The State Of Our Country

By Dan Sanborn
It's hard for me to understand what supporters of Bush like the most about the state of our country. Is it the recession, the loss of 1.5 MILLION jobs, two wars, huge deficit spending, an increase in poverty and the scorn of 90% of the rest of the world?
How is it possible to garner so much sympathy and support after 9-11 and then a year & a half later have the majority of the world protesting our new policies. The world begged us not to attack a decimated country that clearly could not harm us, no navy, no air force, no long range missiles, no threat. But we attacked anyways, was this attack for money and oil, or was it because it served a purpose for, say, Israel.
And lets not forget the lies, lies that cost the life of 1000 US soldiers and 30,000 Iraqi civilians, innocent everyday people just trying to live their lives, like us everyday people. An un-justified war, no WMD's found, no link to Al-queda found, and a country that was decimated from the 1st gulf war. Is this war acceptable to just provide the rich with more riches. Are we as a free nation so wrapped up in our lives that we now believe without question anything that our leaders tell us and then we find out that they were wrong (or lied to us) and still we, the people do nothing.
I know you have anger at what was done to us on 9-11, (as do I) but this does not give us a right to arbitrarily attack any country that had nothing to do with that. Nor does it give us the right to suspend civil rights here or anywhere else. If a country stands for democracy and equal rights, then they must exercise this with their dealings with the rest of the world, at all times, not just when it suits them. And please don't use the excuse about bringing democracy to the people of Iraq, if that was the case, then we'd need to be bringing it to the 1 billion Chinese people, or the many other countries that don't have democracy.
Needless to say, I take a very strong stance on certain issues, one in particular is the murder of innocent people. Just please think for a moment of what the average Iraqi feels. "They say they came to bring us democracy, but they brought their bombs and machine guns. Scores of my fellow civilians have died for no other reason then being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then they arrest some of us and then torture us in prison, they leave their unexploded bombs lying around and our children pick them up and die. It isn't enough to shoot and bomb us, no, they use depleted uranium. Every doctor in the world has proven that these rounds are poisoning our air, ground and water, so even when they stop, our children and grand-children will still be suffering from this for many, many years. Dear God, why do they hate us so much?"
You know as well as I do, that if an occupying army came to America, we'd be fighting back just like them. The occupying army would call us terrorists (that's what the British called us in 1776) but we would call ourselves freedom fighters.
I would sacrifice everything that I have and know to stop this madness, as I assume that every decent person would do the same. Where have all the decent people gone to? War, what is it good for, it makes the rich, richer and the rest suffer and die. What friggin part of "Thou shalt not kill" don't we understand????




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