23 UFOs Over
Veracruz, Mexico -
Police, Residents Watch

From Scott Corrales
The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
Planeta UFO
October 19, 2004
Ricardo Antonio López Morales, a resident of the port of Veracruz, describes the sighting of a UFO flotilla around 11:30 a.m. and with an approximate duration of 45 minutes.
He describes them as semi-spherical shining object sthat changed color; a police squad car and a commercial airliner were also present on the site. He claims that cellular phones were affected and animals reacted to the passing of the strange objects..
The following are fragments of the e-mail sent by Mr. Morales to UFO researcher Ana Luisa Cid:
"I was checking my e-mail accounts when I suddenly heard all of the dogs in my neighborhood barking (including my own). First I thought it was some kids who, as always, were taunting the dogs, but then I noticed my neighbors going outside to see what was going on. I saw how one of them stared at the sky and began to say, jokingly: "Look, a flight ducks!" to which I replied: "Those aren't ducks, it's a fleet of UFOs."
"After some 10 minutes of watching the phenomenon, a police squad car came around during its normal watch, stopped, and its occupants got out of the unit to see what was happening. They witnessed the phenomenon and began transmitting over their radio to request backup. At the same time, I took out my cell phone to call a friend who's a helicopter pilot and who also believes in UFOs and also works for the police aviation unit so that he would take a spin around the area for a look. To my surprise, my cell phone didn't work (and I had just charged the battery). I kept trying and the text: LOW BAT or NO SIGNAL AVAILABLE kept appearing. The same happened to the squad car--its radio wouldn't work."
"They were 23 semi-spherical obejcts, silver-colored, flying in a nearly tight formation. The lead object changed color and the others would do the same. When they changed color, the objects changed formation to form a soccer-goal type formation. 30 minutes later I saw an airplane taking off from the local airport, which was the regular AEROMEXICO flight from Veracruz to Miami, a Boeing B-737-900."
"The objects shifted from green to read and began spinning faster (just looking at them made me feel sick). After spinning for a minute, they broke formation and vanished into the air, but left us a little reminder of their presence: an odor of burnt leather or something that was truly unberarable. After that moment, the police were able to call their base to request assistance; I phoned my friend but couldn't get a signal. Instead another recording came on about my minutes having been exhausted (I had just purchased a 200 peso card the week pefore). My cell phone no longer works like it did before; it can be inferred that the magnetic field from the obejcts affected it -- aside from having "stolen" my credit, they short-circuited it, since it turns on by itself after being shut off.
The squad car number was 087 Central Sector. When I spoke to the police station to make a report, I was told that no squad car with that number had been on the scene and that no report had been filed over the sighting (a code of silence?)..."
Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.
Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid.



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