. Tax income was only 1/3rd of the gross as shown in the CAFR once digested.
In many a case after careful review of a CAFR, it was shown that government in many a case was indirectly funding their own debt with the use of their own investment funds. A debt as would be shown on the selectively created budget reports and that the public was being tagged to repay.
Most people from the private sector would think that the majority of that ever-growing debt of their local government for bond issuance's, insurance coverage, etc., or even the mortgage on their own house was being funded by the private sector. Well, come the year 2000, it was not. Government enterprise investment groups and government Pension operations were the primary investors in that debt, and did so using the government's own investment funds. The public was being locked into repayment of the debt and by doing so accomplished a return (Non-Tax income) for the government. If a private corporation did the same to its shareholders without full and open disclosure of doing so, the directors involved would be sitting in the federal pen after a multiple count SEC indictment.
But then due to the money involved, government starting in 1946 evolved into what gives a new definition to the expression of letting the "Foxes guard the Hen house" and by definition of circumstance and reality of the current structure, has now given government the true title and has redefined the meaning of the words "Organized Crime." Or as the definition of RICO goes, "Extortion of money from the public through criminal enterprise."
In 1999, I after reviewing Mr. Gores actions and intent as I read it, he appeared to want a change in this new definition of government as shown above.
At Mr. Gore's instructions was created. At Mr. Gore's instructions an audit was conducted of Federal operations so that disclosure to the public could be made. The results of that audit showed a five Trillion dollar surplus! More amazingly was the fact that they let the public know this. This fact was a true "Hats off" to Mr. Gore.
Then Mr. Gore announced his run for President. Here I saw the sparkle of light coming over the horizon. Could Mr. Gore be the one to downsize the abusive and obtrusive growth in government? Could Mr. Gore be the one who would qualify that government having 2/3rds Non-Tax income? A government that could administratively restructure and phase out all taxes and become self sufficient without taxation? My anticipation was growing!
Then comes the election
Well, I guess those that were glutinous sots feeding at the nipple of the vault door in positions of power from within Government saw the same as I and the rest is now history.
Bush and his gang maneuvers into power in 2000 and THEN:
The darkest period seen recently in my lifetime unfolds. At first I saw the most important financial information to the public striped off of, GFOA transmittal letters stripped, CAFR link listings deleted. THEN:
It all unfolded with the orchestration of an event in NY City on a date we all are quite aware of, September 11th. THEN:
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By Walter Burien
A five Trillion dollar Surplus in four years turns into a three Trillion dollar deficit. That is 8 Trillion dollars that changed hands out of the public government vault, and as shown in the 1999 Federal Consolidated Financial Statement note section, equal to the total "gross" income of every individual in this nation. The 1999 Federal Consolidated Financial Statement report can be downloaded at (The Federal CAFR) What do you think, was that 8 trillion dollars changing hands enough money to throw an election against Mr. Gore and then lie after lie to the American people from the Bush Gang as the plunder continues? THEN:
The entire population of a once truly free country has now had legislation and new laws jammed down their throat to strip them of their basic rights and diminish their financial freedoms at the whims of government officials or upon orchestration of events. Fear is implanted and masterfully maintained as to "The enemy from afar" THEN:
The US takes over one, then, two, and ??? countries by brute force securing 50% of the know oil resources of the Middle East, and lowering the standing of opinion of this country by the international community to its lowest point in 100 years. But then, look at the money involved for the individuals at the nipple of the vault door in positions of power from within Government. NOW:
Here we stand with energy prices shooting through the roof. Crude light breaking 52 dollars a barrel, which in most probability will drain so much money out of the pocket of the US populace and the economy that further dark days are ahead of us. With the US taking over 50% of the oil reserves in the Middle East and now being in a position to influence the rest, why is oil shooting through the roof? As always you have to ask yourself, who profits?
Today, I have sent this communication to Mr. Al Gore
Mr. Kerry in most probabilities at this point will win the election for President of the United States, but I am specifically asking Mr. Gore to implore to Mr. Kerry to clearly mention at the next debate not just the surplus to the deficit fact in four years, but also the "Gross Income" fact of government with the potential upon review to move forward in not cutting but phasing out taxation across this land.
If done Mr. Kerry faces the wrath of those feeding at the nipple of the vault door in positions of power, but if done this will be the most exciting election in history! The door handles of the voting booths will melt off from the friction created of those opening those doors.
But more importantly, a journey will start in reversing what stands now of Organized crime walking freely in the halls of government, and putting organized crime back into the dark corners of the street, poorer and looking for easy money from the outside and not from within. Keep in mind that as government's investment assets grew, this drove the economy for 30 years.
Think of what growth we will see by the increase of those government investment funds to 100% meet all government budgetary requirements AND taxation being 100% phased out. Prosperity of unequaled proportions will burst forward across the land! Ownership and freedom by and for the people will be the final end. TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME, PLEASE!
Yours Truly,
Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, Arizona 85936
Web Site:
Questions Answered per WJB's letter to Mr. Al Gore
Some questions were asked from users on Al Gore's web site regarding the CAFR and phasing out taxation per my original open letter posted there to Mr. Al Gore.
I have copied the questions and my posted reply from Mr. Gore's site below. The letter has been up now for two days and so far has been viewed 111 times since I last checked.
The whole issue is right there in plain sight, so let's see how many views to that page can be accomplished. Votes so far on the poll are four. Need to add a few zeros to that number and who knows, it may just jump into plain sight outside of Mr. Gores web site and possibly into the topics of the next debate. Now that would be a very interesting and dynamic event.
If you want to take the poll, you need to register first to post on Mr. Gore's site. When done the click off selections to the poll questions will appear for you to vote.
Walter Burien
Quote from: Xenophile on October 08, 2004, 17:38:40
Quote from: yabu on October 07, 2004, 22:10:44
Quote from: Xenophile on October 07, 2004, 21:08:50
Xenophile: "I notice that the only option for those who think it ought to be made public has included in it the phasing out of all taxes. I am certainly for making stuff public, but do not know enough about this to start recommending the end of taxation. Might be a good idea. Might not."
yabu: "Actually I cannot see the inherent connection between public disclosure of CAFRs and the elimination of taxation. Why would the second follow from the first?"
Xenophile: "Well, that's kind of my question. The poll certainly links the two, so much so that there is no way to vote 'no' on the end of taxation without also voting to keep CAFRs secret. What I'm saying is that the poll is leading."
Xenophile and Yabu:
Per public disclosure of CAFRs and elimination of taxation, the reality of this situation is that government has given the "false" impression that they "survive" and operate from Taxation. When you look at the CAFR to determine "Gross" income being generated by the "Whole Picture," only 1/3rd of the gross income is derived from tax income. Two-thirds (2/3rds) of the gross income is primarily derived from return on investment funds and Enterprise operations. A pension fund pays a salary at retirement. Arizona, Oregon, Washington State retirement funds in 1993 - 2000 generated EACH between 3 to 6 billion dollars a year.
Government pension funds have shown an exemplary record of good management and return for now over 65 years and have grown to composite totals of a conservative twenty-eight (28) Trillion dollars when looking at the totals of all local and federal pension funds. These funds grew to this point with very little being contributed each year by the employee and government employer and by investment of those funds, helped drive the economy for the last fifty years.
I do note that actuarial games were played in many a case to over charge the employee and the taxpayer as these funds spurted up in their massive balances. Take a look at a state retirement fund CAFR (yes they do have one) and being for a pension fund will show and give specific information on "every" investment held, as where local government CAFRs in most cases will list just totals invested but not the individual investments. Back in 1993 to 2000 government employees if they asked what was the return on their pension fund were told 7 or 8%. In reality they were being told the actuarial projection for return used. The true or actual return from that period was 16 to 23%.
Misleading actuarial projections can mean the difference in billions over real need. Most government employees should have been getting refunds during that period but the take continued to inflate the balances. Motive? ANS: Where that blossoming money was invested and who got those investments.
Well, back to the questions of Xenophile and Yabu. Government since the inception of the CAFR in 1946 has followed a media rule of "If it is not reported, it didn't happen." Hear was the Holy Grail of government accounting, their Annual Financial Report and not a peep to the public for 50 years. The budget, the budget, the budget was all the public heard. Why? Due to the money involved. In 1946, government was a pay as you go system. What they brought in from taxation, most went out in services. With the creation of the CAFR, now the pay as you go structure could continue under the Budget Report and investment return with the principle held and massive revenue generated from enterprise operations could be shifted over to the CAFR.
To give an example of the significance of what happen from this planed maneuver I will use Arizona as the example. In 1974 as seen in the Arizona State CAFR, the service budget was 1.8 billion dollars and the total "Gross" receipts were 2.1 billion or a difference of 300 million. Come 2000, the service budget was 14.5 billion and the total gross receipt were 35 billion dollars or a difference of 20.5 billion, greater than the budget itself! The reality check word I use for this example is very simply plunder. Plunder justified by any measure or tactic due to the money involved. Arizona is not unique. Similar standards apply across the country, not as the exception but as the rule.
So, with a look at the big picture of the CAFR, upon the realization that now government's gross is only 1/3rd taxation, a new thought is generated. That being; if they have grown to operate on 1/3rd taxation, lets go the next 9 yards with a little downsizing and modifications and make it 100% without taxation!
The poll is designed to create thoughts that scream disclosure. The phasing out of taxation becomes a very real comprehension of a seed planted that can turn into a tidal wave of reality once the "Big Picture" is comprehended and then digested.
As in a pension fund that pays a salary, a Tax Retirement Fund (TRF) for local venues can be put into motion and if enforced, meet all budgetary obligations where taxation can be phased out. Additionally, in good years an actual dividend check could be issued to all resident property owners.
Government has proven without any doubt that this will work based on their own exemplary track record of managing their own funds. The greed, ambition, and abusive growth that is now well entrenched combined with the void of comprehension intentionally created for public consumption is the primary obstacle that stands in the way of this happening, but with open disclosure and just basic comprehension coming forth to the public, it could happen overnight.
Keep in mind that for the last 30 to 40 years most elected officials, editors, educators have been sent the CAFRs and not a peep to the public due to the money involved. Educators themselves produced their own CAFR for their school districts and Universities. That fact alone is a testament to the pervasive and grave nature of the collusional nondisclosure that has taken place in regard to this issue due to the money involved.
Think of the effect on the economy of TRF funds springing up all over the country and those investments being reinvested in the venues where TRFs are operating, plus no taxation. Now that's what I call a free land.
I have been getting really fed up over the last few decades with the illusions that have been so masterfully marketed and spoon feed to us at our expense and another's profit. With the above openly coming forward and going into play to phase out all taxation, this changes the "Big Picture" on behalf of the public for all time to come and in reality once applied greatly benefits the economy from increased massive investment as well as benefiting government from the return accomplished there from.
This changes the underling MOTIVE of government operations from where they stand now of extortion and deception for EASY profit to an open mode of performance, service, efficiency, and well deserved profit for overseeing the affairs, laws, and prosperity of "The People" of this country without the obvious detriment of forced taxation. The Financial Cartels will also be very happy assisting in the management of the TRF accounts. Government pension funds to date have been their biggest nest egg. Well, the nest and the economy would thrive with the addition of the TRF accounts added into the pool. Ready for the millennium anyone? People of this country, are you ready to regain ownership of your country, property, and lives?
If you want to take the poll, you need to register first to post on Mr. Gore's site. When done the click off selections to the poll questions will appear for you to vote.



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