Return Of "The Thing"!
Mysteriously Shaped UFO Appears
Again In Photograph
From Alfred Ballesteros
Photo by Janie Aguilar
All material ©2004, Alfred Ballesteros
If you have been following the appearance of this peculiar object over the past year or so, you are aware that it is never seen by the human eye, but appears in photos from around the world. Its general shape and properties remain constant. We have absolutely no clue what it might be -- a craft... a creature.

To see earlier photos of this strange object, visit the following urls
My son, Chris and my grandson Jovon and I were on our way to Mt. Antero in Colorado by Buena Vista when we stopped to take a picture by Baldwin Creek. We had noticed no planes, no noise, passed a few people on the way down, nothing but peace and quite. This picture was taken on July 22, 2004, our third annual birthday trip to a mountain for Jovon's 10th birthday. Didn't hear a thing and it wasn't noticed when the picture was taken. Got home and developed the pictures when I noticed the UFO. I remembered seeing one similar on Jeff Looked it up and WHOA!! - Alfred Ballesteros

Alfred sent us the negatives and the object appears to be part of the photo, naturally. We will have some extremely high definition scans of the object in just a few days. Below one can see there is no apparent wire or string relative to the angle of the object. Just like its appearance in other photos from around the world, it simply floats there defying explanation. There is no apparently motion blurring. The sequence of vacation photos provided are completely normal in every respect. Another frame, presently being examined, may contain a more distant, departing (or arriving) "thing" -- we'll have more on that as soon as possible. Though this object differs slightly from former images, in that it appears more complex in shape and not just a slender tube, it has all the characteristics of the others, especially its inability to be seen but obvious three-dimensionality and adherence to lighting conditions of the overall photo. Our special thanks to Alfred Ballesteros and family for sharing this incredible photo with us, and sharing our curiosity for strange things in the sky.

Super Enlargement -- Notice the object has perfectly symmetrical elements
divided from its center, moving outward to its edges
Continued enlargement reveals no wire or string
Click Here to Download the Full Scale Photo
(please do not send photo analyses based on the JPG image,
as we have the negative and this will provide the most
superior enhancements possible)



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