Time To Take Our Country Back

By Jim Hightower
This is a Big Time for America. It's not just another election, not merely about a list of issues - even though some of those issues are huge, including the deliberate downsizing of our middle class and the deadly war of lies in Iraq.
What's at stake on November 2nd is the very idea of America itself the historic idea that we might actually build a society based on our egalitarian ideals of economic fairness, social justice, and equal opportunity for all.
The moneyed elites - presently working through BushCheneyAshcroftRumsfeld & Company - have decided that America should no longer bother pursuing egalitarianism. They are asserting a new ethic of privilege, declaring that the role of government is to take care of the good fortunes of the few...and not worry about the well-being of the many. In their view, they're the top dogs and the rest of us are just a bunch of fire hydrants.
Wielding their administrative blow-torches and legislative monkey-wrenches, they are jerry-rigging America's rules so that money and power flow uphill, out of our neighborhoods into their corporate suites and offshore bank accounts. They're seizing control of every decision that affects our lives - from wages to taxation, from what's in your dinner to what's in your daily news feed, from who goes to college to who goes to war.
They're turning our America - our democracy - into their America of plutocracy and autocracy.
As I travel around the country, I find that most people are aware that something fundamental has gone wrong, that this is not the America they thought they were born into. I recently saw an old pickup truck with a bumpersticker that asked: "Where are we going? And what am I doing in this handbasket?" People know that we're being led down some rabbit trail, off of America's true path toward egalitarianism.
I believe we're in another one of those "When-in-the-course-of-human-events" moments that Jefferson wrote about. It's a Big Time for America - time to take our country back.
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